Colloidal Silver
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What can you learn from the genuine first-person experiences of the long-time colloidal silver users featured below?

You'll Learn...

  • Dozens of powerful and effective new ways to use colloidal silver – many of which you've likely never even thought of!
  • How to use colloidal silver for everyday purposes such as promoting healing, boosting immunity, and preventing infections in cuts, scrapes, burns and more!
  • How to use colloidal silver for a wide variety of diseases and health conditions you probably had no idea it was effective against!
  • And perhaps most importantly of all, you'll learn how to effectively and successfully use colloidal silver for extremely serious – even life-threatening – conditions, too!

In short, you'll discover why an estimated 10 million avid colloidal silver users across North America…consider colloidal silver to be their first line of defense against infectious illness and disease, and to boost immunity and promote healing and well-being.

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"Brought New Life to This 53-Year Old Man!"

"Unbelievable! You guys really rock! When my new Micro-Particle generator arrived I was down for the count, having caught some kind of virus. While my head was plugged up and body aching, I hurriedly created my first batch of Colloidal Silver. I took 4 ounces the first day and felt 50% better in less than 8 hours! The second, day I again took 4 ounces; incredibly I felt the same overwhelming results. By the third day, I had risen from my bed and returned to work! The massive amount of energy I now receive from taking an ounce a day has brought new life to this old 53 year old man! If I had never purchased your video I would never have known about this wonderful elixir. Thank you so much for your research, newsletters and providing me with the best Colloidal Silver Generator on the planet! I am driving my friends crazy telling them about it!"

– Harold Hernandez, Barstow, CA

Skin cancer and Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver

BEFORE — Note the angry red inflamed skin with cancerous lesions diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma.

AFTER — Note the complete lack of inflammation, and tremendous healing of the skin cancer lesions.

Colloidal silver user A. Koblick sent us the following "before and after" photos of the amazing healing he has experienced by using colloidal silver made with his Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator on a nasty case of skin cancer. Mr. Koblick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on his right leg in early 2005. His doctor told him he would have to undergo the standard medical procedure for trying to stop this type of cancer, which is a process called electrodesiccation. Mr. Koblick decided to try making and using his own colloidal silver first, with a new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from He began by taking about two ounces of colloidal silver per day internally, and also using a wet tissue to gently "dab" 10 ppm colloidal silver, full strength, directly onto the cancerous site several times a day, allowing it to air dry. The "before" photo shows a very red, inflamed leg with cancerous lesions beginning to spread. The "after" photo, taken four months later, shows phenomenal healing of the same area. As of this writing, his doctor says he will not need to undergo the prescribed medical procedure.*

*Nothing stated in the above text should be construed as being a substitute for professional medical advice, nor a claim that colloidal silver is a "cancer cure" or a specific remedy for any type of disease. There is a significant difference between personal anecdotal evidence such as that described above, and legitimate medical proof. You should ALWAYS make ALL health-care decisions under the guidance of a licensed health care practitioner. Postponing or foregoing prescribed medical treatment could result in serious health consequences. Always work with your doctor. Never attempt to undergo an alternative course of treatment on your own just because you read or heard something in the popular media.

Special thanks to Life & Health Research Group, LLC for permission to use this material, as published in the Copyright 2009. Life & Health Research Group, LLC, PO Box 1239, Peoria, AZ 85380-1239. Absolutely no reproduction, and no distribution, without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder. Web site: 

"Wards Off Germs and Viruses, Heals Chronic Sinus Infections, Keeps Pets Healthy and Disease-Free, and Much More!"

"I love my micro-particle generator! I use colloidal silver every day, thanks to the supply I make myself with my generator.

I used to purchase quality colloidal silver at $21 for 4 ounces. At this cost, I wasn't able to experiment with it the way I wanted to. Those days are gone and now I am able to use it as much and how I want. Here are a few ways I use colloidal silver!

* Everyday, I take 1-2 tbsp. to ward off any germs or viruses I may come in contact with. I will take more (2-4 ounces at a time, 2-3 times a day) if I feel like something is trying to take hold.

* I have chronic sinus congestion & used to have chronic sinus infections. Now they are few and far between since I started putting colloidal silver into my NeilMed Sinus Rinse Neti Pot, once in the morning and once in the evening. I do two rinses at a time. The first one is according to NeilMed directions (no colloidal silver). The second one, I make 1/2 NeilMed solution (just a touch of the salt) & 1/2 colloidal silver. As long as I am consistent in doing this, I have no infections. If I get lazy and skip this routine a few days in a row, I'm doomed!

* I put a drop or two in my eyes 1-3 times a day whenever they feel scratchy due to allergies. It's amazing how fast your eyes feel better, and sometimes all it takes is one dose!

* My daughter felt a sty coming on so she put 2 drops of colloidal silver, twice a day in her eye for a couple days, and the sty never developed!

* A tongue piercing healed quickly using Colloidal Silver. Between rinsing and applying "drops" directly onto the piercing, pain and inflammation were drastically reduced. We also noticed the healing time was shortened! Rinsing was done 2 times a day & the drops were applied 2-3 times a day until the piercing was healed. All piercings that we have used Colloidal Silver on have benefited in this way.

* I keep some Colloidal Silver in a spray bottle so that I can spray it around my house in the air, and on surfaces to kill germs. (Especially when someone enters my house that has a cold or some other illness!)

* I sprayed Colloidal Silver on a burn that I received from my oven and was really amazed how the pain quickly subsided. I sprayed the burn 2-3 times a day.

* I have used Colloidal Silver on various cuts, scrapes, and cat scratches I've received, instead of using Neosporin or Bactine. No infections! I use a spray bottle or a Q-tip to apply.

* Periodically, I soak my fingernails in a small bowl of Colloidal Silver for about 10 minutes. This kills any bacteria, germs, or virus's that may be hiding under the nail.

* I have put a few ounces in my humidifier/vaporizer at night to sanitize the air and breathe colloidal silver into my lungs to help break up chest congestion. If I feel Bronchitis coming on, I will also use the humidifier/vaporizer during the day and increase my internal dose up to 2 ounces, 3 times a day.

* An upset stomach or diarrhea goes away quickly using colloidal silver. Depending how bad it is, I have taken 2-4 ounces at a time, up to 4 times a day. It works great!

* My pets, my gosh! I simply cannot afford to take my pets to the vet for every little thing that comes along such as an eye infection, ear infection, skin irritations & abscesses. I own 5 cats & 1 dog, and treating my pets with Colloidal Silver has saved me tons of money! Here are a few examples:

* My cats are indoor/outdoor cats, therefore they are always getting into something. I make sure that each cat gets a dose of Colloidal Silver at least 3 times a week. I put 1/4 teaspoon into a shot glass, siphon it into a medicine syringe, then directly squirt it into their mouths. They each have their own syringe, and this way I know that each one of them have gotten their dose, along with their individual supplements that I give them. They love plain yogurt, so some days I just put the Colloidal Silver in the yogurt! If my cats act like they're not feeling good, I will give them Colloidal Silver everyday, 2-3 times a day, at the above dosage. It hasn't failed me yet!

* Eye infections, due to irritants or a scratched eye, can be common. I use a dropper to put 1-2 drops of silver in their eye. I do this 2 times a day for 2-3 days (longer if needed). Their eye will be noticeably better after only 1 treatment!

* One of my cats had allergies, and will develop areas of skin irritation on his body. Depending where the area is, I will either spray Colloidal Silver or apply it with a Q-tip to the irritation once a day. Once I get the irritation under control, I only need to apply it every other day to keep it that way!

* One of my other cats had been in a fight. Unknown to me, he developed an abscess. When it finally broke open, it was horrible with nasty green pus coming out of it. I immediately did a Colloidal Silver wash on it, using a medicine syringe to apply the silver. I did this twice a day for the first few days, along with 1 teaspoon of silver internally twice a day. I then reduced both treatments to once a day for a few more days. The abscess quickly cleared up and my cat was back in action!

* I have a Golden Retriever that will develop ear infections every summer due to excessive swimming. In the past I would treat him with medicine from the vet. He basically would be on this medicine all summer since we have our own pool, and would swim almost every day. Now I treat him with Colloidal Silver! After he's done swimming for the day, I put 3-4 drops into each ear, massage the base of his ear for a minute or two, then let him shake his head. It has worked. No more infections!

* My Golden Retriever (90lbs.) also gets Colloidal Silver 3 times a week. I give him approx. 1 1/2-2 tablespoons in his yogurt.

There are so many ways that I use Colloidal Silver that I haven't mentioned, due to the fact that I simply don't have enough time right now! I have found that it's OK to experiment with a dosage to find what works for me because there is no set rule, just common sense.

The Colloidal Silver I've spoke about and use is 7-10 ppm concentration and is made with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator which I purchased from I love it & consider it to be one of the best investments I've made! Due to my recommendation, a few of my friends have purchased the same generator, and they also are very pleased with their purchase!"

Diane L., Erie, MI

"Cured Dying Doctor of a Deadly MRSA Infection!"

"Thanks for the opportunity to share one of my many experiences with The Silver Edge Micro Particle Generator that I purchased from you in late 2007.

In November 2009 I was in the morning breakfast hot spot and as usual I was talking to a friend about his health challenges unaware that a doctor's wife was listening.

After my friend left, the doctor's wife ask me if I knew anything that would cure MRSA.

I I told her that I made something that should help. She told me that her husband was a doctor and he had MRSA. I offered to give her some Colloidal Silver the next day.

When I arrived at the Nursing Home and met her she was very upset. The doctors overseeing her husband's case had told her earlier that morning that she needed to let him go because there was nothing more that they could do for him, and that they were withdrawing all his medications. He also had a feeding tube.

I told her that I could not tell her what to do for him, but I could tell her what I would do for myself if I were in the same situation. I gave her a dropper bottle of the colloidal silver and said if it were me I'd put two droppers of colloidal silver under my tongue every hour as long as I was awake. The next day, and there after, I would do it every two hours while I was awake. If I had a feeding tube I would apply one tablespoon through the tube three times a day.

After four days she called and said that they had retested him for MRSA and he tested negative. She was one happy lady!

I think everyone should own a Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator."

T. K. Keith, Oklahoma

"Heals Gum Disease, Promotes Rapid Healing of Colds, Flu,
Stomach Upset and More!"

"I personally always brush my teeth with it. It heals gum disease. My teeth are less sensitive now too.

I give colloidal silver to my clients that have any colds, flu, stomach upsets, aching joints, lethargy, or have any open cuts. Everyone has given me a good report back that they are amazed by the quickness of their healing!

They also put in a request for more! One man I gave the batch to said he took it and it completely took away a 'little cough' he had for years! Whatever was causing it, it went bye-bye! He was amazed! I made the three hour batch for all of these.

I love this generator and all the help it gives to me and anyone else I hear needs it. I am so happy it is available to all of us!!! Thank you!"

Ava C., Clearwater, FL

"Healed Deadly MRSA Infection and Saved My Friend's Leg from Amputation!"

"I have a dear friend who is well over 500 pounds. My car is the only one that he can ride comfortably in AND tow the trailer with his enormous electric chair. For that reason, I am the one that takes him to his VA appointments (105 miles away) and his doctor appointments (45 miles away).

He suffered from MRSA in bedsores on his leg that had not healed for 8 years. At a doctor appointment, his doctor said we needed to think about amputation of his lower leg to keep the MRSA at bay. I expressed concern that if we couldn't heal his bedsores, how would we be able to heal an amputation. I was told that the MRSA was not colonized directly below the knee and the skin would heal there. But I was skeptical. I also didn't know how he would handle anesthesia because of his size and inability to lay down flat for any length of time.

So I asked the doctor to let me try something for one month and he just said, "At his point we have nothing to lose except his leg." He said he was going to call in a prescription for another high strength antibiotic (Zithromax). History showed us that as long as he stayed on the antibiotics, the progression of the MRSA would slow down. But within two weeks of getting off of it, he would get very ill again.

As we drove home, I explained my Colloidal Silver idea to my friend. This was on a Thursday, I believe. I gave him a quart of silver to drink and a quart for his wounds. I told him to take a "drink of approximately 1/4 cup" twice a day. I also asked him to have his home health nurse (who'd been working with him for years) to soak the bandage with it when she redressed his sores.

On Monday, he called the doctor's office to find out why they hadn't called in the antibiotics. The nurse got on the phone and asked why he wasn't in the hospital. The doctor had assumed that he was going directly to the hospital when we left his office. The nurse told my friend that he needed to get to the hospital right away as the blood work done in the office at his last appointment showed he only had days to live!!!!

He called me and we rushed over to the hospital and you know what we found? NO MRSA! The doctor couldn't believe it. Over the next few weeks, the home health nurse saw his wounds closing up. She was amazed that the skin was granulating again.

Then, my friend got sick and lightheaded. The newest exam showed that the dosage of his current hypertension meds were too high. I told my friend to lower the BP meds but stay on the silver. His daughter and son in law started reading the propaganda on Silver and convinced him to stay off of the silver and took it away from him. Within two weeks, he was hypertensive and sick again. Back to the hospital in ICU.

I am happy to report that he still has his leg, is on a weight loss program in a nursing home, and he has lost over 80 pounds and will be coming home WITH HIS LEG!!! Once home, his nurse can start soaking the bandages and dressings in silver and I have no doubt that it will heal the rest of the way.

It only took 4 days for his blood work to go from system-wide Septicemia with MRSA to "No Detectable Infection".

I wish we could work on his sores but I have to get him out of the medical facility as they won't let me put anything on his bandages and dressings. However, the sores are now wrapped by the doctor in a special silver-impregnated dressing. So I know the Dr. understands that silver helps. They just will not let me soak his dressings. Hospital policy.

I have several friends that use a nasal spray bottle of silver to inhale silver when they feel a sinus infection starting. I also spray it on my kid's scrapes. I put a 1/4 cup in the washer to keep my towels from sour smells. I put it in my chicken's water to keep them well. My friend is giving her daughter silver to help with her eczema. I haven't seen her but her husband said it was working and asked for another quart yesterday.

I did NOT get an H1N1 vaccination for myself or my children. As a paramedic, I have a pretty good immune system and will trust silver to take care of any infections that I get exposed to. It is documented that it killed the systemic MRSA, worked topically on the MRSA-laden bed sores, AND lowered his need for hypertensive meds. I am a believer!!!! Actually, I don't just "believe" in it, I KNOW it works!"


"Stopped Eye Infection and Yellowish Pus Discharge! "

"I had an eye infection starting. My right eye was red, itchy and had a bit of yellowish discharge. There was a small boil right on the eyelid.

So I dunked my eye into some micro-particle colloidal silver water several times over the course of the evening. The next morning the pus and redness was gone but the boil was still there. So that day I dunked my eye every hour and drank several ounces 3 times. The next day everything was absolutely normal…no redness, no pus, no boil.

I have given the colloidal silver water to a friend who suffers from extreme tinnitus. The tinnitus disappears after drinking an ounce a day for about a week. When the colloidal silver water is stopped the tinnitus returns gradually after about a week. This has been tried about 4 times and each time the tinnitus stops and stays away as long as the water is consumed daily and returns when the water is no longer consumed."

 B.D., Kelowna, BC, Canada

"Blood Tests for Temporal Arteritis Improved Dramatically! "

"Since July 2009 when I bought the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from you, a lot of healthy things have happened to me and my wife.

She is already 32 months on Prednisone for her temporal arteritis and we were told there's no medical miracle that can heal her. I started giving her 1oz a day of the colloidal silver, just to try it. Suddenly her blood tests improved, CRP proteins went down from 42.4>0.4. Now that's a miracle!

Her doctor asked me what I'm doing with her, but I never tell. They have different books.

And me? From 2-3 times I've had the flu and sniffling and sneezing in autumn. I was healthy like a horse, but when I got sick I drank 3 oz of colloidal silver and that was the point when I get hooked up with micro colloidal silver. It's working! Thank you for that micro-colloidal miracle. Best Regards,"

 Jaroslav K., Laval Canada

"Heals My MRSA Outbreaks!"

"I don't remember when I started using colloidal silver but probably over a year ago. I have MRSA.

My doctor wanted me to get on antibiotics and I refused because they take a toll on my health. I bought the machine and started taking 2 oz. of the micro-particle colloidal silver 4 times a day for quite a long time.

I discovered I wasn't using it correctly. I was drinking it. I learned I had to keep it in my mouth and swish it around for a while. It started working then. I am now at the end of MRSA. It didn't show up in my blood the last time I had blood work, and one of those visual blood pictures.

I still take the silver only now am taking 2 oz. morning and 2 oz at night before bed. I also used it topically on my breakouts to help them heal faster.

I think I got the MRSA from my daughter who had a sore on her back for over 2 years. And her daughter got it too, so I am giving silver to them to drink also. Rose is no longer having break outs. She is my granddaughter. My daughter still has a few breakouts, but not many now. They are on the way to being free of it also.

I also use the silver in my laundry for all of our clothes and towels. And also for disinfecting counter tops. I love how it works. I give you permission to use this in your book if you like. I do hope it will help others. Just be sure to keep it in your mouth and swish it around.

Another benefit it has done for me is my teeth used to bleed when I brushed but no longer and they seem to be stronger now. Thank you for all you do."

 Paula D., Kissimmee, FL

"Healed Eye Infection Overnight!"

"My eye started draining one night, which is very unusual for me. I thought great I'm getting an eye infection. That night I put 2 drops of colloidal silver in my eye. The next morning my eye was better. I was thrilled and hooked on the benefits of colloidal silver."

 Sherry, Johnson City, TN

"Saved My Tooth, and Healed a Bad Case of Pink Eye, Too! "

"I use colloidal silver when I have a health challenge that I believe is related to a virus or bacteria.

Several years ago I had an infection in my tooth that hurt so bad that I couldn't touch it without pain. I just used about a teaspoon of silver twice a day. In a day or two the pain had lessened. Not only did the pain go away but I was able to save the tooth.

I've also used the Silver Edge colloidal silver for a bad case of Pink Eye. It was so bad my whole face was swelling up & my daughter who is an ophthalmologist said I needed to go into the doctor's office right away.

I just added a couple of drops of the silver into my eye every 30 minutes or so until it was on the mend, which was a couple of days.

 M. Jansen, Scottsdale, AZ

"We're Getting Used to the Everyday Miracles This Stuff Can Do!"

"Where do I start? This stuff is fantastic! For any type of virus or bacteria, this stuff works. Especially topical; you see really fast results. If anyone in my family is starting to get a sore throat, they know where the silver takes care of it in no time!

I have a friend at work whose dog had a sore that would not heal. She had tried all sorts of things...I made a bottle of silver for her and she just sprayed it all weekend on the sore every chance she could and it healed so fast she couldn't believe it!

Since I have been spraying my gums after brushing my gums have improved greatly. I get regular dental care, brush regularly, but do not floss as much as I should. My dental hygienist was amazed at the improvement in my gum's health. I had a gap at the back of a crown, and my gums have 'grown' back enough to cover the gap completely!

I use this micro-particle colloidal silver on everything and anything. I KNOW it is perfectly safe, so I feel confident to recommend it to everyone.

I spray my face after more 'rash' from my electric shaver!

As long as you use good distilled water, you make a good product; it is as simple as that.

Oh yea, one other thing. I had Pink Eye over a year ago, and I sprayed it right on my eye, perhaps 3 or four times, and my Pink Eye was gone the next morning!

My daughter got it a year later and it worked as easily for her as well. I guess we are just getting used to the everyday miracles this stuff can do!

Thanks for your great is worth every penny......and then some! I am happy to recommend your product to all. Best regards,"

– Steve C., Toronto, Canada

"Healed Horrible Tooth Pain in Only One Day!"

"I have had an area in my upper molars that gets a low-grade infection now and then when I'm not able to brush my teeth right away. This was diagnosed by my dentist about 17 years ago. He gave me an antibiotic rinse that cleared it up but it has the potential of permanently discoloring your teeth!

So at the next flare-up, I had another idea and that was to apply a paste of cayenne pepper to bring blood to the area for healing. It worked fantastically — sometimes in only hours with one application.!

However, recently this problem flared up again after a dental cleaning. I got lazy and it progressed to something really serious. At times, the whole right side of my face would ache badly. This and the soreness went on for weeks.

Eventually, the tooth area was so sore I could not chew even on the other side. The cayenne pepper didn't work and rinsing my mouth with a commercial brand of colloidal silver, holding the liquid in my mouth for several minutes, did not work.

Then my daughter invited me to lunch the next day at my favorite restaurant. I was desperate. But I had recently purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge. I made a new batch and drank a WHOLE QUART of the micro-particle colloidal silver throughout the day before the lunch. I still went to bed at 10:00 that night not being able to bite down without serious pain. But when I woke up at 6:00 the next morning, ALL the pain was gone and I had a wonderful lunch.

That was weeks ago and I haven't had any problem since nor any adverse side affects. I have continued a smaller amount of CS to avoid any possible recurrence. By the way, I'm in my mid 60's and don't heal as fast as in my younger days, but the micro-particle colloidal silver is a miracle.

I also dumped a lot of the colloidal silver on one of my plants. It sprouted a new vine and grew three feet in just two or three days. Thanks for letting me share my story."

– Yvonne W, Redwood City, CA

"Controls Chronic Infections in Horses; Helps Stop My Colitis Flare-Ups!"

"I use the colloidal silver for many things. I'm a farrier and I give it to customers for clearing up thrush in horse's feet.

It has controlled chronic infections in a number of horses I treat. It's been successful in treating summer itch which is a fungal infection that horses get in warmer weather. I use it myself for athlete's foot, skin injuries, as a mouth wash, and just about any external injury.

I have ulcerative colitis and it has proven to be successful in ending flare-up by using CS in an enema. I also use it as a cleaning agent in the kitchen & bathroom.

Thank you for providing the endless opportunities and uses for your product."

– Philip S., Littlerock, CA


"Colloidal Silver is an Integral Part of My Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol!"

"I've seen numerous cases of cancer cured through natural means, and in my experience the colloidal silver water needs to be an integral part of any naturopathic cancer treatment protocol. Examples:

A friend of mine's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in Florida. Before starting any treatments, the oncologists wanted to wait and see how quickly or slowly it would develop so they could choose the best of allopathic treatments for it.

Her husband, my friend, called me immediately after diagnosis, and I told him we were not going to wait one more second to work on helping her. Her mother had died previously from breast cancer so she was very fearful of what might happen to her.

I have a lot of different alternative protocols for going after different types of cancer. Because these folks were used to "regular" medical doctors and allopathic philosophy, I chose two simple forms of "treatment' because I didn't want to overload their circuits with an abundance of possible protocols.

I suggested that she use the 7-10 ppm colloidal silver water and drink it often in between meals on a daily basis – a few ounces at a time.

I also suggested she purchase Flor*Essence tea (the best formula of Essiac tea that I'm aware of) and with 2 ounces of stove-top heated (not microwaved) pure spring water (no chlorinated water whatsoever!) or distilled water, mix with 2 ounces of Flor*Essence tea and drink that an hour before each meal and before retiring. She adopted those two protocols religiously and with great discipline followed it for six months.

In six months, she returned to her oncologist for scans and possible treatment. To his and her surprise, the cancer was gone. The oncologist told her: "I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it."

Upon returning home, she called me in tears of joy to let me know the cancer was gone. I was so excited for her that it brought tears to my eyes, too. That was six years ago, and for maintenance, she still drinks colloidal silver water and a cup or two of her Flor*Essence tea, daily.

Another example:

One serious case of cancer I came into contact with was with a friend's brother who had cancer of the kidney and was scheduled to have it surgically removed in four weeks.

I explained that I didn't know if I could help him get rid of the cancer in that short a period of time (if at all), but that I'd give it my best shot. I used several protocols with this particular person:

1. Colloidal Silver Water several times daily in-between meals for the entire four week period.

2. Flor*Essence tea (Essiac) four times daily – an hour before each meal and before retiring. 2 ounces of pure spring water (no chlorinated water) stove-top heated (not micro-waved) mixed with 2 ounces of Flor*Essence tea. Flor*Essence tea was learned from an Ojibway Indian and developed by Registered Nurse Rene Caisse and later perfected even further by Dr. Charles A. Brusch, President John F. Kennedy's Physician, while JFK was in the White House. Dr. Brusch had cured his own intestinal cancer using Flor*Essence tea. Ms. Rene Caisse had cured tens of thousands of terminal folks from 1928 - 1978 at her clinic in Bracebridge, Canada.

3. 10 grams of Vitamin C taken orally over the course of the day to strengthen his immune system. (Intra-venous {IV} vitamin C can help immensely, but I couldn't find a practitioner to administer it).

4. A good muliti-vitamin and mineral capsule taken daily, again, to strengthen his immune system. Additional vitamin E, D, A, and selenium.

5. Dr. Hulda Clark's 2004 "Zapper" using the Cancer program driver. He used the Zapper daily for the remaining three weeks after running the 8 day program (which is one session the first day, 2 sessions of the Zapper the second day with an hour in between sessions, 3 sessions the third day, an hour in between sessions, 4 and four, 5 and five, 6 and six, 7 and seven, and 8 sessions on the eighth day, again with an hour in between each session). so the last day it takes fifteen hours to complete the Zapper run. After the eight day run with the Zapper program, he used it off and on daily for the remaining three weeks.

6. Lots of raw vegetables and fruit daily.

He was very disciplined in using all of these protocols for the entire four weeks. When he went in for his surgery, the oncologists did a scan to locate all of the cancer, but the cancer was totally gone, to his and the doctor's surprise, and they had to cancel the surgery!

In my opinion, it was the combination of all of these protocols including Colloidal Silver Water that saved his kidney from the ravages of cancer. This was a very tough situation because we had a very short time limit of only four weeks to work on ridding his body of the cancer. I was as surprised as he and the doctors because of the short time span. He was very thankful about the outcome. But it proved to me once again, that anyone can overcome cancer using natural, alternative methods.

To me, the optimal time to begin natural, alternative treatments is immediately after diagnosis before any allopathic treatments have been administered. Once chemotherapy begins, a person's own immune system becomes weakened and impaired and then it becomes extremely difficult for the body to fight off the cancer. I cannot guarantee that we'll beat cancer every time we go after it with alternative methods, but I've seen and experienced success in defeating it many times with a number of different types of cancer (throat, tongue, brain, skin, stomach, bladder and intestines to name a few).

Yes, I've lost people to this dreaded disease, but only if they did not religiously follow all of the protocols I suggested, and if they had undergone any number of prior allopathic treatments (radiation, chemotherapy and surgery) that eventually weakened and partially destroyed their own immune systems so their bodies could not aid in the battle.

Even since this time of five or more years ago when we fought the kidney cancer and won (thank God!), through my continued alternative research, I have learned even more helpful protocols to help people win the battle of their life against this very dreaded disease, cancer. I thank God for his divine intervention in leading me to research the protocols I've been fortunate enough to learn over the years.

By the way, I also use the colloidal silver water on my animals. For example, I have several domestic felines. In the rough-housing and playing, they sometimes get nasty cuts, abrasions and wounds. Whenever that occurs, these felines are treated with 7-10 ppm colloidal silver water that I make with a Silver Edge Health Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Water maker.

I, also, periodically dose them with an eye dropper or two of colloidal silver water to protect their gums and teeth. And if any of the felines get "the sniffles," they immediately get doses of colloidal silver water dispensed through an eye dropper.

One of my felines came down with stomach cancer and would spew blood all over her chest. This started about a year and one-half ago. I treated her daily with Colloidal Silver Water 15-21 ppm that I made, dispensed through an eye-dropper with at least 6 eye-dropper doses usually six to eight times daily. I also gave her 6 eyedropper doses of undiluted Flor*Essence tea before she ate, about six to eight times daily. Within three months, she was healed, and is now as rowdy and playful as ever."

– John S., Jamesville, NY

"My Family Hasn't Been Sick Since We Started Using Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver!"

"Colloidal Silver has been a Godsend to my family. Aside from taking care of flu and colds it cured my son of mononucleosis, which the doctor had told us there was no cure for.

I researched it on the internet and what I discovered was that Colloidal Silver would cure mono. This was before I had purchased my Micro-Particle Generator. I had been at a health food store and seen a bottle of Colloidal Silver on the shelf. I asked what this was good for, and the store clerk told me if you feel a cold or flu coming on then drink half the bottle and it would knock it out.

I purchased it and put it in my medicine cabinet and forgot about it. When my son came down with mono and I researched it I started giving him 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 at night. Within 3 days he was fine. This sold me on the product.

I was starting to feel bad around the same time and none of my old remedies were working. So I tried Colloidal Silver also. I took the same amounts day and night and it worked like magic.

After that I purchased my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and the rest is history. My family has not been sick since."

– P.A., Dodge, TX

"Healed Swollen, Infected Eye; Cured Earaches; Healed Strange Hole in Skin that the Doctor's Medications Couldn't Fix!"

"One morning my 8 year old grand daughter woke up with her left eye all swollen and full of pus, it was almost totally closed up.

Her mother soaked a wash cloth in the colloidal silver I keep them generously supplied with, made with my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. Breanna held the wash cloth on her eye for 20 minutes, when she removed it the swelling was gone and her eye was all cleared up and the problem did not return.

On 2 different occasions my 8 year old grand daughter complained that her ears were hurting her. Both times her mother just put 3 drops of colloidal silver in each ear, (made with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator). She had Breanna lay on her side for at least 10 minutes with each ear facing up so that the silver had time to work and not just run right back out. This was done twice a day for 2 days and the problem was gone.

While trimming her toe nails one day my sister discovered a hole in the skin between her baby toe and the next toe, she could actually stick the end of a Q-tip into it. She hadn't felt any pain from it so I guess that's why it took so long to notice it. She showed her doctor and he said to put some Lamisil Antifungal Cream on it several times a day. Janie applied the cream 3 to 4 times a day for 3 weeks with no results at all. The hole did not get any bigger but it also was not getting any better either. She was very discouraged.

I suggested she try using the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver I had given her, which I made with my generator bought from The Silver Edge.

So she stopped using the cream and began only using the colloidal silver by putting a cotton ball between her 2 toes to hold them apart and then used a glass eye dropper to put drops in the hole. Janie would let it air dry before removing the cotton, but if she was in a hurry she used the hair dryer to blow it dry. She would do this whenever she thought about it through out the day and being it was summer and warm out, it was quick and easy to do because of being able to wear open toed shoes and no socks to remove each time.

In addition to the topical applications, she also was drinking 1 ounce of the colloidal silver 3 times a day. After just several days she could see the hole was definitely healing and beginning to close up. Soon after that it had completely healed and the problem has not returned."

– S. Glentz, MI

"Cures My Athlete's Foot Blisters and Healed My Husband's Sore Tooth!"

"For approximately 1 1/2 years I've owned one of your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators, and also have a copy of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual from Life & Health Research Group.

Here are a couple of specific stories I can share with you:

First, I often get athlete's foot, especially in the summer when it's hot and I have to wear shoes, for example to work in my flower garden. I do go without shoes whenever I can or wear sandals. The athlete's foot seems like it can strike overnight! I will even get blisters between my toes and the itching almost drives me crazy!

But since I have your generator I can use as much silver as I want at a fraction of the cost. So when these 'attacks' happen, I use a glass 8x8 cake pan and put 2 cups of full strength colloidal silver in it. I then soak both my feet at the same time. I wear a size 7 shoe and put the pan at an angle in front of me, it being a diamond shape not a square. My big toes are in the top point and my heels in the bottom point. They fit perfectly.

I soak them for at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, after my shower. Usually the first couple of soaks will relieve the itching, and within 2-3 days the blisters are healing nicely. I use the same silver for 2 soakings and then discard.

My #2 story involves my husband. He is quite a skeptic regarding colloidal silver. But he was having a terrible toothache and absolutely hates going to the dentist (a childhood fear). So I suggested that he take an ounce of full strength silver into his mouth and keep it on the tooth as along as he could (at least 2 minutes). He would did this as well as 'swish' it around. He started doing this every couple of hours and would then spit it out. After a couple of days he noticed less pain and little by little he lessened the times he used the silver down to three times a day.

It took about one month but the pain completely subsided and it did not reoccur and he did not even have to go to the dentist. He is now a 'silver' believer! Daily, usually before bed, he will take 1 ounce of colloidal silver into his mouth and swishes it around and then swallows it (for maintenance).

Any time either of us get an irritation in the mouth, be it an accidentally bitten cheek or tongue, or sore gum, colloidal silver is what we reach for."

– J.K., Presque Isle, MI

"I No Longer Need the Antibiotics for My Sinus Allergies; Healed My Wife's Spinal Stenosis Pain!"

"My name is Jerry and I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area which has been called the allergy center of the world.

I'm sure other places have adopted the same label, but regardless I would regularly miss a week's work each spring and fall due to allergies.

Usually my Doctor would prescribe a Z-Pack to get me going again. Even after I retired I continued to need a couple of Z-packs per year.

Over a year and a half ago I purchased your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator along with The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual and began taking periodic preventive doses orally; sometimes daily and other times once a week but never more than an ounce at a time.

When sneezing bouts begin I spray Colloidal Sliver up my nose.

Z-packs are no longer needed!

My wife, Martha, who orally takes an ounce of colloidal silver daily, has an even more amazing story. In her own words: "Fifteen years ago I [Martha] was diagnosed with lower lumbar spinal stenosis. I was in constant pain.

The doctor gave me a cortisone shot, the effect of which lasted about six months. The pain came back. I was told surgery was my only option.

I lived with the pain until a year ago I discovered the colloidal silver. I have been almost pain free since."

– Jerry C., Haltom City, Texas

No More Pneumonia Bouts; "Mom Wouldn't Think of Giving Up Her Generator!"

"I'm writing this for my mother who is 86 years old and has no computer and wanted me to let you know the following:

She would not think of giving up her colloidal silver or her generator. Mom wanted you to know that she is 86 years old and used to get pneumonia at least twice a year until she began using the colloidal silver. She has not had any sign of pneumonia in five years and no problems with her health.

She also uses it as a disinfectant throughout the house. She uses it as a mouth wash. She has had no sinus problems this year since she uses it as nose drops (Oklahoma is notorious for allergies and sinus problems!)

Many of our church members are now asking Mom for a bottle for their families and ask again when they are out which Mom tries to keep made up and on hand at a moment's notice.

Mom considers this as something she can do to help others when they have a need and always gives it to them as a gift.

My daughter and I always grab the colloidal silver for my grandkids every time they get a cut on the playground – in fact, they will come to us and tell us their boo-boo needs silver on it (ages 5 & 8 – even children know a good thing!)

When Dad was in the hospital (for cancer), Mom went over his whole room with Colloidal silver to make sure that staph germs were nowhere. The nurses said that Dad's room was probably the cleanest in the whole hospital which made them both feel better.

Mom just always keeps a bottle within reach when needed for there are so many uses for it."

– N.O., Oklahoma

"Treats Persistent Fungal Infections; Prevents Stomach Flu!"

"I use the colloidal silver water to treat persistent fungus infections, dipping my feet in silver water for 15-20 minutes every day.

Also I take it to prevent developing stomach flu. In this case I drink a glass of silver water 1-2 times a day.

Thanks for your wonderful product!"

– A.B. Houston, Texas

"Stopped Catheter Infections the Doctor's Drugs Could No Longer Heal!"

"My story: What a wonderful product the Micro-Particle Generator is! This product allows me to make as much Colloidal Silver as I desire and need.

In 1993 my husband had cancer of the urinary bladder and prostrate. The surgeons who performed the surgery to remove the cancer made an internal artificial bladder from the ascending colon with a valve and an opening to the bladder on the right side of his abdomen.

This internal artificial bladder is called an Indiana Pouch. It has to be catheterized every 4-6 hours to empty it. For the past 16 years there have been continuous infections in the Indiana Pouch with my husband needing to take antibiotics for each infection. Maybe a week to two weeks would be infection free. Every method of keeping the pouch clear of bacteria, etc. has been tried. The bug in the pouch was E. coli.

At times my husband was hospitalized with such severe infections needing to be given antibiotics in his veins. After so many antibiotics the bacteria had become resistant to almost all available drugs.

Colloidal Silver to the rescue! My husband takes 1 tablespoon of 10 ppm twice a day by mouth. I instill 2 ounces of colloidal silver into the pouch in the morning and at bedtime. Thus the cure of the Indiana Pouch infections.

This process has been used for months thereby eliminating the need for antibiotics. We could never afford to buy the amount of colloidal silver that is used daily to prevent infection of the pouch. Every three days I make two quarts of colloidal silver for my husband's use.

The Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator has been a life saver. It's easy to use, making a reliable amount of micro-particle silver at an economical cost."

– G.E., Jackson, LA

"No Bad Colds Since 1998; Heals Our Farm Animals, Too!"

"I am 91 years old (you know me) – I've been making my own Colloidal Silver since 1998 and taking at least 2 to 4ozs. per day, doubling up if I feel a cold or other illness coming on. I haven't had a cold that got to the runny nose stage in all this time!

One day I discovered some long stemmed roses at the front door that were wilting. We cut off the stems, put them in Colloidal Silver and watched them come back to life.

Our dog tangled with a bear. Its eye was bloody – we sprayed Colloidal Silver – within minutes she was prancing around the barn as if nothing had ever happened.

The cow had problems. We put Colloidal Silver in her water – whatever it was is gone!!!

The goat had pink eye – Colloidal Silver took care of it.

Everyone that we know has ordered the colloidal silver generators, and have had similar experiences.

Canker sores are a thing of the past with Colloidal Silver. I also use it regularly to keep a sanitary kitchen, wash fruits and vegetables, and keep my house germ free."

– Gramma Bea Riley, Riley Farms

"No Colds, Flu or Infections; and I Sleep Better, Too!"

"I bought a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver generator from The Silver Edge, and I am so glad I did!

The generator is very easy to use. I make a quart at a time at a cost of about 36 cents a quart. It saves me so much money over buying commercially manufactured colloidal silver.

I started taking Colloidal Silver to help fight off colds, flu and any other viruses and infections that I possibly might get. It has done the job! This fall and winter I have not had a cold, flu, or any kind of virus or infection. And I've been around many sick people with colds and flu!

I had a surprise benefit shortly after starting to take Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver. I have been a chronic insomniac for several years. I take a medication that helps me get some sleep but not nearly enough. When I started taking the Colloidal Silver, my sleep time increased by an extra 1 1/2 to 2 hours. That much time increase in my sleep is of a very great benefit to me as anyone who never gets enough sleep well knows.

I take one to two teaspoons of Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver (10 ppm) daily in the evening."

– J. G., Hendersonville, NC

"Cured Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and Saved My Cat from the Vet's Death Sentence!"

"In response to your offer of free gifts for honest, positive stories for colloidal silver, here are two uses that have been very successful:

Using the "standard" colloidal silver concentration produced during a three-hour generation from our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, we have successfully "cured" two different infections that conventional medicine has not consistently addressed.

In particular, "Bruiser", the Japanese Bobtail shown with me in this picture was sentenced to certain death by a local vet who declared that the kitty's illness indicated by lab tests was FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) and was incurable. Three other vets confirmed the FIP and the death sentence, including an area alternative medicine vet who refused my suggestion to try colloidal silver, and "abused" the kitty with vitamin shots (to no avail).

For the first few months after Bruiser's veterinarians failed to address FIP, my wife and I gave him an eyedropper full (approximately 1 teaspoon) several times daily. His appetite improved quickly and he started playing with his sister again, so we reduced the dosage to several times a week.

Bruiser is now another five years older (total six+ years) and is well and healthy. We occasionally fill an eye dropper and give him a "drink" if he seems to be feeling lethargic.

We feel that colloidal silver performed miraculously, where conventional "cat medicine" and veterinarians failed the" test".

Two young teens in our neighborhood find the same formula very effective in controlling their acne. The best testimony stems from their respective mothers coming back for more!"

– Dale Tenny, CO

83 Years Old: "No Colds Since I Started Taking the Colloidal Silver!"

"I've been taking 1oz. of colloidal silver for about a year. I'm 83 years old and got congestive heart failure. I really don't think I'm taking enough for that but I haven't had any colds since I started.

My 2 boys are also taking it. I gave my good friend Dr. Powell of Salem a quart of it, and he's asked for more and says it's good for you.

I also use it for nose drops as I have sinus trouble.

P.S. I'll probably take it for the rest of my life. I don't trust or like drugs. I have no e-mail. I've never owned a computer."

– L. Becherer, MO

"It's made a tremendous difference for us on a limited income to be able to stay healthy!"

We've had our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for a few years now. Before that, we bought silver at health food stores (expensive!) but it helped keep us and the children well.

Now we use the Micro-Particle silver to keep our water safe, for our pets when signs of illness appear, and in their water as well.

Our children are grown now, but with the Micro-Particle Generator we can give them and our grandchildren needed assistance for illness or keeping them well.

My husband and I take the silver for any health need. We reach first for the silver and take or use as needed. It has made a tremendous difference for us on a limited income to be able to stay healthy.

I keep silver on hand at all times since I can make more in just 3 hrs. Thank you! We wouldn't take anything in exchange for our generator. And we've passed along the Silver Edge info to our grown children, considering the health crisis just now. We are especially thankful to Silver Edge.

– Mr. and Mrs. R. Ford, TX

"Clears Up Colds Overnight! "

"I have used the colloidal silver for 25 years.

At first, I used the old machine that was operated by three 9 volt batteries. Now I use the new one.

I use colloidal silver to spray down my throat and get it into my lungs to combat a cold. It usually clears up overnight.

I am 90 years old and have not had the flu or a bad cold since I have been using colloidal silver. Externally I use the colloidal silver to keep down infections.

I haven't had a bladder infection since I have been taking colloidal silver orally. I take approximately ten parts per million of the solution. When I need it, I take a swallow two to three times per day. Highly recommend it to other people."

– T. Loudermilk, NC

87 Years Old: "Helps Keep My Renal Carcinoma Cancer in Check!; I Feel Better Than Any of My Other Senior Friends!"

"I have not eaten a bite of food nor drank a glass of water in over a year. Impossible? NO! I drink all my food and water in the form of smoothies.

Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver is the first ingredient to go into the blender. Apple juice & water make up the 20 ounces of liquid. 5 stocks of asparagus, a big handful of spinach, some broccoli, celery, cucumber, a carrot, suffice for the veggie's. 1/4 cantaloupe, and some grapes do the fruit.

I lied a little because I do eat a banana, an orange and a slice of homemade whole wheat bread each day. I am well motivated to eat like this because it is keeping my renal carcinoma cancer in check. I was given 3 months to live in 2004 when they discovered I had stage 4 kidney cancer. I credit colloidal silver with much of the credit for surviving this long.

At 87 I feel better than any of my other senior years. I spray silver water in my open eyes each day, some on my hair, brush my teeth with it, along with some in my arm pits and other vital places.

I spray all my fruits and vegetables, counter tops, etc. with this great water."

– Max H., West Murray, Utah

"My Eldery Mom Has No More Urinary Tract Infections! "

"I love my Micro-Particle colloidal silver generator. Any time I get a hint of a sore throat, a cold, a skin rash, or a stomach bug, I take a few ounces several times and apply it to the affected area.

If I have nasal congestion, I sniff some of the water up my nose. If it is in my lungs I use in inexpensive nebulizer. I gargle with the silver water each day as I drink a few ounces.

I feel much more confident traveling overseas if I have silver-water with me.

Several of my friends and family have tried my silver-water and now come back regular for more. It works! But, like any other method of fighting infections, it works better if used promptly upon recognizing the first symptoms. Once infected I have learned I have to take it for awhile and give it time to work. The more the bugs have multiplied, the harder it is to knock them all out.

My elderly mother has struggled with urinary tract infections for years and has had to take antibiotics over and over, but still it came right back. She drank a quart of colloidal silver water over a couple of week's time. That was more than a year ago and she has been free of major episodes of urinary tract infections since that time. We are still amazed.

I am anxious to learn more about ways to use the water from my generator to fight infections."

– J Roberts, Boise, Idaho

"Can't Say Enough About the Benefits I've Experienced!"

"I've used the Silver Edge Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for about 4 years now. I use the colloidal silver (about 10 ppm) it produces in different ways throughout my home.

It is an excellent anti-bacterial agent. I spray cuts and scratches and especially those that I may not catch immediately (i.e. on the back of my legs) that become inflamed, with a soaked cotton ball secured by a Band-Aid or two, and the next day the redness is gone and the normal scab begins to form. I've done this for myself and for family, friends and neighbors who have asked me to do so for them, after they've seen my results.

If my body feels like a cold, other virus or the flu is coming on, I begin to take my colloidal silver by mouth. I use one teaspoon and leave it under my tongue for thirty seconds before swallowing. I continue this throughout the day about every four hours. The next day, I feel so much better, and I've not had a cold, flu or virus for a very, very long time. I do this also when I have any kind of stomach/gastro upset or when I feel a urinary tract infection coming on.

I've used colloidal silver to wash my vegetables to kill any bacteria that may be lurking. I wash them first in tap water. Then I spray them lightly with my silver water using a fine mist, dark brown glass pump spray bottle (I store all of my silver in dark brown glass bottles with plastic lids and keep them in a cool dark cabinet).

I had struggled in the spring and autumn seasons before due to heavy pollen with severe sinus pain/headache, etc. I lay on my bed with my head back hanging slightly over the bed, and I drop three drops of silver into each nostril, lay there for one minute (the "slight" stinging lets you know it made it there), then I blow my nose. I repeat the process one more time. Within an hour my suffering subsides, and my head feels clear.

In the mornings, sometimes there is way too much "gook" in my eyes, and my vision is blurred. I will clean off the gook and spray one quick spray of colloidal silver into each eye, close them for about ten seconds, blot the dry with a tissue, then there is no more blurred vision.

When I have adult acne breakouts, I will spray a light mist all over my face after washing. I do this daily after showering or washing my face, and within a couple of days, my face is much more clear.

I am a diabetic, and suffer every now and then with yeast infections. I use my fine mist spray bottle at bedtime and after my shower. The itching and burning dissipates almost immediately.

My cousin came and asked to borrow a bottle to spray her dog's eyes with it and the surrounding skin infection on its scalp. She reports to me that the 'stuff' was awesome and cleared everything up for her canine friend.

All in all, I can't say enough about the benefits that I experience using colloidal silver that I make myself with The Silver Edge Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. It was an excellent investment well, worth the reasonable price. I was paying $30 a seven ounce bottle in my local health food store for colloidal silver, so the generator paid for itself in no time."

– DH, Charleston, WV

"After the Swine Flu and 3 or 4 Subsequent Bouts of Pneumonia, I Finally Got the Generator and Haven't Been Sick Since!"

"The reason I purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator was because I got the flu in Dec. (I believe it was swine flu), and it kept recycling through my body all spring, with a constant cough that wouldn't go away.

I have a tendency to get pneumonia, and I ...had it 3-4 times this year alone.

Been taking the colloidal silver regularly as of May and it has knocked it out — haven't been sick since.

Part of my protocol was to inhale it, straight (10 or 20 ppm), using a nebulizer. From what I've read, it is more effective to get the colloidal silver into the lungs this way.

Also started out taking 8 tbsp. per day orally, now down to 3."

– L. Moser

"Cured Elderly Lady of Infection!"

"When my boss first told me about her homemade colloidal silver, and how much it had helped her with colds, flu, tummy infections, sore throats, you name it, I was pretty skeptical. After all, if it worked so well, how come no one has ever heard about it? But she started bringing the colloidal silver to the office after making it with her little generator from The Silver Edge, and we all started using it. And I'll tell you, it really worked. About the same time, I was helping out an elderly lady who had gotten really sick with an infection. So I asked my boss to make up a batch of the colloidal silver, and I took it over to her. It knocked the infection out very quickly, which surprised both of us. After that, I was sold. And now I am saving up to get my own colloidal silver generator so I don't have to keep asking my boss for the stuff.

– L. Straatsma, CA

"12 Year Old Poodle Being Healed of Cancerous Tumor and Lesion After Veterinarian Says to Put Her to Sleep"

"My friend's 12 year old poodle, Susie, had a cancerous lesion about three inches wide. She had surgery but the veterinarian said he couldn't promise anything because they couldn't get all of the cancer out.

After about six months the cancer grew back again, but this time it was huge. The veterinarian said he couldn't do anything more. The tumor was too big. They could do expensive radiation, but there was no guarantee of results. The best thing would be to put Susie to sleep, according to the veterinarian.

The cancerous lesion that developed at the site of the tumor soon started getting full of pus and we had to cut away dead, necrotizing flesh every day. You could smell the dead flesh all of the way across the room. Susie was in so much pain she would no longer eat at all, and lost all of her playfulness and looked like she just wanted to die.

That's when we started using the micro-particle colloidal silver, spraying it directly into the cancerous lesion three times a day.

At first, she started dripping water and blood from the lesion. But slowly, after about a month of the daily colloidal silver treatments, the red, inflamed areas began to heal, the water and blood drippings cleared up, and the cancerous lesion began to close up. There was no more dead flesh, and the awful smell of dead flesh completely went away.

Susie's pain also seems to have vanished, and she has begun to regain her old playful nature. Plus, she's regained her appetite with a vengeance. It looks as if the colloidal silver treatment is going to completely heal her at this point."

– Anna Jovel, NV

"Healed My Pneumonia!"

For two winters in a row, living in the damp redwoods of Northern California, I came down with pneumonia. Trips to my HMO for antibiotics proved to be of no help. One day I met a neighbor who asked how I was doing. Despondently I told him how I couldn't seem to shake the pneumonia. His face brightened up as he told me, "Same thing happened to both my wife and me. You know what healed us? Using the micro-particle colloidal silver generator." He was kind enough to make me a quart of silver water from his generator while I waited for my order to arrive from The Silver Edge. I started by taking one ounce each morning and night. Within a few days I was already feeling better. At the end of one week I knew I was on the road to recovery. When my own generator arrived, I followed the easy instructions and using the standard dosage and distilled water, I continued to improve until the end of the second week when I was well enough to stop taking the silver water regularly. My partner and I have also found that using silver water from the micro-particle colloidal silver generator directly on skin eruptions such as poison oak and mild infections reduces healing time dramatically.

– J.H., Forestville, CA

"Cured Oozing Sticky Yellow Fluid in Eyes With One Treatment!"

Marie W., CA"I woke up Friday morning with my eyes oozing a sticky yellow fluid. I don't think I had a cold and my eyes were not pink like they had pink eye. But I had maybe the beginning of it.

I poured colloidal silver from my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator into a shot glass, put enough pressure on the glass around my eye to seal it, tilted my head back, opened my eye in the silver solution. Then I did the same with the other eye with fresh colloidal silver.

The yellow fluid was gone and hasn't come back. Colloidal silver saved me a trip to the Dr's and time off from work. I love this stuff!"

– Marie W., CA

"Friend Dying of Pneumonia in Hospital Cured in Only 3 Days!"

"Good news regarding my friend with Stage IV cancer, who was dying in a hospital with an uncontrollable pneumonia infection:

Firstly, the micro-particle colloidal silver was an absolute life saver regarding the pneumonia infection. Due to her weakened immunity, she had in fact been given THREE courses of antibiotics prior to taking the colloidal silver, all with no positive results.

As per your suggestions she took 1 ounce of the colloidal silver at 4 hourly intervals, doubled it the 2nd day and upped it to 12 ounces total on the 3rd day.

I travelled to see her on Day 2 having sent the colloidal silver ahead, and she had enough strength to walk for the first time without a walker and without the oxygen – if only down the hospital corridor and back to bed.

But even that was HUGE progress from the state she was in before. The doctors ran more tests and pronounced she was infection free on Day 3. It was a wonderful feeling and we all whooped! She now calls the colloidal silver her 'holy water'.

The doctor did not know how this miraculous result was achieved. He had not even heard of colloidal silver.

Patti said she felt the antibiotic fog in her head starting to clear from the very 1st dose of the colloidal silver, and she had an awareness of feeling better by the hour. So that was a brilliant result, and I have no hesitation in saying it literally saved her life.

As a result of all this, and in view of her dangerous vulnerability towards infection, she has just ordered one of your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators. Or, at least her friend Phanos has ordered it on her behalf.

Another friend I gave a supply to was so amazed by colloidal silver stopping her annual bout of laryngitis in its tracks she has also asked today for your details to buy a generator!

Slowly the miracle of colloidal silver spreads by word of mouth…"

– Trish A., United Kingdom

"Cured "Rescue Dog's" Kidney Infection!"

"Our little "Rescue Dog" Buddy, a Jack Russell Terrier, is 7 1/2 years old, weighs 22 lbs, and we've owned him for 2 1/2 years. We are his 3rd owners.

We are full time RVers and had been in Washington State for 6 months. When we came to the Mojave Desert area in California, Buddy started feeling ill and was drinking a lot of water and having muscle spasms in his left rear leg. He was also digging at his tail and both sides of his rear quarters as if his skin was dry. We thought the 90-degree desert heat was the cause. So we took him to a vet in California who prescribed Rimadyl for leg spasms. (Have since found out this might have started kidney problem).

We then moved to Tempe, AZ (94+ degrees) and he still wasn't being his ol' Jack Russell self. We took him to a local vet and they did a blood panel. Sugar diabetes was ruled out.

The urine test showed he had a kidney infection, and the vet wanted us to get a prescription filled for it (Augmentin). Because calcium was elevated on the blood work, they wanted us to bring him back for more testing and MRIs to see if he "might" have a tumor or kidney stones and to do another biopsy on the fatty place on his right quarter. (We had to think about this, as they wanted another $700 for these procedures and we feel MRIs could cause cancer).

We couldn't find the Augmentin at any of the local pharmacies. We were told they would have to order it and it would take about 1 week to get. Rather than wait, I simply increased the amount of colloidal silver I usually gave Buddy, instead. MIRACLE: He is now back to normal and all symptoms are gone.

Here's what I did: Using the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, I brewed a one-quart solution for 6 hours, in order to make a 20-ppm concentration. I then gave him a bowl with 1/2 cup of colloidal silver by itself each day for 4 days, and a 20 oz. water dish with 1-2 tablespoons of the colloidal silver in it. Buddy actually preferred the colloidal silver bowl to his water bowl when he wasn't feeling good. The colloidal silver in his water bowl helps to keep it fresh and we do this every day anyway. Some days I would mix – cup colloidal silver with his dry and wet food (Blue Buffalo) if I felt he hadn't gotten enough that day. That's what did the trick!

Also, Buddy has a fatty tumor place on his back hip, which was okay last December when we had it biopsied. This was scratched open with all of his digging at his hindquarters and it looked really nasty. I started spraying the colloidal silver on it, and on the other areas that he was scratching 6-8 times per day, the first 4 days. (I still spray it 1-2 times a day now). The vet wanted to do another biopsy, but it's already healed over and looking good. We will have the fatty tumor removed at a later date by our own vet.

After giving the above scenario a really good examination, I totally feel that Buddy did have some kidney stones and his "passing" some of them is what started the entire itching, digging, muscle spasm and kidney ordeal. His writhing around in pain was probably even caused by them. I do not feel the Rimadyl was necessary. I have been advised by a holistic person to start him on around 150mg of magnesium citrate per day as this could dissolve any other current stones and stop the formation of more in the future. I will not fill the Augmentin prescription now, as it is not necessary (and it was another $60 anyway).

I love my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver machine! I even brew up quarts of the colloidal silver for everyone here at out Tempe RV Park and give them your website and a little info on benefits of colloidal silver! The manual and video are at MUST if you are at all serious about using CS in your health regimen. I even loan these out to the people really interested in natural, safe cures and we watch the video together. (I hear something new each time).

With us being on the road all year, we don't have time to waste being sick. Colloidal Silver is a necessity!! I have personally used it on our own cuts, food poisoning, earaches, eye infections, FLU (swine like symptoms), washing sinks/toilets, sore throats, etc."

– Margie and Virgil B., RV travelers

"Cured My Bronchitis In 2 Days, Cleared Up Red Eye and Athlete's Foot As Well!"

"As a satisfied user of the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator I would like to point out not all generators are beneficial. For example, most of them produce excessively large silver particles. What good is larger particulate size if it's going to pass right through your body without doing anything beneficial?

Secondly, how do you know if it's working? Well, for one, you should not be getting sick as much. I have a friend who is a limousine driver, and I've been making colloidal silver for him and he's noticed a huge difference. People in and out of his car each workday, and he's not getting sick this year for the first time in his 52 year life.

My own experience has been phenomenal. I had bronchitis for about 3 weeks when my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator arrived. I made a batch and started taking it. Within two days I didn't have any bronchitis symptoms. I was only taking a teaspoon per day. I was amazed. It also cleared up my red eye which occasionally happens, as well as athlete's foot!

Now I take one ounce per day with occasional skips from time to time. I know it works from my own personal experience, as well as from the experience of my friend.

Most importantly is the micro-particle size (.0008 microns), the ppm (10), the reliability of the unit (pretty flawless), the aerated suspension (very important), the technical support for the unit, and the ongoing knowledge of colloidal silver usage and updates from Steve that truly shows he really cares. He's not just here to make a profit and skip off into the sunset.

I wouldn't say these statements if I had any doubt in my mind. And Steve you do not have to thank me, you have put forth the effort to give the public something they really need. Thank you for that effort."

– W.E. Quirein

"Cured My Plantar Warts!"

"Hi Steve, I bought the generator last year and use it regularly.

One of the things I brag about the most is that the colloidal silver got rid of my plantar warts.

I had them and they were spreading all over my heel. I showed them to my doctor a couple of months ago. I asked him what he would recommend and he said he would write a prescription for something to freeze them off.

Instead, I started using the silver on them every night. I used soaked bandages with tape to hold them in place. Then I put on a sock. The next morning when I took them off, the heel was white and shriveled so I knew the silver was soaking into the skin.

It took about 3 weeks, but they are GONE. I can't wait to tell my doctor. The pharmacist had even told me not to put it on my skin. Ha…I love it!"

– Carol G, Greenbrier, TN

"Cured a Bad Case of Food Poisoning; Stopped My Annual Pneumonia Bouts"

"I can attest to the miracle of colloidal silver.

I got food poisoning Friday night. Woke up Saturday at 1am with horrible stomach cramps and frightening diarrhea.

I make my own silver with the machine I purchased from The Silver Edge. I immediately started taking about one ounce of 10 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver every 1/2 hour. By morning 8:00am, I could tell it was over. I truly believe that if I had not started taking it when I did, I would have ended up in the hospital!

I think EVERYONE should own one of your generators!!! Mine has seen me through many health issues in the 3 years I've had it! I use to get pneumonia every year... but I now use a mist sprayer and spray it in my lungs once a week or so, and have not had a bout with pneumonia or been put in the hospital since I started doing that treatment!! YEH!

Thank you Steve for making this machine available to all of us, and I wouldn't take a million dollars for my machine. I use the silver for absolutely everything, from disinfecting my house, to adding it to my baths, and lotions and dishwasher. All my children use it, as well as my grandkids to help ward off those nasty winter flues...God Bless!"

– Jennifer F., New Franklin, MO

"Two Warts Gone — Fast and Easy!"

"I got rid of two warts on my left forearm by spraying them several times a day with colloidal silver, and letting it air dry.

Plus I took 1 oz of colloidal silver in the morning and 1 oz in evening on an empty stomach...also would swish for a minute before swallowing...wanted it to be beneficial for my gums."

– Cindy C.

"Chronic Croup Gone, Her Son Hasn't Been Sick in a Year!"

"My husband and I make colloidal silver for people when they ask us to.

One of them saw us the other night and made a point to tell us that since we started giving her the CS (a little over a year now) her son hasn't been sick.

Previously he had chronic croup, and was catching every cold that came along.

She was just twinkling when she told us…obviously getting plenty of sleep since she is no longer up all night with a sick little one."

– Marie B., CA

"Used Colloidal Silver During Pregnancy; Gave Also to Friends Who Experienced Dramatic Relief from Shingles, Cured Mastitis!"

"I used colloidal silver during my entire pregnancy. I only took it when I felt ill (not pregnancy related illness, but colds, flu, etc.).

I usually drank about 1-2 oz. about 3-5 times per day until I felt better. I gargled colloidal silver when my throat hurt before I swallowed it. I also put some colloidal silver in a nasal spray bottle and sprayed it up my nose to cure a very painful sinus infection.

My baby was born perfectly healthy (8 lb. 5 oz.). I have also given the baby colloidal silver since birth for various illnesses including pink eye.

I also gave a bottle of colloidal silver to another friend who had a very bad case of mastitis. She took 1 oz. every 4 hrs. for three days. She was already on antibiotics that were doing nothing. She did not want to go back to the doctor and keep taking different antibiotics, since she was nursing. She was also afraid that if she didn't start getting better, she would be forced to stop nursing her newborn son. She continued the antibiotics as prescribed. But once she added the colloidal silver she started feeling better and the mastitis began to clear up quickly.

I also gave some colloidal silver to a friend who was suffering with a bad case of shingles.

I gave her colloidal silver in combination with olive leaf extract and her shingles and pain disappeared in days. She told me that her Shingles usually last 6-8 wks.

The outbreak that was inside her mouth healed within 12 hrs. She swished the colloidal silver around in her mouth for 1 min. before swallowing it.

She drank 1-2 oz. about 5-7 times per day for 3 days along with about 1 TBL. of olive leaf extract.

I have the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. I make a mixture combining the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver using distilled water only for 3 hrs.

Then I make a separate batch using distilled water with 4-5 drops of a salt/saline mixture for about 30-45 min. when both batches are done, I pour 1/2 of each type into two amber bottles and mix them together."

– T.R.B., Montgomery, TX

"My Cancer Pain is Completely Gone and My Doctor is Shocked!"

"I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how great this stuff is!!!!

I have cancer (leiomyosarcoma). VERY RARE FORM OF CANCER. It started in the uterus as a uterine fibroid. I've had major surgery 3 years ago and now have stints in both kidneys.

I've been fighting this cancer for 3 years now. Lost 2 brothers to cancer that had chemo and radiation. They passed within a year. I chose not to go that route.

My tumors are now inoperable (doc says too close to artery). I've been in extreme pain. I would lay and cry it hurt so bad. I compare the pain to labor pains, as I have had 5 children and can relate to this pain. No infection detected at ER or doctor visit (doc sent me a letter to contact Hospice for pain management after an ER visit in December).

I received my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator in the mail on Jan. 6, 2011. I immediately started making my colloidal silver and taking it that same day. Been drinking a quart a day.

I am now thankful to say that the colloidal silver has taken the pain completely away!!! Thank God!!!! I have not had to take any pain medication at all!!!!

I can't say that it has taken away the cancer, as I have not had another scan yet. But the pain is gone and to have a pain-free day is GREAT!!!!

My doctor was a bit shocked I think to know that I am not taking or needing pain medication!!! I told him that I bought the machine and drinking the colloidal silver.

I really think this needs to be prescribed for cancer patients. It really takes the pain away quickly!! And that type of pain is horrendous. Thanks again for making the machine affordable and all the research to help others!!!!"

– Melanie H., Navarre, FL

"Cured My Wife's Infected Tooth and Gum"

"My wife Kathy and I just got back from a road trip to New Mexico, where we attended a family reunion and party in celebration of her parents 50th wedding anniversary. And wouldn't you know it? Just before we left Kathy's left rear molar began to hurt, and a big red bubble of infection came up behind the tooth.

It became so painful she couldn't chew food. What's more, she began to get a sore throat from the infection.

When we got to the hotel in NM, I had Kathy take her toothbrush and brush the heck out of the infected gum behind the tooth. She brushed until it broke open and bled profusely. Then I had her hold a mouthful of colloidal silver over the infected bleeding gum for as long as she could. Then she repeated that process three more times, holding the colloidal silver over the infected gum for about five minutes each time.

The bleeding stopped. The pain subsided. The next day I had her do it again. This time when she brushed vigorously over the infected gum, it barely bled. She held the colloidal silver in her mouth over the infected gum as she had the previous day. And repeated this process three more separate times during the course of the day.

By this time the pain was gone. And there was no more sign of infected gum. The sore throat had dissipated. She was able to attend the anniversary party and go out to dinner afterwards with family and friends who had come in from other states. Another victory for colloidal silver!"

– Steve Barwick, Phoenix, AZ

"Stopped a Painful Peritoneal Infection in Two Days!"

"Steve, I read your emails all the time about ways to use Colloidal Silver. Well, I thought I'd relate a way I've never seen before. I used it starting last Friday evening.

I do what is called peritoneal dialysis. Some people might recognize it as 'at home' dialysis.

It involves having a tube placed in your abdomen and it penetrates the peritoneal lining of your belly region. It's a very sterile place and prone to life threatening infections if it is compromised, as is the case with this type of dialysis.

You have a constant 'hole' in that lining making peritonitis very possible all the time. It can become very dangerous and even life threatening if not dealt with as soon as it's diagnosed. I realized I had contracted peritonitis and the pain was easily a 9 on a scale of 1-10. It hurt to breathe!!

I began drinking 8 ounces of colloidal silver late Friday evening Saturday morning. Within 4 hours, the pain had dropped to a tolerable 3 out of 10! By Sunday, the pain was gone. I will continue using 8 ounces 3 times daily for two weeks to make sure the infection is gone.

Please, anyone reading this, I AM ONLY USING THIS AMOUNT DURING A TWO WEEK PERIOD FOR A SPECIAL REASON. It should NOT be used in this amount on a regular basis! Use the recommended amount.

The powerful antibiotic Vancomycin is usually what's used for peritonitis, and my doctor says even then the infection is very difficult to kill! Colloidal Silver killed it without batting an eye!

So, colloidal silver can be used safely by those on dialysis, if they need to ward off infection!"

I use YOUR Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator to make my colloidal silver, running it for 3 hours each time making 10 ppm batches.

Right now, I am running it once a day just about to keep up with how much I'm consuming, for obvious reasons. That will diminish back, once I'm done with my 'course' of taking it to make sure the infection is gone.

The way I see it, you have to take some, and it kills off millions, but there will still be some pathogens that survive. Then, they start growing again, so you have to do another dose, it kills a little more, then they start growing again, then you take another dose, and before you know it, they have lost the battle, but it does take perseverance!

I told my dialysis nurse today about my bout with peritonitis and she said, "Do we need to do a culture to make sure it's gone?"

I told her what I did and how fast it worked. Within 4 hours the pain had all but disappeared, and within 2 days all of the pain was gone! She told me they have to give vancomycin to their patients for six weeks!!

I told her I was going to use the silver for two weeks to be sure it's gone. She said it's a possible alternative to some of her patients who won't use vanc! Cool huh?

Hopefully my testimonial will help others become infection free."

– Randall F.

"Not a Day Goes By That We Don't Use Colloidal Silver for Some Beneficial Purpose!"

"Our family has used colloidal silver for many, many years — before I had even purchased your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

We use it every day for something. A bottle is in almost every room. If I have any leftover food, I spray it with colloidal silver before putting it in the fridge. This works especially well for cheese that usually starts developing a mold wherever anyone's fingers have touched.

Also use it to wash off fruits and vegetables and chicken, and spray it on the counters and cutting boards to kill germs.

As soon as anyone feels any sign of cold, sore throat or illness, they grab a bottle as they go by and squirt two or three times into their mouth. We seldom have colds, flu, or other such illnesses.

I wear hearing aids, so after removing them each night before I got to bed, I spray each ear mold with CS and also spray some into my ears.

Every morning I spray some into my eyes. I was having a problem with blood shot eyes — for no apparent reason — so a spray in each eye once or twice a day eliminates that problem.

I add it to our parrot's drinking water, and spray her and her cage with it frequently.

I had dental work done and instead of taking antibiotics, opted for the colloidal silver instead. The dentist was really upset when he found out that I hadn't had the Rx filled for antibiotics and said that I put my health at serious risk by "being so foolish". He refuses to acknowledge that it helped even though I had no after effects from the surgery.

Previously to that I had used it a couple of times for abscessed teeth and they cleared up. I should have ordered your colloidal silver maker years ago! It would have saved us a lot of money as I have always kept our whole family supplied.

Just the other day, my grandson told me that he recently was doing some work in his shop and had caught his nail on something and split his finger nail in half and pulled it partially off — all the way down to the quick. He said it was very, very painful. He immediately sprayed CS on it and covered it up with a bandage and tape. A few days later, he stopped in to see me and showed it to me. The nail had grown back together, there was no redness, and I could not tell from looking at it that there had ever been any damage. The only sign was a fine line down the middle of his nail.

He also uses it regularly for any problems that his dogs might have. I also feed several feral cats and add CS to their drinking water."

– Suzanne W., Seneca, SC

"Huge Improvement With Acne…Great Natural Deodorant…Resolved Food Poisoning, Too!"

"I received my generator this past Saturday and that afternoon I started to brew up a 30 PPM batch for external use.

My girlfriend has noticed a huge improvement in healing her acne with colloidal silver. At some point soon we could provide "before and after" photos to prove how amazing the results have been so far.

As for acne we have found that using a soaked piece of gauze pad with colloidal silver on it held on the trouble spots overnight produces the best results vs. spraying it on several times daily.

Additionally I have discovered that a 30 PPM solution of colloidal silver is a great natural deodorant. The 10 PPM only normally would last about half the day, but the 30 PPM solution works just as good for me as any type of deodorant I've ever used.

Here comes the bigger testimonial. My girlfriend and I developed either a bad case of stomach flu and/or food poisoning not to long after our Valentine's Day dinner. Unfortunately she wasn't able to keep anything down at all, including the colloidal silver. As for me, I immediately began taking about an ounce of colloidal silver every half hour. Within about 4 hours of this routine I was feeling in the "clear" zone.

I thought for certain that I'd be reaching the point of no return and rushing to the bathroom. Thank God this didn't occur. By the very next day I'd say I was feeling about 95% better.

I'm very thankful for this wonderful natural substance and for having had purchased the generator and having it arrive just in perfect timing to assist in overcoming this obstacle.

This actually makes the 2nd time in this year I've used colloidal silver against a stomach virus. Previously I had used a commercial store bought brand and that time I only suffered for about 24 hours while my family battled it for over a week. They listen closely now when I mention using colloidal silver."

– Phillip P., Gettysburg, PA

"Colloidal Silver Eliminates Pet Urine Odor and Cures Pink Eye!"

"Hi Steve and my friends at The Silver Edge! I am VERY happy to report back that colloidal silver ELIMINATES pet urine odor!

I recently discovered this after adding 2 new pets to the household. Unfortunately, both dogs (male and female) are particularly fond of marking on the carpet in my home office.

For the first time I decided to give the carpet the smell test after cleaning. It LOOKED clean, but I could still smell what had been there; no wonder dogs go back to the same spot(s) with their sophisticated noses.

So, I had an idea to try colloidal silver and sprayed the carpet with it after cleaning it — it WORKED!!! Absolutely NO ODOR remained on the carpet. I was stunned! Don't know why I didn't think of it before. Never again will I buy commercial odor eliminators.

Best of all, I can make all the colloidal silver that I want, anytime I want, CHEAP with my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. (It is shocking to see how much certain manufacturers — you know who they are — charge per ounce of their product.) Thank you for making a real and affordable micro-particle generator!

All the best,
Tonya W., California

P.S. I had a first time pink-eye infection to my right eye which the micro-particle colloidal silver wiped out within 1-1/2 days. I also add the silver to homemade deodorant spray, fabric softener, and dog shampoo. This stuff is fantastic!!"

– Tonya W., California

"Feral Cat Sunk His Teeth Into My Hand All of the Way to the Bone; Colloidal Silver Brought Amazing Healing of the Puncture Wounds!"

"Hi Steve, DG here. Just a thought: When relocating a feral cat, wearing welding gloves would be a GOOD idea!!

Big wild cat problem in the area, so traps are in order. After containing said cat for the local dog catcher for humane removal I let myself get in a not so good position; the cat attacked the back of my hand sinking his teeth to the bone, and my not so flimsy gloves were NO match for such an animal.

The cat proceeded to teach me a lesson that I will not soon forget. The back of my hand was bleeding profusely by the time I got loose, it seemed like an eternity!!

I ran to the kitchen and quickly poured a quart of colloidal silver in a Pyrex bowl and started milking the back of my hand for about 10 minutes, the silver made the wounds very easy to see, The bowl was turning a stunning red, NOT pretty! The blood was an impressive color, my HAND was NOT!!

I filled a surgical glove with a few ounces of silver and wore it for the rest of the day then let it dry for a few hours and refilled the glove with a few ounces and used some rubber bands around the wrist to keep it from leaking through the night as I slept.

I showed the wounds to my neighbor, a local nurse, and she told me to get to the hospital right away for medical attention and a tetanus shot.

I so wish I would have taken pictures for you but that was of low priority at the time. I showed my nurse friend my hand 3 days later and she could NOT believe how fast it was healing. It's been a week now and ALL the scratches are gone and just a slight hint of some signs of the deep puncture wounds.

Now my friendly nurse/neighbor wants me to show her how to make your micro-particle colloidal silver!!

P.S. I think I will let the local dog catcher earn his keep. HE can have round two with said Demon cat!! Just a thought: Months ago the cats stopped marking/spraying my door after I sprayed it with colloidal silver. You don't think that could have been payback (!!) do you?

P.P.S. Steve, Yes, I used the Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. After I show my neighbor/nurse how easy it is to make colloidal silver, I'll direct her to your site so she can buy her own generator. She still cannot believe the speed I healed myself with no assistance from the medical community and NO adverse side effects.

I have not told her that I have shown some of the other nurses in the area how to make colloidal silver. They seem to want to keep mum about such things for fear of reprimand? Yet, I have SEEN the Doctors using silver salve and solutions in a skilled nursing facility locally to obtain great results for conditions like bed sores, fistula, etc. Go figger!! Stay well my Friend."

– D.G., (Alive and doing well!)

"Colloidal Silver Helped Cured My Cat of Cancer; Now My Cats Love Their Daily Mouthfuls of Colloidal Silver Water!"

"My pets LOVE colloidal silver water!

I keep a bottle of it with an eyedropper on my table next to my chair while watching TV or films. When they hear that bottle open and smell the contents, two of my cats immediately jump up on my lap and open their mouths to receive it...

One of the cats had cancer 3 – 4 years ago and my Vet said she was terminal needed to be put down. Not to be put off by his prognosis, I treated her daily with 3 doses of CSW and 3 doses of Flor*Essence tea for a period of 3 - 4 months to cure her cancer – and it did cure her.

She is now well, lively and loves her daily mouthfuls of CSW! She knows... As do my other felines, how good CSW is for all of them."

– John, Jamesville, NY

"Colloidal Silver Stopped My Sick Cat From Coughing Up Fur Balls!"

"I need to tell you about my cat. She was sick when we got her as a kitten, having ringworm and cat flu, so she had to be put on heaps of antibiotics to make her better.

As time went on she was coughing up more and more fur balls until it became a once a week thing, she brought a fur ball up on my daughter's bed once and the horrible smell went through all the sheets and blanket and would have gone onto the mattress if I didn't have a plastic sheet on it. She was also bringing up her cat biscuits once a week or fortnight as well.

I went on the Internet and found out that coughing up fur balls was an INBALANCE OF INTESTINAL FLORA (probably caused by the antibiotics), not breaking down the fur ball so she could pass it through her stool. So I started to give her a teaspoon of silver in her water instead, and since then – NO fur balls being coughed up and no food being brought up either and she is looking so healthy, it's amazing.

Colloidal Silver is the best stuff in the world, and buying a silver machine was one of the best health investments I have made.

Thanks for the great informative website."

– Denise

"No Longer Have Continual Cold/Flu Symptoms; Healed Pneumonia and Strep Throat As Well!"

"Our family has been using colloidal silver for awhile...about 3 years for myself.

I no longer have continual cold/flu symptoms, but instead am healthier than most of the others at work, even those who I used to notice never get sick!

My wife had pneumonia once, and colloidal silver alone made her well. Another time she had strep throat, and colloidal silver was what took it away.

We no longer use other need. I have been able to help others as well. I use empty sparkling cider bottles (which come with a plastic lid) to store the colloidal silver, so the cost is minimal, since we make our own colloidal silver with the Micro-particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

I very carefully started with low doses and increased to where I now use one gulp once or twice a day."

– M.K., OR

"No More Bronchitis, Epstein Barr or Chronic Fatigue Thanks to the Colloidal Silver! (Heals My Sinus Problems, Too!)"

"I have my own colloidal silver generator I purchased from you and have been taking colloidal silver on an ongoing basis for about the last year. I've taken anywhere from a teaspoon to tablespoon a day as I have had Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and then it went into chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS) back in 1990 and then relapsed in 2000 .

In 1990 I was so sick at that time that I was bedridden for three months or more. It took me over five years to start to feel like myself and then I still didn't have a lot of energy as this virus is always in your system and I would fall back into it off and on throughout that time frame. Every winter I always got bronchitis and my doctor would find mycoplasma in my blood every year which causes pneumonia. I would have to be very careful so I would not fall back into EBV even though it was many years later. The relapse that I experienced in 2000 was caused from getting bronchitis to begin with in that year. I have fought with the fear ever since of possibly relapsing again, since it happened to me back then.

I purchased my generator and made my first batch of colloidal silver on 4/3/2010. Prior to that, I purchased colloidal silver from an online site. This winter 2010-2011 is the first winter I've gone through in 35 years that I didn't get bronchitis, which in a miracle. I'm no longer afraid that I may fall back into getting EBV or CFIDS again. It's nice to have the energy levels that I once had prior to EBV/CFIDS some 20 years ago.

I also use this to brush my teeth and it keeps the plaque down big time, used it on cuts and they heal like in four days. I use it instead of sinus spray to clear my sinuses and keep from getting sinus headaches/migraines. I just emptied out a saline solution bottle and spray it in my nose in the morning and it works great. This is a wonderful product and I'm so glad to be able to have my own generator and make my own."

– MJS, Lansing, MI

"Healing Our MRSA Boils and Topical Fungal Rash – Hallelujah!"

"Greetings from a new Colloidal Silver user – my family has been battling MRSA plague for the past 3 months my oldest son being hospitalized and my daughter having a number of boils lanced by the doctor.

My internet research led me across Colloidal Silver and I ordered your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. We've been taking 2-4-8 oz doses depending upon age and current severity of presence of MRSA boils.

My oldest son had a boil the size of a fist causing extreme stabbing pain and the doctor gave him a low grade antibiotic and refused to lance it despite appearance looking ready to explode. I received the generator in the mail the next day and immediately made a batch and soaked large gauze pads in the Colloidal Silver to cover the boil. The next morning a hole had opened the size of a nickel and a mass of infection pulled out with the gauze (also all swelling was gone) – reapplied this treatment several times a day for the next 2 days and the hole that had been a inch deep completely healed over.

I have also personally suffered for 8 years of a constant topical fungal rash under my breasts weeping and blistered and sometimes bleeding that numerous doctors said I would have to learn to live with and it is almost completely cleared up. HALLELUJAH!!!!! I am making Colloidal Silver for everyone I know and giving it to them. :)"

– Beth H.

"Gets Rid of My Pyogenic Granuloma!"

"A few years ago I suddenly had what I found out was a pyogenic granuloma on my face. The dermatologist insisted I have it cut off and biopsied (it was benign). Big mistake, since I have a permanent scar now. Anyway, it has recurred a number of times, and it usually takes several weeks or months to go away (if I do nothing). Now I just spray my homemade colloidal silver on it a few times a day and it usually disappears in just a few days! Feel free to use this, if you wish, for your ever-growing list of useful applications for colloidal silver."

– Mike M., Odenton, MD

"My Down Syndrome Daughter Has Not Been Sick Once This School Year, Thanks to Colloidal Silver!"

"I've written you before about the wonderful success we've had with our homemade colloidal silver.

Just to let you know my Down syndrome daughter has not been sick once this school year and it is the first time in her school years and she is in 4th grade.
We now give her two ounces a day and if her eyes look like she is getting a sinus infection we give her an additional 2 ounces in the evening.

She has been very sick every school year but this one and she is only on a daily vitamin and colloidal silver. It has made all the difference for her. Thanks!

I share my homemade colloidal silver with others all the time, and got my friend to buy a colloidal silver machine as she is raising her grandson and he is sick a lot, but getting better since he has been on the silver."

– K.M., OR

"MRSA Totally Cured By Colloidal Silver With No Recurrence For 3 Years!"

"About 3 years ago, my husband had triple bypass surgery where he acquired MRSA in all the incisions on leg, thigh, and chest.

In the hospital, I carried in a squirt bottle of Micro silver solution, and he drank it all through the day.

We applied Micro Silver solution to his packing material, and bandages 3 times a day after he got home from the hospital.

It still took about a month to heal up, but in 4 subsequent tests after that, there is NO further signs of MRSA. CURED totally with no recurrence for the last 3 years."

– K.M., OR

"Saved Me From a Painful Infection and Tooth Extraction!"

"I have no e-mail or photo, but here is my story:

I have had teeth problems for a while, so I checked with my dentist. He recommended a dental surgeon to extract some molar teeth which had some infection.

I didn't want to make that appointment because I was about to start a part-time job for the forest service in a remote area. I didn't want to be out in the remote area without teeth.

I am thankful for the silver generator because I'm sure it saved me from infection and pain. I've been using the colloidal silver water everyday since and would not want to be without it."

– H. Factor, Lewiston, ID

82 Years Old; "No Coughs, Colds or Sore Throats Since Using the Colloidal Silver!"

"My name is Roger Fink. I live in MN. I am 82 years old (as of May 10, 2010). I have had my generator for 3 years.

10 ppm is the concentration I use. I have not had a serious illness and just use it to stay healthy.

I daily take 1/2 oz. of the solution. Perhaps you have a better word to use instead of solution? First I swish it around in my mouth, then I gargle with it and swallow it. I have not had a serious cough, sold or sore throat since doing this."

– R. Fink, MN

Healed Green Nasal Discharge, Cleared Up Staph Lesion!

"I've used the colloidal silver liquid as a nasal spray for sinus infections."

I have chronic allergy problem to dust, etc. for which I use Xlear nasal spray for maintenance and that works well for that. However during my last cold I had started showing green nasal discharge. So I cleaned out an empty Xlear bottle and filled it with colloidal silver using it about 2 squirts four times daily. Within a few days the green discharge cleared up and I discontinued it after five days.

A relative had documented MRSA which had been passing around in their family. He had been being treated for a leg lesion with antibiotics for about three weeks. He developed a 'pimple' in his nose, which is a sign of staph infection, so I gave him some colloidal silver and showed him how to use an empty Xlear bottle to spray it in his nose. The lesion cleared up in a few days. Staph aureus likes to lodge in the nose, so going to the source is a good way to clear it up.

I also like to keep my toothbrush in a glass of colloidal silver to keep bacterial growth down."

– Jake, Richland Center, WI

"Heals My Genital Herpes!"

"For many years I've suffered with genital herpes. I started using the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver water made with my generator. I swish about 2 oz. of silver water then gargle and swallow. I also spray my genital area thoroughly with the silver water once a day.

After about two or three weeks, I no longer suffer from the genital herpes. I am real pleased with the results of this treatment. I want to thank you very much for introducing me to your generator."

– H.R., Chicago, IL

School Crossing Guard: "I've Not Had a Cold in Two Years!"

"I became interested in colloidal silver several years ago. My wife's sister was using it and got my wife excited about it. They were, and still are purchasing colloidal silver for $25.00 a quart. We purchased one and started taking a tablespoon a day.

Shortly thereafter, a natural health doctor whose newsletters I receive, recommended colloidal silver and arranged for all interested readers to purchase the colloidal silver generator at a reduced price. I have more than saved the purchase price over the last few years.

My wife quit using colloidal silver because someone told her she would turn blue if she drank too much. My results from drinking colloidal silver were so-so until I received a report of readers/user comments.

Someone recommended using 1 ounce/day and swishing the solution around in the mouth for a minute or so. I increased my usage to a 'shot a day', swishing it around my mouth. I feel my oral hygiene had greatly improved. I work outside the home as a school crossing guard and have not had a cold in 2 years."

– T. Opp, Irving, TX

"One Glass at Bedtime Cleared My Candida! "

"One glass at bedtime has cleared Candida which I have had for years. Nothing else has come close!"

– D. Blanchard, CA

"I've Used it Successfully in Many Situations Over the Past 3 to 4 Years: Candida Yeast, Food Poisoning, MRSA Infection, Ear Infection, Acne, Herpes, Toenail Infection, Ulcers, Viral Pneumonia and More!"

"I've used the silver I've made with your machine for some 3 to 4 years now. My girlfriend had recurring Candida (yeast infections) they would clear up with a medical treatment then reoccur in about 3 months. This went on for about 5 years.

I started her on one teaspoon colloidal silver each 4 days, 3 treatments (12 days) and the yeast was gone.

She continued 1 tsp. every month. She has never had a yeast problem since. 3+ years now!

Two neighbors got food poisoning from that spinach problem a couple years ago and asked me if I could do anything to help them. So that afternoon I gave them each a teaspoon of silver and they went home. Next morning, I went to give them more but they said they were fine. They took one more dose any way and the bacteria must have been killed because they were never any problems again.

A church member got an infection from surgery at the hospital and it was MRSA. The Dr. told her she would have to go to the hospital every 2 weeks for a shot of something. She got tired of this after 1 month and I suggested silver. She took 1 tsp. and 3 days later, 1 tsp. more. She went back to the doctor 1 week later. They took blood and examined it and called her at work for 2 days later and told her the pathogen was non-existent in her blood. They repeated they don't know how it cured up so quickly!

Mary's son, 9 yrs. old had a recurring ear infection. Doctors tried for about 6 months to clear it up. Nothing happened. I put 3 drops of colloidal silver in his ear (1 ear) and stuffed a cotton ball in it gently and saturated it with another 3 or 4 drops silver. 3 days later there was no pain so we removed the cotton and gently swabbed the ear with a cotton tip to clean it out and it has been over a year and never had an infection again.

An office worker about 18 yrs. Old had an acne problem. I got her to clean her face each night with virgin olive oil. Does a real good job and she took 1 tsp. silver on Mon. morning and 1 Fri. morning. The following week on Wed., all of the acne seemed to be drying up. Still using olive oil each night. One week later, the acne was all gone and that's been about 8 months now.

Tom has a nail infection (toe nail) that has been there for many, many years and looks like it has destroyed the nail bed. He took 1tsp. of silver once a week for 1 month. 4 doses. Then I told him just to wait and see what develops in a few weeks. After almost 2 months the nail and nail bed seemed to change colors and now, 2 months later, the nail bed is back to normal color. He is happy.

I tried the silver on a fellow with a herpes infection. I gave him 1 tsp. each week for 2 weeks and it cleared up. I believe it will cure AIDS too! I stepped on a board with nails in it. and one pierced my foot right behind the toes – oh God that hurts! But my use of 1 tsp. every 2 months of silver prevented any infection. In fact, I have never had a cold or the flu or any other problem in the past 3 to 4 years.

I also put a couple drops of silver in the kitty water bowl every 2 or 3 months and she has never had any intestinal problems or fleas or ticks or anything else and she is an outside cat!

A friend, in an organization I belong to, had an ulcer problem. One dose of silver and it was cleared up. I believe ulcers are caused by bacteria.

Another friend got pneumonia and she went to the hospital. It turned out to be viral pneumonia. Some virus she breathed in caused it. When I went to visit her, I took a 7-Up for her and I put a tsp. of silver in it first. It was a plastic bottle, 12 ounce of 7-Up. 2 days later they let her go, but they couldn't figure out how it cleared up so quickly. Most viral pneumonia victims stay at least one week, they told her.

So I have used it for many friends and acquaintances for many situations for these almost 4 years. And I still do. I know it cures the swine flu! I believe with more use, studies and experiments silver will do a lot, lot more good.

I am 61. I don't smoke, drink, use drugs (legally or illegal). I eat well, stay active, use a little flax seed each day, eat oatmeal for breakfast and I don't drink fluoridated water. I write very sloppy so I prefer to print – not too great either."

– L. L., Merced, CA

"I Quit Taking Flu Shots and Have Not Had the Flu Since I Began Using Colloidal Silver!"

"I've been using colloidal silver since 1994. At that time, I used the machine that ran on 3 nine volt batteries. But last year I purchased the new Micro-particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge. I am completely satisfied with it.

Now concerning various things I have used colloidal silver for, it is so many, I can't remember all of them but I will tell you that it has been successful for everything that I have used it for. I've used it for viruses, sick stomach, infected ears, infected sinuses, cuts, tooth aches, prostate problem, arthritis and others that I can't remember.

It's been years since I have been to a doctor for antibiotics. I've quit taking flu shots some time ago. I have not had the flu since I have been using colloidal silver. And neither have I had a cold.

I would not trade my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver generator for all the money in the world. I'm 80 years young."

– V. Swinney, TX

"It's a Travesty of Justice that the World Isn't Informed About the Safe, Easy Use of Such a Wondrous Product!"

I'd like to tell you about our use of colloidal silver. We are a family. My husband, myself, our daughter and her son, our son, and our son and daughter-in-law have used colloidal silver for many years.

We of course had to purchase the colloidal silver we used through commercial sources, and the prices went up and up. So, when I received the offer to purchase the machine with which I could make our own, I was thrilled. I didn't waste any time putting in my order.

I make batches for all family members, all of whom have different purposes for it. For example, our grandson got pink eye. A few drops of silver in each eye had an immediate effect and the pink eye was gone in 48 hours.

I recommended it to a friend whose son's eyes were swollen shut with pink eye and within 48 hours, his eyes were clear.

Our son takes a swallow daily, swishing it in his mouth to end bleeding gums.

Our daughter-in-law tried mixing it with herbs, and it cleared her shingles in just days.

At the first sign of a cold, we all begin taking swallows of colloidal silver and it minimizes all symptoms in days.

Our granddaughter was treated for MRSA in the hospital with poor results, so she used the colloidal silver, keeping a saturated patch on it until complete clearing.

Our daughter was bitten by a brown recluse spider. We treated her with a combination of silver and herbs both externally and internally to combat the poison. She lost a little skin and has a small scar, but completely recovered.

There are so many things we all use silver for in our every day lives that I cannot begin to enumerate them all. Just let me say, it is a travesty of justice that the world isn't informed about the safe, easy use of such a wondrous product."

– R.D., AL

81 Years Young, "Cured Unusual Case of Lymphoma Cancer!"

"I have my own generator and I use it throughout the year. I was a patient at the Veteran's hospital and I had an unusual case of Lymphoma cancer. The doctors had never seen Lymphoma cancer like this before. Most patients have Lymphoma cancer inside their bodies, but mine was on the outside, on the top of my right leg where everyone could see with their own eyes what it looks like.

Doctors and nurses were taking flash pictures of my cancer and putting the pictures on the computer so everyone in the hospital could see what Lymphoma cancer looked like and how it grew. I could even see it move as it was on the outside of my leg.

I let this go on for about three days, and then I got impatient. On the fourth day, while I was at home, I used an eye dropper filled with colloidal silver and squirted it onto the cancer. In less than five minutes, the cancer started to shrink and was dying.

I went back to the Veteran's hospital and when I removed the bandages from my leg, the cancer was gone. The doctors and the nurses were baffled. They wanted to know "Where did it go?" So I said "Maybe it fell off. Let's check the bandages. Maybe we can find it." Of course the colloidal killed that cancer in less than five minutes after it touched it. I am convinced that colloidal silver can and will kill cancer in less than five minutes after it touches the cancer anywhere it happens to be inside the human body.

The doctors wanted to know what happened to the cancer, so they put me through a PET scan machine once and through a CAT scan machine three times. The answers they got from those machines were that I had no cancer in my body.

Directions: I use 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver in a glass of water. I drink that colloidal silver at breakfast, one at lunch and one at supper. I continue to do that seven days a week and for two weeks at a time, then I stop. I do this once in the spring, summer, fall and once during the winter.

I later made an appointment with my regular doctor. I told him what happened at the Veteran's hospital. My doctor said "Do you know anything about colloidal silver? You should stop using it or you will turn blue like the guy on TV." I believe my regular doctor is more scared of going bankrupt and going out of business if too many find out all the good things that colloidal silver can do for their bodies. Especially how quickly it can kill cancer.

I do not have a picture of myself, but as soon as I get one, I'll send it to you. I'm a senior citizen and I'm 81 years young.

Colloidal silver does an excellent job to kill off all those free radicals that do so much damage. I'm not talking about the radicals in Congress. Free radicals cause a lot of trouble in our bodies. It will make people look like wrinkled up old prunes. When you see my picture, I am sure you will not believe how young I look. Yes, I am still 81 years young."

– W. Ramel, WA

Multitudes of Uses: "Neither One of Us Has Been Sick Since We Started Using Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver!"

"I received the letter requesting stories of how colloidal silver has helped me and those I know. You've ask for specific health challenges, however, it has helped in many ways. I will tell you a few:

First of all let me tell you how I came to know about it. My elderly father spent a lot of his time reading and researching. When he came across info on your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, he bought one and started producing the colloidal silver water. Let me say that the last several years of his life he never had the flu or a cold.

One day he sent me home with a bottle of silver water. I was somewhat skeptical but soon discovered its amazing healing powers.

Story #1: My 25 yr old daughter had been treating a foot fungus with many different over the counter products, with no luck in clearing up the fungus. She had suffered with the pain and itching for almost a month. I encouraged her to dab on some silver water. She did and immediately the itching stopped. I sent her home with a small bottle. The next day she called me....she had applied it several times that day. The pain was gone and the deep redness had changed to a pale pink. In 3 days after first application.....fungus was gone!! I am no longer skeptical about it.

Story #2: We have a hot tub. The water is treated with chemicals to keep it clean and sanitary. I always hated the smell and wondered what those chemicals were doing to my body. And if I had forgotten to treat my hot tub for a week or so it would start turning green and smell bad. Then I would have to "shock" the tub with extra chemicals. So I thought, if silver water kills bad bacteria then why not try it in the hot tub. A year ago, we drained the tub, refilled it and poured in a quart of silver water. I doubted that it would work due to the fact that the tub is full of water from the hose with plenty of minerals in it. I am amazed! My hot tub has remained ph balanced and clear as can be for the past year. No green, no smell and best of all no chemicals. And my husband and I have noticed that we have not had any skin irritations. 1 quart a week, much cheaper than those chemicals because we make our own silver water with your generator!

Story #3: I have a friend who has lupus. She has horrible skin eruptions. I wish I had pictures of this. She is a real skeptic on alternative medicine. It took a lot of encouraging to get her to try the silver water. Finally I asked her "If everything your doctors have prescribed hasn't worked, then why not try this?" She tried it, dabbing it on several times a day. Instead of the lesions taking months to heal, they started healing up within the week. I have yet been able to convince her to drink it. Doctors are God to her. She has not kept up the treatments with the silver water therefore she is covered again in horrible lesions. I do hope that you will hear from someone else with lupus who has shown great success. I know it works and helps with the lesions....I just wish she would use it regularly.

Many other ailments I've personally seen colloidal silver water heal are these:

  • grandchild with pink eye, cleared up in a day

  • friends child with MRSA., gone in 3 days

  • burns, immediately relieves the pain and doesn't blister

  • also great for sunburns (spray it on)

Here's more:

I started getting an abscess tooth, rinsed with the colloidal silver water 2 x day, 3 days was cleared up.

Sore throats (myself and others): gargle & swallow, 2-3 days-gone.

My husband and I drink a shot glass (about 1 oz) every night before bed. We've been doing this for about 4 years now. Neither one of us has been sick since. And I should mention, we've been around people who were sick and didn't catch anything.

My father bought me the generator and extra silver wires. The best gift he could've given me.....improved health!

He passed away July 2009 due to pulmonary embolism because of a broken leg. He was 84 and pretty healthy otherwise. I believe if it had not been for that fall he would've lived to be 100.

Thank you for letting me share. I would love to hear about others who use colloidal silver. And feel free to contact me for any reason."

– Nancy S., Topeka, KS

"Skin Lesion Has Nearly Disappeared!"

"Since my wife lost a daughter from a Melanoma cancer, she supposed the lesion on her left shoulder was the same. She applied colloidal silver daily to the issue and within a few weeks the spot has nearly disappeared."

– R Koelling, LA

"Healed My Swollen, Infected Tooth in 3 Weeks!"

"In Nov 2009, I woke up with pains shooting from my jaw into my left eye. I had a swollen infected tooth.

I tried drugs, heat, cold compresses and everything I could think of. Nothing helped much, my jaw continued to grow larger and chewing food was impossible.

I was nearly at my end when I remembered I had a colloidal silver generator. I took 1 gallon of distilled water and set the timer for one hour. I swished the solution gently around my mouth about three or four times a day until I began to notice some of the swelling had been reduced as well of the lessening of pain.

It took about three weeks before the swelling and pain was gone and I could eat/chew solid foods again. A bit too late for the family Thanksgiving feast but I am glad to be better still.

Now if I feel a slight tingle I use the solution again as preventive measures against any infections. If you need to edit this testimony feel free to do so."

– B. Beyhr

Healed a Urinary Tract Infection and Stopped a Flu Virus "Dead in Its Tracks"!

Here's my experience with colloidal silver ...About 2 years ago, I discovered I had a urinary tract infection. I hadn't had one since college (and I'm now 50). I used to get them almost every semester in college, so I am VERY familiar with the symptoms, the infection's progression, and how long it takes to get relief from the pain and urgency.

Since I do everything I can to avoid antibiotics, I drank an 8-oz glass of colloidal silver twice a day for two weeks. Since the urgency quickly becomes very painful, a numbing agent is always given along with antibiotics (for immediate relief). I went to the pharmacy and bought an over the counter numbing medication to take along with the silver.

With antibiotics, the infection is generally gone in about a week. With the silver, it took two weeks, but the infection did indeed go away WITHOUT the use of antibiotics.

In my experience from college, the infection continues to get worse over time, not better. I can't imagine the infection went away all by itself. It was the colloidal silver that killed the infection. Granted, it took longer than the antibiotics do, but antibiotics are like blowing up a nuclear bomb. The silver is like sending in an army ... it takes longer to eradicate the enemy, but they get the job done, and there's much less collateral damage.

I also have a second-hand story from a friend ...My friend, Ed, had gotten the flu several times in the past, so he knew what the flu felt like and knew the difference between a cold and the flu. He began to experience several flu symptoms and knew he was in for at least 2 weeks of misery.

So he made up some colloidal silver and drank several ounces every hour, on the hour, all day long. He went to bed that night, and when he woke up the next morning, it was completely gone. Not even a hint of a symptom.

Now, he said, most people would think he wasn't really coming down with the flu. But his symptoms were headache, body aches, scratchy throat and sinuses, and extreme fatigue. He said the only time he ever felt that way in the past was from the flu. He is absolutely convinced the silver stopped the flu virus dead in its tracks before it could get a good stronghold in his body. Thanks!

– Karen H., Tequesta, FL

Registered Nurse: "It Cured My Hepatitis C, and Keeps My Clydesdale Horses Healthy, Too!"

"My uses for Colloidal Silver:

1. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C several years ago. I used 60cc Colloidal Silver daily along with my perscribed medication. I am now negative for Hepatitis C, and have been for many years now.

2. My Clydesdale, Taz, got a type of fungus under his feathers on his legs. This happens because the feathers — hair — is so long on Clydesdales legs that the hair creates a wet, dark, warm environment for microbes and other things like that to grow. I would spray Colloidal Silver on his legs/feathers on day, and the next day the fungus was already healing. During wet weather season I did this 1x per week. He never got fungus again on his legs.

3. I gave some Colloidal Silver to a cousin of mine that had a Clydesdale with the same problem. But, her horse was so severe she spent 1000's of dollars on antibiotics from the vet that did not work. When I found out about her horse's problem I told her to use Colloidal Silver. She used it and could not believe that she spent all that money, when all she had to do was use Colloidal Silver instead.

4. If I, or any of my animals, ever get cut or scratched I put Colloidal Silver on it, and usually by the next day healing has begun.

5. One of my horses foundered and the infection was so bad in his feet that pus was coming from around the corna band. I used Colloidal Silver daily on that area. It was just amazing how the Colloidal Silver helped the infection.

6. I take 30cc of Colloidal Silver daily. I do not get the flu, or colds. If I do feel that I'm getting congested, I'll take 60cc Colloidal Silver daily, and the signs and symptoms of the cold goes away in a couple days.

7. Gave some Colloidal Silver to a neighbor that has Gallbladder problems. She has been taking 30cc daily for three month now. She no longer has any problems. I keep her well stocked with Colloidal Silver.

8. I gave some Colloidal Silver to a co-worker because his dog continually would get ear infections, and he couldn't afford the medication from the vet. His dog no longer gets ear infections. He takes a Q-tip with Colloidal Silver on it and puts it in the dog's ear. I think he does this 1x per month.

9. I give Colloidal Silver to a friend of mine that has 75 horses. She uses it when any of her horses get bit, kicked, or cut. She loves it. She doesn't have to call a vet, and I get to help out a friend.

10. I have a friend that is a Registered Nurse and she takes 30cc daily just to keep her immune system strong.

11. Colloidal Silver is great for fingernails.

I'm a Registered Nurse. I think a bought my Colloidal Silver Generator approx 6 yrs ago. I have made many, many bottles since then.

Some of the people I've given Colloidal Silver to have ended up buying their own Colloidal Silver Generator. Others I just make it for, and give it to them, since it's so inexpensive to make with your generator. I'm one of your biggest believers, and one of your best advertisers."

– Sherri

"We're Both Noticing the Increased Energy, and It Healed Our Son's Cat of the Worst Case of Mange I've Ever Seen!"

"My husband and I have been using the colloidal silver on a daily basis – primarily for general good health – noticing the increased energy that we both have been feeling.

We brought the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge along with us when we visited our son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons this summer. I was shocked when I saw their dear dog, Pepper, who had the worst case of mange I've ever seen. Big areas of skin were bare, scabbed and flaky and she would rub up against the house to scratch her sides from the tortuous itch.

Our son told us of all the trips to the vet for different remedies that didn't work. Well, I got some canning jars and distilled water and made some micro-particle colloidal silver that day. I told our son to get a spray bottle to spray her down that evening. He did.

The next morning there was a noticeable difference in her skin – almost no flakiness and she looked a lot less miserable. Each day we saw improvement and hair growth. By the end of the week she looked happier and wasn't scratching. Now her coat is perfect and glossy – back to her lovely self."

– M.S.M. Oklahoma City, OK

Here's My 4 Favorite Ways to Use It!

"Here's the most popular ways I've used the micro-particle colloidal silver. Not sure of the ppm. Brewed a batch as listed in the Instruction Manual.

1) I've sprayed on cuts to kill infections: I placed it in a 2 oz spray bottle and sprayed it on any cuts or scrapes. The wound healed quickly and no infection appeared. Used randomly when needed.

2) I've sprayed it up my nose using a nasal spray bottle – helped to reduce infection and unclog nasal passages. Just 3 sprays up each nostril, 3 times per day. Used it for 3 days to unclog my nose, and continued to use it for 1 week thereafter to reduce infection. I felt much better after spraying it up my nose.

3) I also used in laundry in place of bleach when I washed the clothes.

4) A friend of mine drank 4 oz a day for 3 months to clean out her kidney. She said it removed an infection."

– Solange, Salinas, CA

"It's Cured Ear, Throat and Eye Infections, As Well As Lyme Disease!"

"I use silver to cure ear infections, throat infections, and it will cure a sty in your eye immediately.

My friend has used it to cure Lyme disease also. We use full doses."

– Bud Master, IN

"One of My Best Ever Investments; No Colds or Flu In All These Years!"

"I started using colloidal silver about 15 years ago. I take some almost every day. And when I feel any cold symptoms coming on I increase the dosage each day to several teaspoons and have not developed any colds or flu in all these years.

A few years ago I sent samples from two competing silver manufacturers to a testing lab to find out if the silver content was what was listed on the bottle. One was listed at 10 ppm and the other was 40ppm. The results were just a slight bit under the advertised content. It was close enough not to worry.

What did bother me was when I called the testing lab with other questions I was told during our conversation that "We test some samples that don't have any silver in them at all. none, nadda. and our only business is testing quality and content of colloidal silver."

I thought of all the people that are paying 30 or 40 dollars a bottle and are just getting distilled water. That's when I decided to buy your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and make my own. Now I make it for kids, grandkids, relatives and friends and feel good about what I'm giving them. One of my best ever investments.

– D.V. Pleasant Grove, UT

"Saved My Golden Retriever Puppy's Life!"

"At around 10 weeks old my golden retriever puppy came down with puppy strangles, an auto immune disease that usually is fatal, and if not leaves massive hair loss and scarring about the dogs face.

All he did was lay around, I had to carry him out and hold him to go to the bathroom. I took him to the vet, but the prognosis was not good. They gave me antibiotics and told me to hope for the best.

I started giving him straight colloidal silver in his water. Each time a bump came up on his face we sprayed it with the silver and the bump would go away.

He loved it when we sprayed him and seemed to sense it was helping him. Needless to say as of this writing he is a lean 95 pounds of energy. I know it was micro-particle colloidal silver that saved his life!"

– Phil D., Des Moines, IA

"Suspicious Spot On My Neck Disappeared!"

"I had a small spot on my neck that my Dermatologist removed and had a cancer biopsy performed on. It did reappear a while later. I started putting the colloidal silver on it and it disappeared."

– Ted S., Spring Valley, CA

Cured "Major Gum Disease" and "Severe Sinus Infection"

"A lady I work with had a daughter that had some major gum disease (to the tune of over $6000 of her Mom's money in dental bills). The daughter kept getting infection, maybe partially due to bad dental habits and the failure of the medicines given.

I told her about colloidal silver and had her do some reading of it, offering her some of the liquid if she then decided to try it. About a week later she asked for some and her daughter's mouth has now pretty much cleared up from the infection, by taking some twice a day and holding it in her mouth for several minutes.

In another case, another employee had a severe (annoying to me) sinus condition that she had been fighting for about 3-4 years with antibiotics that would work for a while then come back. She had it so bad she actually had a Family Medical Leave Act "sick leave" to protect her attendance ("reporting off from work"), and from losing her job because of it.

I gave her some info on colloidal silver in general and she ended up trying some (pouring some into her nasal cavities). After a week or two her condition is all but gone, with just a few "allergy" flare ups" which are nothing compared to how miserable she was and annoying to us with her constant snorting/blowing her nose."

– Todd, Ohio

Healed Deadly MRSA Infection: "We felt that God had led us to this information!"

Last year, my sister, Miriam, had extensive dental work done, which caused her to become infected with MRSA. This led to a heart attack. She was dying.

The antibiotics and other medications being administered by her doctors were not working and she was getting weaker by the day. In desperation, we looked up information on MRSA on the internet, and references to colloidal silver repeatedly came up, so we looked into that and found your generators along with all the information about them.

At the same time, we met a lady who had been using one of your generators for many years and was very willing to share the colloidal silver and her knowledge with us until we could order our own generator. We felt that God had led us to this information and this lady.

Immediately, we got the colloidal silver to my sister and she began taking it. Almost at once, her condition improved. She was gaining strength until she told her doctor that she was taking colloidal silver. He reacted so negatively, that my brother-in-law became fearful and refused to allow my sister to have it. She relapsed and became so sick that she couldn't even talk coherently. So weak that she couldn't eat or take care of herself at all. Again she was dying.

It was then that my brother-in-law was called away on an emergency. We took colloidal silver to my sister and within two days, when her husband returned, she had made such a remarkable recovery that he could not deny the truth. Colloidal silver, with God's guidance, saved her life.

I use it for many things, not the least is to keep my little Pekinese dog healthy. His eyes sometimes bother him. I keep spray bottles handy and use it. It immediately relieves his discomfort.

I can't thank you enough. I will never be without it again!"

– Wynona Sue Hill, CA

"We've Had No Colds Or Flu This Past Year!"

"Previous to buying the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and making my own colloidal silver, I was paying about $100 per gallon, which lasted me about 6 months. That was just for my immediate family of 4. I now make all of the colloidal silver for my five sisters and their families, as well as my own.

I've had my generator about 2 years, and it has paid for itself several times over.

We use silver for our eyes, ears, nose and throat. This past year we used a few drops in our nose, held it for 10 seconds, and took by mouth a tablespoon per day. We have had no colds or flu.

We primarily use silver to stay healthy, but if we feel anything "coming on", we begin immediately taking 1 tablespoon every 3 hrs, and continue for 3 days.

We also use silver on any open wound to kill germs. We use it at night after brushing teeth to kill germs and keep gums healthy.

We use it in our ears (and in the grandchildren's) to keep infections away. Anyone that has an earache gets drops in their ear. The grandkids never had to go to the doctor for ear infections.

I've probably left some uses out, but I use silver every day for something or other, and am very happy to have the generator."

– DT Ricard, TX

"Skin Eruptions on Nose, Scalp and Back Gone After One Application!"

"I'm involved in the Celebrate Recovery Ministry (initially from Rick Warren's Church) and our director has emphysema. He takes erythromycin daily for pneumonia.

He was experiencing skin eruptions on his nose, scalp and back. He asked me what I'd recommend. This was Saturday January 30th.

I told him to use a q-tip and apply the colloidal silver morning and evening. I saw him Sunday morning at the 9:30am service and he had used only one application and it was gone!

My husband had a growth in his ear, tiny, that just wouldn't go away. He applied the colloidal silver with q-tip and after a couple of weeks it was gone."

– Sandy C., Sun City, CA

"Quick Healing, Minimizes Scarring!"

"I went through a fast food drive thru. The food didn't taste good, but I ate it anyway. Later I started to feel sick, so I took about 2 ounces of colloidal silver. Within a few minutes, I felt fine.

Also I buy gauze bandages, and soak them in colloidal silver, then let them air dry. Anything I use them for makes for quick healing with minimum scars. I do the same with new socks!"

– Don Hieronimus, Ohio

"Cured Hospital-Acquired Staph Infection and Saved My Foot From Amputation!"

"Micro-particle colloidal silver has been has been very important to me on many occasions, but none more so than this instance:

Something was growing in my foot, under the left ankle. It was painful, swollen and precluded my wearing most shoes. When I had finished all my tests and biopsy, my orthopedist said I had a cancer. Of course that's the magic terror word and I was in the hospital 'toot sweet' for surgery.

At the time of this incident, I was staying with my son and daughter-in-law in Michigan and of course they did their best to take care of me. Unfortunately, I developed a Staph infection.

After months of stays in the hospital, daily two hour intensive I.V. treatments and MUCH pain and suffering, they said my foot needed to come off. I came home to get well by myself or just meet my Maker.

My little colloidal silver generator, (which I always take with me now) went into action and I started drinking two ounces of silver water four times a day and dousing the still open and draining wound with it.

In a little over three weeks there was no more draining and the wound started to heal!

That aftermath of surgery cost me and my insurance company thousands of dollars and I didn't get well from anything done by the doctors. It was the micro-particle colloidal silver that did the trick!

Yet still, when I told my doctor the above story, all he could say was how lucky I was that I hadn't harmed myself. And he looked at me like I was a not a very bright child."

– Clara Bielecki, Arkansas

Healed Nasty Case of Stomach Flu: "The Results Were So Immediate I Was Amazed!"

"I recently purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and had made up a batch using the device. Later that night I got the stomach flu and had been vomiting all night. My throat and mouth were very sore to the point that, even being exhausted, I hurt so much I couldn't sleep.

I thought of the colloidal silver I had made and said to myself 'Hey…let's try this and see if it works!'

Well, the results were so immediate I was amazed. All the soreness was gone and my stomach settled down and I was finally able to get some sleep.

I made up another batch and put some in a small spray bottle. I used this on infected toes, itchy feet, infected nose on dog, etc. with great results.

I also place colloidal silver in my washing machine in the softener slot to keep the laundry germ free.

Another spray bottle I use on the kitchen counters, kitchen sink, cutting boards, etc., to help with the killing of germs."

– Renee, Oregon

"I Can't Tell You Enough How Colloidal Silver Has Changed My Life and the Lives of the People I Love!"

"I can't tell you enough how colloidal silver has changed my life and the lives of the people I love. I personally take 1 oz. (full strength) in the morning after brushing my teeth and every other day I spray it in my eyes just to rid myself of the daily contaminants that get in my eyes.

Since using it myself, I have noticed my breath is not as bad as it used to be. I had and still have a back tooth that I cracked some years ago and food particles would get in there and create my bad breath. Having a fear of the dentist, I just couldn't get myself to get it fixed and the reality was, it was just getting worse and it was starting to hurt. Since using the colloidal silver the pain has gone away, the bad breath has gone away, but unfortunately the tooth is still there, but with no pain and bacteria to give me bad breath. I know eventually I will have to go get it repaired, but in the mean time, I will ALWAYS be a faithful user of Colloidal Silver.

As a matter of fact, I purchased a Nebulizer that is just amazing for the lungs. Last month (actually December) I was getting a pretty good cough coming on, so for three days straight I breathed in colloidal silver and sprayed it into my nose, and on about the fourth day, my cough was completely gone. No telling how bad I would have gotten had I not used the colloidal silver, since any colds I've ever had in the past, have ALWAYS beat me up pretty bad.

Enough of me. Since I purchased my own colloidal silver generator, I have got my parents, my brother and my best buddy and his wife to purchase their own generator. I'll tell you about how this has helped my parents. My mother has suffered for years with her finger tips drying and cracking till they would bleed. I would go to their house and see my poor mom trying to cook or sew with band-aids on most of her finger tips. She went to many doctors for many years to find a cure for what was wrong with her fingers.

To make a long story short, when I first purchased my own generator, I took some over to my parent's house to give them and I told my mom, who by the way is 84 years old, what it was and of all the great things that it could do. Well, she took it upon herself to pour some in a small bowl and dip her fingers in the colloidal silver. She did that for about 8 days in a row. On the ninth day she gave me a call, all excited about something, telling me she was no longer a skeptic on silver. Her fingers, after over 10 years of pain from drying and cracking, were now completely healed. It has been about 1 1/2 years now, and they are still feeling good for her and that to me is an amazing blessing for her.

My mother also is just about the most amazing person in this world and I'll tell you why. Fifteen years ago, my father, God rest his soul, had a stroke, a very debilitating stroke. His right side was paralyzed and he was very limited in his vocabulary. What makes her so amazing is, that she took such great care of him in their own home, without any outside help. She bathed him, she dressed him, she changed his catheter, she got him to doctors appointments not being able to even drive herself since she never got a drivers license. She kept track of the pills he needed to take, and with all that to do she always maintain a clean house, always invited people over for a good meal, and every Christmas would decorate the house in such a beautiful way, that every one that came over would just sit in awe that a woman of her age could do all that. I said earlier that she is 84 years old. Well, last Christmas she once again decorated the house in her special way. She was doing it for my dad who passed away last October 17th 2009. He too was 84 years old. They were married 63 years. It was to be our last Christmas in that house. My mother will be moving in with me this coming April.

I also wanted to let you know, that when my father was still living, he was getting quite a few urinary infections and the doctors just kept on giving him more antibiotics that were not working. Well, I told you my mother was an amazing woman, and she took it upon herself to treat my father and his urinary infection with colloidal silver. She started giving him 1 oz. a day with his breakfast and would spray the catheter after giving him a shower and wouldn't you know it, his urinary infections went away and he felt much better not having to go through the pain of that awful infection.

There isn't a person on the face of this earth that could ever change my mind on the truly amazing benefits of using Colloidal Silver. I am a firm believer in trying to live healthy in such an unhealthy world and Colloidal Silver is a huge part in my attempt to live a healthy life.

I truly thank you for all you are doing to make this crazy world a better place to be. Yours in health,"

 – Dale Paquette, WA

"Healed My Prostate Infection!"

"When I bought my micro-particle colloidal silver generator, I had a problem of getting up 5 times a night to go to the bathroom. I bought the large book on colloidal silver and read where sometime frequent bathroom visits are caused by a low grade prostate infection, it will not show up on most tests by doctors. So I started taking a daily dose of CS and in a very short time, among other benefits, my night time trips cut back to 2 and have remained so to the present. Thank you so much."

– John F. Kolar, Aledo, TX

"Helps With My Cold Sores!"

"I've used colloidal silver solution for a number of years and have benefited by its use. Specifically: I tend to get what is commonly known as "cold sores" which manifests itself on my lip, in my mouth (gums), and on my tongue. By rinsing several times a day, and by swallowing 2 oz of colloidal silver solution twice a day, the lesions have lessened considerably, and healing occurs more rapidly; if caught in the early stages, the lesions fail to develop completely.

I've used colloidal silver solution to treat a sore throat by gargling three times a day, in addition to swallowing 2 oz of the solution three times a day. I find that by applying colloidal silver solution topically to a scrape or sore, healing occurs very fast. I'm prone to develop infections from scrapes, but using the colloidal silver solution prevents infection. I believe that my use of colloidal silver solution has prevented me from developing colds and flu--I've not had either one in many years."

– J. Reid, NC

"Healed My Blackened Toenail!"

I began taking colloidal silver daily about 6 or 7 months ago. I only take about 1 TBS a day. Around that same time, I caught my toenail under the seam of a throw rug and it really hurt when I did it. The seam of the throw rug was very heavy and thick. A few days later, I noticed that about 3/4 of my toe nail had turned completely BLACK!

Seeing my toenail black like this was kind of a spooky feeling. I kept taking my 1 Tbs of colloidal silver every day and occasionally sprayed my toenail with colloidal silver as well, but I didn't spray it every day. The thought that the colloidal silver would actually help heal my toe nail was very questionable in my mind. I was just taking the colloidal silver internally because I believed it was good for me just as a mineral supplement.

Every time I painted my toenails, I had to cover up all of this ugly black portion of the injured toe nail. Last night I was sitting here watching TV and I felt something kind of rough on my toe nail. I thought that my toe nail polish was peeling off. I wasn't watching what I was doing, but I kind of took my fingernail and began to, what I thought, was peel off my toenail polish. But then I realized that this was WAY TOO THICK to be toenail polish. I went into the bathroom to investigate.

It was my TOE NAIL that was coming off (not the polish). The entire black part of my toenail came off. The healthy part of my toe nail was not loose so I didn't remove it. What was under the black part was a very thin layer of healthy toe nail or skin. Now I will have to let my toe nail completely grow out and I know that all of that black stuff will be gone forever.

I was totally amazed, and I KNOW it was the colloidal silver, because I haven't taken anything else other than a few vitamins. Even my boyfriend was totally amazed at this. It was like the black part had finally completely died and wanted to now come off. It was totally amazing and I am VERY HAPPY.

The colloidal silver actually worked! That's all I can say and I wasn't even expecting this. Since it had been black for so long, I just assumed it was going to be like that forever.

If anyone doubts that this stuff actually works, I can tell you it does. My toe nail may have healed even faster had I been taking more CS daily – I don't know, but the important thing is that it is now healing. Thank you, Steve, for making people aware of this great healing product!"

"Cheryl C, Klamath, CA

"Our Good Health In Our Later Years Is Our Best Testimony!"

"Several years ago, I became acquainted with Colloidal Silver through a U.S company. I was quite taken with the product. Unfortunately, it was very expensive just for a small bottle so I eventually stopped ordering. In the last 2 years, I was able to obtain colloidal silver thru a personal acquaintance. When I started using it, I could purchase it for $30.00/gal. but a few months ago, the price rose to $40.00/gal.

I decided it was time for me to investigate the various generators available. I was impressed with the Silver Edge generator info on the web and decided to order one. I must say that I am very pleased with my unit and especially the information in the big manual on Colloidal Silver.

My husband and I take 2 oz. every day and more often on days where we sense the need for it, i.e. sore throat, cold sores, and burns, itch and whatever… we feel prevention is the key to good health. My generator has already paid for itself in the last few months. I am recommending it to everyone who wants to hear. Our good health in our later years is our best testimony. Regards,"

– A.W., London, Canada

"Relieves My Itching Eyes; Healed My Cats Gum Problems!"

"I have several favorite ways to use silver from my Micro-Particle Colloidal Generator – I usually drink an ounce daily which helps keep me pretty healthy. BUT sometimes, my eyes will itch with a potential eye infection which can be a very serious problem. So out comes a liqueur glass into which I pour some silver for an eye wash and the itching soon disappears.

Another important use is for my cats. I add silver to their water dishes and to the large water fountain in the living room. Not only do I no longer scrub mold out of the fountain, the cats drink at that fountain too and I know they are healthier for it.

As a matter of fact, one cat had gum problems, which have disappeared. Thanks for a great product!"

– Jan R., Northglenn, CO

A Tale of Two Cases of Viral Flu: One Treated With Expensive Medicines and the Other Treated With Colloidal Silver!

"I've used your generators for many years and I drink the silver water daily. I'm the CEO of a worldwide internet company and seven years ago our top technician, a PHD in computer science flew to El Salvador to install our IBM computer and get that country on line with our service. He was there 2 days and couldn't get it running right so he called to tell us and flew back to California the next day.

The day he called with the bad news my business partner got on a plane to El Salvador to finish up the job. Our PHD technician returned with a very bad viral flu and was under his doctor's care for 6 weeks. He wouldn't try the colloidal silver I offered, and spent about $1,000.00 for his medical care.

After a successful installation my business partner returned in 4 days, but with the same viral flu. As soon as he got back he asked me for some colloidal silver which he took lots of for 3 days. On his 4th day back he announced that his virus flu had disappeared and that he was well. Our PHD missed 2 weeks of work during his illness. He didn't want to try something new. Thank you Silver Edge and thank you silver water."

– Murray M., Costa Mesa, CA

"Saved Me From a Fungal Infection of the Lungs!"

"I would be absolutely delighted to tell you my healing story using the Silver Edge Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator! Last summer, (2009) we here in Central Texas were in an exceptional drought. From May to the end of August, we had negligible rainfall. Then in September the skies opened up and it did not hardly stop raining until the middle of October. The ground stayed soggy and saturated until late October. Nearly 24 inches of rain in those 2 months.

I had noticed on several areas of our property, a very strange white, fuzzy fungus type growth that had appeared in several places. I don't know what this stuff was, all I know is that it was a "very different" type of fungal growth that I had never encountered.

Well needless to say, by the time we could get back on the lawnmower or shredder, our hay pastures and our lawn were a bit overgrown, but it had to be done. Fungus or no fungus. I knew from the first moment that I hit one of those fungal spores with the lawn mower, I had better put a mask on. Well the mask did NOT help. 3 days later I was the sickest I have ever been in my life. I could hardly breathe. I had the worst rattling chest I had ever heard in my life. I have been around a lot of rattlers, since emphysema was a common thing in our community. But mine was worse!!

I had no fever, just a choking cough. It just seemed like I could not "pull" all the mucus out of my lungs. For the first time in my 47 years of life, I actually thought I might not make it through this. This, of course, was against the backdrop of the supposed "Swine Flu", so, of course, everyone naturally thought this is what I had. I KNEW BETTER! In my heart of hearts, I knew that I had gotten a lung full of that fungus.

Now, I had been regularly taking a daily dose of a tablespoon of Micro Colloidal silver for quite some time. So I started taking 1 oz. in about 16 oz of water 3x daily. On the third day of absolutely no sleep, and drinking only broths, and using an old time remedy for lungs — steaming with thyme -- I was seriously considering going to the emergency room. Something that I loathe! So on that third day I upped the dose.... I started drinking the silver solution undiluted, about 6 oz 3x a day...the very next day, I was considerably better.

Now don't get me wrong, I was not out of the woods yet, but at last, I could see some light at the end of the tunnel. I am normally a very upbeat, strong willed person, but this little episode, scared me alot. ALOT. Within a week I was much better. DID NOT have to go to the Dr. or the ER...saving 1000's of dollars and I did not have to take the pharmaco toxics.

I wish I had taken some of that spore to have it analyzed, but I have no doubt in my mind that that is what caused my sickness. This hit me the last day of October, I was still sick on Thanksgiving. Whatever hit me did not want to let go without a fight. I gave it to it with the Colloidal Silver...IT WON! So Did I!!

By the second week of December I was feeling much more like my old perky self. I have no doubt that without the Colloidal silver, I would have been in the doubt at all! Thank you for your life saving product. P.S. All of our farm animals get a daily dose of this as well. Dogs & Cats too!! NO vet bills in 2 years!!"

– Lori F., Rockdale, TX

"Cured My Dry Socket Infection, and Healed a Litter of Puppies of a Bad Parvo Infection!"

"My friend told me about Colloidal Silver and how he made it himself with a silver generator. I was very skeptical to say the least. Actually I did not believe him. This was several years ago, and it sounded too good to be true.

However, I had a dry socket in my mouth after having a tooth pulled. An infection set in and nothing was working. The pain was horrifying. My friend brought me some of the colloidal silver. I put in my mouth and let it stay for a few moments and spit it out. Within 30 minutes my fever was gone and so was the pain. I put drops from a syringe directly on the tooth every 20 minutes for 2 hours and never looked back. I was now a believer in Colloidal Silver.

I also had a litter of puppies to come down with Parvo. I lost 2 of them before I realized what they had. I then started pouring full syringes of colloidal silver down the throats of the other 4 puppies, and saved them. (My friend had told me to try the colloidal silver on the puppies). I have since saved several more dogs with parvo. I then bought my own colloidal silver generator so I could make colloidal silver and have it on hand whenever I needed it. After all, the consistency of health food store brands were a joke, from one brand to another.

I also have a neurogenic bladder from spinal injury. Kidney infections and fever were always a serious problem. Cipro is what was given to me for years, it worked at first but soon begin to be completely ineffective. I've been taking the colloidal silver for years now and rarely have any trouble with kidney infections.

My family takes colloidal silver almost every day, and no one has been sick with infections or colds or the flu. Since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, Staph and Vibrio species infections are rampant everywhere. Any type of small cut or scrape and you are infected. Many people here have died. I am certain colloidal silver has kept it away from my immediate family due to our regular dosages of colloidal silver being taken. Both of my sons were in construction after the storm and never contacted any type or form of these serious infections. Many working beside them did.

– Alton from Mississippi

"Haven't Had a Flu Or Cold Since We Started Taking the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver; It's So Easy to Make a Caveman Could Do It!"

I have been a colloidal silver user for many years. Here is my experience which got me started:

"None of us have had the flu or a cold since we have been using micro particle colloidal silver!"

"Back in the late 1970's I was burned in a shop fire. My right arm from about 5 inches above the wrist to my elbow and about 2 1/2" wide was 2nd degree burned. My doctor asked if he could wash the area with a special silver water solution to clean and disinfect it. He said it would be as good as prescription medication but a lot cheaper. Since at that time I didn't have any medical insurance I said to go ahead.

Well to make a long story shorter in less than 3 months my arm was healed with just small scarring that is now hardly visible. I never had an infection. I changed my bandage myself and kept it moist with silver water, saw the dr. Every other week and get a new supply of this wonder solution.

I finally got the info on how to make silver water myself. It was just a simple, battery-operated unit, but it worked.

My profession is a welder and small burns are a part of the job even wearing protective clothing. In almost 35 years of homemade silver water use I've never had an infection of welding burns, never had the flu, only very mild colds on several occasions.

I also had my left knee replaced in 1993, was up and walking with crutches the next day!! A week later I was off the crutches and never an infection at the incision site. I never told the surgeon I was taking silver water. (I was taking a teaspoon a day, every other month)

Over the years I've purchased newer colloidal silver generators in order to keep up with advancements. This is how I met the Silver Edge folks. I had one of the first ones and now I've invested in the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

I now take one 10ppm teaspoonful daily to keep my immune system in top gear. My family now also takes a daily 10ppm dose since I can make my micro-particle silver for us all. None of us have had the flu or a cold since we have been using micro-particle colloidal silver. Just a few drops on a band-aid over a cut, insect bite, or burn will keep it infection free. It is so easy to make even a caveman can do it."

– G.K., Dayton, OR

"Cured a Case of Valley Fever that Nearly Killed Me!"

I've been retired since January of 2009. We've spent the last three winters around Wickenberg Arizona. We enjoy prospecting and finding gold. We had been in Arizona for approximately three months, I had a phone call to come home to look at a bridge project. (I've been in the construction business for 45 years.)

The last week we were in Arizona I became sick, nauseated and just felt awful. We've had a Silver Edge colloidal silver machine for about 5 years. We received the machine as a present from my mother. We always take the machine with us, so I took a small amount of silver for 2 days and felt better. Then we decided to head for home.

We had just arrived home when the sickness hit me again so I started back on the silver taking about 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night. It didn't seem to help me. I was drastically losing my breathing capability, sweating profusely at night and I felt like I was going to check out.

On about the third day I could hardly get any breath. I called my mother and explained the situation to her. Mom asked how much silver had I been taking. I told her about 1/2 cup night and morning. I also told her about the sweating and that I had lost 25 pounds in about 3 days.

Mom told me to drink all of the colloidal silver I could stand through the day and night. I did what mom told me to do. I had talked to mom on the morning of the third day and by noon the next day I was feeling way better and knew that I was on the way to recovery.

About four days after I had started drinking full glasses (12 ounces per glass) I had pretty much recovered from the sickness. I had lost 32 pounds in a little over a week's time. I was still quite weak but my appetite had come back and I was on the mend. I later found out from some friends that also winter in the same area that I had Valley Fever, which I believe is from some kind of a spore in the ground where the ocean had been. I had been dry washing and I was breathing dust from that.

After my episode, I heard that 11 people die from Valley fever each year. I'm therefore very thankful for Colloidal Silver.

I'm also diabetic, which means cuts and scratches in the leg or feet are sometimes difficult to heal. If I get a scratch or a cut on my legs, I rub colloidal silver up and down where the wound is. The silver heals the wound twice as fast. I also use the colloidal silver for athlete's foot — clears it up immediately.

My relative uses the silver water for earaches. And we use it to clear the sinuses, which helps keep us from getting colds.

We give our dog the silver water almost weekly. And all of our neighbors in the Challis, Idaho area that live close to us borrow ours all of the time. Some have purchased the Silver Edge machines. And we've purchased the machines and have given them away as gifts to our kids and relatives. I will not go anywhere without my machine. Thank you,

– Mike T., Challis, ID

"This has helped my sinuses better than anything I've used in the last 40 years."

"I use my silver to do a nose flush in my neti pot. I mix 1 teaspoon silver with 3 drops of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of xylitol in 6 oz of distilled water. I put this into my neti pot and sniff it up my nose. I usually have two to three sinus infections during the year, but have not had one since using this. I use this two to three times a week, or if my sinus condition begins to come back, I use it every day. I also take 1 oz of colloidal silver by mouth three times a week to keep my immune system up. I am 65 yr old female and this has helped my sinuses better than anything that I've used in the last 40 years."

– Judy L., Belmont, MI

"Cured 2 Nasty Cellulitis Infections; Saved My Son's Arm!"

"I have two fascinating experiences to tell you about. The first one is about my son. He had gotten a cellulitis infection caused by strep in his finger. He was treated by medical doctors, but lost the finger to prevent the infection from taking his arm.

Not much longer after that he got cellulitis again. This time I took matters into my own hands and treated him myself. Each night for 5 nights I drove to his house and wrapped his hand and arm in colloidal silver-soaked gauze, wrapped it with plastic wrap and sealed it with Gentle Paper tape. Each morning he would remove the wrap to allow air to get to the area. That procedure stopped the strep infection and saved his arm.

The other case is about me. I had gotten cellulitis inside my nose, from a staph infection. The doctor treated it and was successful in stopping it. Not too long after that I got cellulitis in my nose, again. This time I "doctored" myself with the colloidal silver. I'd put a colloidal silver-soaked cotton ball up in my nose and sealed off that nostril at night, then removed it in the morning. After about 4 nights of doing this the staph infection was cured.

We've used colloidal silver many other times, but these were the two most amazing healings."

– Joyce Meyer, AR

"Healed Red, Swollen Sand Fly Bites Overnight!"

"I live in Singapore but currently I am in Australia temporarily. I don't have access to my computer to send you my photo for your report, but I'd nevertheless like to share with you a recent successful experience a friend of mine had using colloidal silver from my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

Eddy, a friend, came over one evening. He was in considerable distress with bites from sand flies to his hands and arms. He had been out the evening before doing some photography on the beach. His arms and hands were red and swollen from the bites. Apparently the bites are worse than bee stings and can take a couple of weeks to recover from!!!

I immediately soaked some "cotton wool" with the micro-particle colloidal silver and applied it to the red areas. After a short time the stinging sensation subsided. I gave him some more colloidal silver to take home. He applied cotton wool soaked in the colloidal silver to the bites, using surgical tape to adhere it overnight.

In the morning the swollen areas had subsided and the redness and swelling was gone. He was truly impressed and very grateful for the immense relief.

This may be one more application that colloidal silver can help, in terms of relieving great discomfort and suffering."

– Kathyn, Singapore

"No More Chronic Colds and No More Over-the-Counter Medications; Plus it Heals Rashes, Staph Infections and Psoriasis!"

"I used to always either have a cold, was just getting over a cold, or just getting one. I was always drugged up on over-the-counter medicine and always had to take more than recommended.

After ordering your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and starting to take the silver water, I haven't had a cold and it feels GREAT. I take about a tablespoon 4 times a day, some days more.

I went to my doctor a while ago and he said "Well I haven't seen you for a while!" I told him that was because, first of all, I'm taking colloidal silver now and haven't been sick, and secondly, it takes 6 months to get in to see him!

One of my sons worked with a girl that broke out in a staph infection with open sores about the size of quarter on her face, arms and legs. And that's just what I could see. She said she had it before and was put on some medication and a couple weeks later it was gone. I gave her a bottle of colloidal silver and told her to take it orally and topically. Within 4 days it was all gone.

My son was in the Dominican Republic for a holiday. He was with his girlfriend and her parents. Her mother is an R.N. Anyhow on his second week there he breaks out in a rash. Nobody knew what it was. They tried all kinds of lotions and ointments, but nothing worked. As soon as he got home he phoned and wanted some colloidal silver. He sprayed on his back and right away he could feel relief, the itch was going away. Within a week the rash was all gone.

I know this woman that has had psoriasis all her life. She had been to doctors and specialists all the time .She used coal soap and ointments. She even wrapped herself in Saran Wrap cause someone said that might work....NOT!

I told her I didn't know if colloidal silver would work or not, but she could try it. Well it worked. Within 10 days it was gone. Now it does come back, but she knows how to get rid of it to and she stays on top of it. For the first time in her 56 years she knows she can be free of it."

– Hugh H., Regina, SK, Canada

"Healed a Stubborn Staph Infection the Doctors Couldn't Cure!"

"Our family has plenty of stories how colloidal silver has helped us. But the most profound is on the staph infection my wife had. She had breast cancer, and had a mastectomy. During reconstruction with an implant, she got a staph infection. She was treated with most everything the insurance company would pay for with no avail. We asked the doctor if it would be okay to give her colloidal silver. He told us it wouldn't hurt.

In one day after we started her on colloidal silver, the draining of liquid from her incisions stopped. Of course she was on medication prescribed by the doctor, but it hadn't helped and definitely didn't stop the draining. The next appointment she had with the doctor, he was amazed that the infection had turned around and was getting better. It continued to do so. He said, "Whatever you're doing, keep on doing it!"

After the infection cleared up, he told my wife that he'd felt she didn't have a plug-nickel of a chance to keep her implant. He had been planning to take it out for her own safety. Now he didn't have to."

– Tom Behunin, UT

"It's Got Rid of My Cold Sores (Herpes Blisters) for Two Years!"

"I used my generator to save money while I went on a virus cleanse. I was experiencing cold sores (the herpes kind, little clusters of blisters) in multiple places on my face, while having light sensitivity and head pain!

A nurse said that it sounded like shingles. So I contacted a friend, who had a cleanse for viral infections, and it involved the use of 1 ounce of 10 ppm colloidal silver every 4 hours, for a month.

He knew that to purchase a month's worth in a store would be far more than the cost of a generator, so he researched and recommended the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

I knew from my experience of purchasing two other models that the ones that are constructed to shut off when the ppm reaches a set level are faulty because as you use them, they shut off sooner and sooner. So I was happy when I learned that I could buy one that let you run it as long as you wanted to.

This cleanse was for 1 month (that included night doses) and symptoms of the herpes sores were gone for 2 years as a result."

– Johanna Brosie, AZ

"Healed a Severe Case of Poison Ivy!"

"Colloidal Silver saved my wife's arm from Poison Ivy. We thought for sure there would be ugly scarring on her arm the poison ivy was so bad. Doctor's drugs were not working. Her arm was looking like a bad burn. Thanks to Colloidal Silver she healed rapidly and no scars were left on her arm."

– Glen Garrett, GA

"Mouth Ulcers, Colds, Sore Throats and the
Flu Are Stopped Dead in Their Tracks!"

"I'm certain you have many stories that are so similar that you may have difficulty choosing which are to be included. However, I feel compelled to write since my family and I have experienced some wonderful results in using colloidal for a myriad of ailments.

I purchased the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator in late 2009 after spending a pretty penny purchasing colloidal silver from the health food store for two years prior. I've now convinced my husband that it was money wisely spent since he has experienced how quickly mouth ulcers, colds, sore throats and the flu respond and are stopped dead in their tracks.

I've instructed my family how to spray colloidal into their nose on the first sneeze of a cold, or rinse and swallow hourly if there's any sign of sore throat. My five year old will 'tickle' her nose with a q-tip soaked with colloidal and the incidence of colds and flu have decreased substantially with none of us experiencing symptoms for longer than a day or two.

I routinely take an ounce of colloidal silver per day myself, for prevention. And I give a half ounce to my daughter every second day or more if her kindergarten class is passing viruses about.

I have a large spray bottle which I spray on kitchen and bathroom surfaces and let air dry. No one has to tell me of the great benefit of using colloidal when I can see for myself how quickly a crying child soothes when colloidal silver is warmed and put into an inflamed ear or put onto a compress to aid in soothing road rash.

Colloidal silver is part of our lives and I cannot imagine ever being without it again. It might be called colloidal silver, but to me it is gold! Sincerely and in great health…"

– Michelle P., Edmonton, AB

"Got Rid of the Dark Moles, Stopped Food Poisoning, and It's Healing My Toenail Fungus and Sinus Discharge!"

"I've had my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for about one year now, and while I did not do 'great things' with it, it sure has helped me a lot in several ways.

I used to have flat dark moles on my belly skin fold. They had been there for years. I began spraying them with the micro-particle colloidal silver four times weekly. In about six weeks they vanished and have not returned.

One evening I stopped to have a cheeseburger at America's second biggest chain. On the way home I began to feel queasy with stomach pains & gas – I have had it before and I know the signs of food poisoning. I got home and drank four ounces of silver water — BAM food poisoning stopped immediately!

Toenail fungus: A chronic problem for several years. I have been to Podiatrist and had a RX for Penlac. It did nothing. I then sprayed the silver on my toes daily before putting on my socks. The fungus is not completely gone, but in eight months my toenails have grown back in clean and clear! I will keep using the silver daily.

I spray and let dry all counter tops both in kitchen and bathrooms. I add silver to my vegetable washing water in the sink. All veggies get soaked and washed when I get home from the store.

I've had a chronic sinus infection for years. I now "sniff and spray" every day. The infection is much better. I have stopped having dry, bleeding sinus discharge. I feel that in time, my sinuses will be normal.

Also – just prior to getting my silver generator, I had a nasty flu that stayed for two months and included a trip to the emergency room for breathing treatment. I am delighted to tell you that since I have my generator, I have not had a cold or a sniffle!

I had one question, and when I called I got a prompt answer. This has been my experience in just one year. Nothing earthshaking, but I will never be without it. Yours truly…"

– Dan F., Naples, FL

Registered Nurse: "My Fibromyalgia Is Regressing and I'm Learning How to Use Silver Successfully for Many Things!"

"Dear Silver Edge, I'm an RN with a BSN from a large university. My father is a retired dentist. We are a medical family. So the biggest hurdle for me was to let myself experiment with colloidal silver and give it a chance.

My father had begun researching 'silver' and using it a few years ago. At the same time I was experiencing repeated eye infections. I grew tired of paying for doctor visits and medication, and used the 'silver' (as my family and I call it). And I found I could cure the infections myself.

I'm a two-time cancer survivor and had (notice the past tense) fibromyalgia after the initial chemotherapy round in 1995. I purchased your manual, then the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, just prior to the second round of cancer/chemo. Once I finished chemo, I treated myself for fibromyalgia as per the manual. I am convinced the fibromyalgia has at least regressed. I still have sleep issues that go along with the fibromyalgia diagnosis, but I no longer have the deep aches and pains that affected my daily life before this.

I'm teaching my grown children how to use 'silver' for their families. Our latest family success story was my daughter's six-year old son. He had a chest cold with lots of congestion. He also has asthma. My daughter had been treating him with nebulizer treatments and running his humidifier at night. His congestion was not loosening after several days, so my daughter added 1 cup of 'silver' to the humidifier water (1 gallon size), and the next morning my grandson was coughing up loosened mucous.

During my second chemotherapy, a spot on my leg began to grow. The dermatologist said it was cancerous and removed it, leaving a hole a half inch across and an eighth of an inch deep. Because of the chemotherapy and my compromised immune system, it would not heal. I watched the spot for 5-6 weeks without a change. At that point I began using the 'silver'. In the evening, I would put my leg up and put 3 drops of 'silver' on the spot and let it sit until it was absorbed and dry. It was only after using the 'silver' that the spot began to heal. It took about three weeks but it closed over and has healed very well.

I've used the 'silver' for sore throats, gargling with 1/4 c every couple of hours; for colds setting in, gargling as previously mentioned, and nasal drops, 2 drops each side every couple of hours; for upset stomach, swallowing 1/8 c every time the cramping or nausea hit. It's amazing. It gives me hope for being able to care for my family as healthcare in this country is becoming more controlled by government."

– C.R., Highland, Utah

Emphysema Victim: "Not Catching Colds Since Using the Silver!"

"A quick report, I have emphysema and have been using my silver generator to keep myself healthy. I've been exposed to many people with colds (which I usually catch) but since using silver I've been very healthy. Thanks so much…"

– Maryann L., Beverly Hills, FL

"We noticed nothing different for several months until it dawned on us that we weren't getting colds or headaches or any other malignity."

"My wife June and I purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator after she read an article in a Silver Edge publication. She was suffering from an allergy to yeast which caused her to have migraine headaches and skin eruptions whenever she would eat bread or anything containing yeast.

We started using one ounce in the morning and one ounce before bed. We noticed nothing different for several months until it dawned on us that we weren't getting colds or headaches or any other malignity.

Some time back June had a toothache and held an ounce of the solution in her cheek on the side that hurt, three times a day. The toothache disappeared.

Currently we use a 6 hour "cooking" time instead of the normal 3 hours we started with. This was a result of us telling our chiropractor, Ron, about the colloidal silver for a skin problem he has endured for the past 8 years. Ron called The Silver Edge to inquire as to the recommended strength of the solution. The solution we gave him was the normal 3 hour mix, which helped him but did not correct the skin problem.

The person he spoke with at The Silver Edge suggested doubling the running time of the machine to 6 hours. We started doing this, too. And now our chiropractor owns a machine himself. Ron stated to us that this is the first time he has had relief, for 8 years, from the itching.

I have not had my usual seasonal head cold for two years now. My wife June can occasionally eat a piece of toast now with jam and peanut butter — her favorite snack. Migraine headaches are almost a thing of the past for her.

We made "silver water" for our in-laws this past summer when we went on vacation. One relative has a roseola skin problem which was helped by the solution. We are in the process of ordering additional silver rods for our machine so we don't run out of this fine product."

– C.A.J., San Diego, CA

77 Year Old Hunter: "One of the guys cut his knee to the bone and it swelled up real bad. We wrapped it in a bandage soaked in colloidal silver and…two days later…it had healed shut…Saved us a trip off the mountain!"

"I've had my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for at least 5 years. My wife and I use it and haven't had a cold, flu or sinus infection for the entire time.

We use it on scrapes and cuts, it helps to heal them faster .We drink 4oz. per day. My son-in-law gets a gallon of the micro-particle colloidal silver from us every 2 months for his family. We also put colloidal silver into the dog's water, and they've never had any health problem.

We had an Alpaca with the "runs," so we gave him 3 oz. of colloidal silver 3 times a day for 2 days, and it cleared everything up.

I take my generator with me when I go hunting in Colorado. I make about 5 gallons while I'm there. It all goes home with my friends.

One of the guys cut his knee to the bone, and his knee and leg swelled up real bad. When we got back to camp, we cleaned up the cut, then soaked a cotton pad with colloid silver, put it on the cut, and wrapped it with a bandage.

The next morning the swelling was gone, the redness was gone and the cut had started to heal. We replaced the cotton bandage with silver and he went hunting. Two days later when he changed the bandage the cut had healed shut. It saved us a trip off the mountain and a 45 minute trip to the hospital in Gunnerson, Colorado. Thanks to colloidal silver, all the guys were impressed!

One my friends, who is diabetic, smashed his thumb real bad, 7 or 8 days before he got to hunting camp. It just wouldn't heal. So we used a cotton pad soaked with colloidal silver, wrapped it up, and the very next day it had started to heal. Three days later it was healed. He takes a gallon home every year now!

Don't know if any of them have bought a generator yet! I guess they think I'll keep them supplied and they don't have to buy one. Not going to take it this year! See what they do.

I keep about 4 gallons of 10ppm on hand all the time. I use a 24 oz. jar for 3 hours to make my silver. If a 32 oz. jar is 10 ppm then a 24 oz. should be at least 12 to 14 ppm.

Anyway we are very happy to be able to have a Micro-Particle-colloidal Silver Generator. I would like to thank the Silver Edge for letting me know about colloidal silver and being able to buy a micro-particle generator. My wife just told me that my niece bought one of the generators. By the way I'm 77 years old. Thanking you…"

– J.H.K., Maricopa, AZ

Unbearable Shingles Pain Cured: "I had my wife pour colloidal silver in her hand and literally wash my back with it. Fifteen minutes later the pain was gone. Not just diminished, but GONE!"

"I've had the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for some years now and have found many uses for the silver water, ranging from flyblown sheep, to toe fungus, to of course the usual cold, flu treatments.

But the most dramatic use I have found was for a case of shingles I had two and a half years ago. It started with nerve pain in my back. When the little red spots appeared, I went to the doctor, got it diagnosed, and came away with prescriptions for $250 worth of salve, pain pills, antibiotic pills, and a warning from the doctor that in all likelihood I would have to come back for more.

Two days later the pain had increased to the point that it was unbearable. Knowing that something other than the doctor's prescriptions was needed, I had my wife pour colloidal silver in her hand and literally wash my back with it. Fifteen minutes later the pain was gone. Not just diminished, but GONE!

And it never came back. Also, the outbreak, the little red spots, never got any worse than if they were pimples, did not scab, and soon disappeared."

– A. D. Robinson, UT

"…when I've had a sore throat or upset stomach the pain goes away within seconds or minutes!"

"I've been drinking colloidal silver for approximately 10 yrs. A friend's brother was making the machines and I purchased one. That machine was ok, but the particles were not .0008 microns. It would turn golden when making the colloidal silver water. The Silver Edge Machine makes a finer and more pure solution.

My personal experience is when I've had a sore throat or upset stomach the pain goes away within seconds or minutes. I had drying and cracking on the bottom of my foot and soaked it for a couple of days whenever convenient and it hasn't come back.

My wife thought it was a joke until she tried it and now she believes it works on a lot of things. I have sold 2 friends on the silver water who purchased colloidal silver machines themselves.

My brother has a heart problem and he has been drinking the silver water for a short time. One side of his heart went from 10% to 20% to currently 36%. We are not positive that this is the only thing that had an effect as he has been taking meds which from my experience don't fix the problem only cover it up. We're continuing to watch his progress. In fact the doctor told him "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."

A friend of my wife had a cold she couldn't get rid of. I gave her some silver water and she was better in a couple of days. I'll continue to tell people about the silver water and give it to anyone that wants to try it. It may not cure everything, but it works for a lot of things.

– Bob L., Napa CA

"I sleep much better and do not struggle to breath now."

"I purchased one of your machines a few years ago. My wife and I have both used it over the past years.

I used to sell colloidal silver 20 years ago thru another company. The colloidal silver was expensive. It's a lot cheaper to make it with your machine.

My wife has had a liver transplant 8 years ago. She uses the micro-particle colloidal silver to help her immune system, which has been knocked out because of the medication she takes. When she feels a cold coming on she takes a little more of it, and within a couple days she is feeling better.

I have sleep apnea and when I go to sleep, I use a machine to help me breath thru the night. I put the colloidal silver in the water. Since I started using it in the water my sinuses have cleared up. I sleep much better and do not struggle to breath now.

I also have 2 dogs, I use the colloidal silver in their water, clean their eyes and they even drink it out of my hand.

I make a gallon of colloidal silver about 2 times a year. When I start I make about 4 batches in a day and it lasts me about 6 months for the gallon. I would not give my machine up for anything. Thank you…"

– C.M.W., Massilon, OH

"No More Cancerous Cells on My Daughter's Cervix!"

"I purchased the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator over a year ago, and I've been taking it for health maintenance. I've noticed that I feel better. I started taking 1 teaspoon to begin with, now I take a tablespoon in the morning, and one at night.

It work's great to help heal cuts & scrapes. I put a little silver water on a band aid.

Back in September of 2009 my daughter had found out that she had cancerous cells on her cervix. The doctor told her that she would have to get a medical procedure done to get rid of it. When she moved in with me during December of 2009 I started her on Colloidal Silver, two teaspoons a day, day and night. When she went to her doctor's appointment here at the end of January, they had seen that she had no cancerous cells on her cervix.

There was another time when she had got Pink Eye. We had looked online to see if there was anything that the Colloidal Silver could do. I read some articles that people put on. We tried putting the water in her eyes like eye drops and half an hour later, the discomfort had eased up, and she felt much better. The next morning I had her take and put some more on some cotton and wipe her eye once more, like she did the night before, now her eye was perfectly fine. And she went back to school that morning.

When she was having really strong cramps I told her to take some of the silver water and in less than 15 minutes her cramps were gone and stayed gone for majority of the day.

About a month ago, March of 2010 she had got this wound that wasn't healing. It was like that for four days straight and not making any progress. Finally I told her to put some of the silver water on a band aid, and to put that on her shoulder. The wound finally started healing within 2 days. Now it is fully healed and nothing wrong with it."

– G. Maki, MI

"Saved My Arm From Amputation!"

"In 1963 I had surgery for cancer in my left elbow (due to a previous skiing accident). The doctor saved my elbow but I have had troubles with my arm ever since.

Five years ago I went to two specialists here at home because the elbow started to disintegrate. One specialist cleaned up debris while the other treated me for "chronic infection."

After a year of many visits with the local infection laboratory I was advised that the elbow area was probably not going to improve satisfactorily and that I should consider having the arm removed so as to avoid the dangers of the infection spreading.

At about this same time I had read about the curing capabilities of colloidal silver, so I requested your kit for producing micro-particle colloidal silver. Silver Edge responded promptly, and within three weeks of taking regular 3-oz doses (one dose each day), my wound stopped draining and began to heal.

Today I continue to drink about 2-oz portions per day. I have a hand and wrist that I can use, and I won't complain about not having an elbow.

Another wonderful and unexpected bonus I attribute to these four years of colloidal silver treatments is that my eyes have improved greatly over that period. My eye specialist had been preparing me for blindness with some help possible with cornea transplants.

Now, at age 78yrs., I am clearly more comfortable and happy due to colloidal silver. Yours very truly…"

– Patricia S., MI

"There have been no side effects with any application,
and no one has turned blue!"

"After throwing away many mailings from your company, I decided to try your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. I'm glad you didn't quit your mailings. I am very satisfied and use colloidal silver for many things:

  1. Use it for eye drops

  2. For sore throats & sore gums use as mouth rinse & gargle

  3. For cuts or other infections I spray with colloidal silver

  4. Put in our dog's ears for earaches

  5. Took 3 tablespoons a day during flu season

  6. Take at least 2 tablespoons for our immune system.

  7. I put colloidal silver in our dog's water – about 2 tablespoons per gallon.

  8. I also give silver to my daughters & friends which has resulted in 2 sales for Silver Edge.

  9. A friend put colloidal silver on her shingles & this greatly relieved her pain & duration of pain.

  10. My nephew had a badly infected toe that wouldn't heal. He tried the colloidal silver & almost immediately the sore began to heal successfully.

  11. There have been no side affects with any application, and no one has turned blue!


– Tom H., Jonesborough, TN

"Healed My Daughter's Fingernail Fungus!"

"I've had one of your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators for some time and my daughter has used colloidal silver on her fingernails that had some kind of fungus. The silver healed the fingers.

I also have a son out of state that has a foot fungus. He's used different preparations to no avail. I just gave him a bottle of homemade colloidal silver. I will send you the results as soon as possible. Thank You…"

– George, Torrance, CA

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms "Completely Disappeared!"

I've used colloidal silver made with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for a number of things. I've had symptoms consistent with an enlarged prostate, mostly urinary, such as having to go a lot, urgency in going, etc. My symptoms disappeared in less than 2 weeks.

I was using a concentration of 20 ppm to 30 ppm. The first day I used 4oz. The following days were as follows:

  Morning Mid-day Night
Day 2 4oz __ 4oz
Day3 4oz 4oz 4oz
Day4 5oz 5oz 5oz
Day5 6oz 6oz 6oz
Day6 7oz 7oz 7oz
Day7 8oz 8oz 8oz
Day8 7oz 7oz 7oz
Day9 6oz 6oz 6oz
Day10 5oz 5oz 5oz
Day11 4oz 4oz 4oz

This works great! All symptoms completely disappeared!

When I had periodontal disease I would use a 20 ppm to 30 ppm colloidal silver solution in my water pick twice a day for about a week. It would usually stop the bleeding gums in 2 or 3 days.

Sometimes I will topically use a 10ppm solution on things like cuts, especially if they get sore because this may be a sign of infection. The soreness goes away.

And finally, I orally use 2oz. a day of 10 ppm for maintenance and I haven't been sick in about 2 years. I must admit though, I take an enzyme formula for inflammation that also builds the immune system.

I've had nothing but good experiences with colloidal silver and wouldn't want to be without it. I do try to take it on an empty stomach so my intestinal flora won't be affected.

I wouldn't touch the colloidal silver I've seen on the shelves at health food stores because I don't trust it. I've seen a blue guy on t.v. and although argyria is suppose to be harmless, who wants to be blue?

I trust my homemade colloidal silver because I make it myself and I make it right, using ONLY steam distilled water. Besides, with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, making your own colloidal silver is almost free. Sincerely Yours"

– P.H., Moreno Valley, CA

Open Sore on Abdomen for 9 Years: Cured After "Occasional Oral Treatment With Colloidal Silver!"

"I had an open (1/2" diameter) sore on my abdomen for more than 9 years, but after occasional oral treatment with colloidal silver solution, it is now only a scar. I suspected this was MRSA infection, but mentioning this to an ER doctor brought the response "Have you had it biopsied?"

In addition, I've cured 3 infected teeth, 2 sore throats by oral colloidal silver. And a visitor from Michigan last winter had a very bad cold sore which was cured by holding silver solution orally inside her lower lip."

– S. Jones, Yuma, AZ

Colloidal Silver and Tequila Cures My Sore Throat!

When I get a sore throat, I use a 12 oz. old fashioned glass and mix about 3/4" of tequila and 3/4" of colloidal silver and fill it with Margarita mix. Stir (no ice) sip very slowly to keep max contact time. Two times usually cures sore throat and continue colloidal silver and it will shorten cold or flu!

A friend had a rash on her finger that prescriptions did nothing to help. She soaked cotton in colloidal silver and bandaged it on her finger over night and every 4 hrs. during the day and it was cured in 3 days. A long contact time is more effective.

– F. Chilcote, Pinetop, AZ

"I feel safer using colloidal silver in our drinking water every day."

"I feel safer using colloidal silver in our drinking water every day. I use it when I cook our food. I fix a gallon jug of water every day and sometimes twice a day. I want my daughter and I to stay healthy and so far we are fairing real well. Thank you.

– V. Begemann, Odessa, MO

"We Use It for Cuts, Scrapes, Itches and Sore Throats"

"I use micro-particle colloidal silver, 4 oz. right out of the production container. We use a spray bottle for cuts, scrapes, itches and sore throats. Your Micro-Particle Generator is an excellent buy and very good quality. I'm 73 and colloidal silver keeps me up and outdoors."

– J. Daveys, Texas

"Healed My Bleeding Stomach Ulcer!"

"I love my generator! Recently, I developed a bleeding stomach ulcer. I found that out when I was recovering from effects of the flu. So, I thought about colloidal silver's healing qualities and decided to try it. I made a new batch, standard 3 hours generation time. Then I took 2 tbsp., 2 times a day, and by the end of 2 weeks I had no stomach pain or burning and no vomiting stomach acid with blood. It's been 2 months since that time. What a RELIEF!!"

– S. Pfau, Freeport, MN

"Ended Sleeping Problems, Healed Pink Eye and Athlete's Foot!"

"Our 2 yr. old granddaughter had trouble sleeping all night. They put colloidal silver in a spray bottle and sprayed some in each nostril and now she sleeps all night. She thinks it feels funny.

Her dad uses 1 tbsp. twice per day every day. He also uses it in his sleep C-Pap machine.

Another son had pink eye. I told him to spray colloidal silver into his eyes. In 2 days, it was cleared up.

I had athlete's foot. Sprayed colloidal silver on my feet and it went away in a short time. I sprayed generously, 3 times per day."

– D.A. Lenz, MN

"Controls the Skin Cancer on My Face; Heals Colon Polyps!"

"I am pleased to respond to your request for silver stories. I have found the application of colloidal silver solution to control skin cancer on my face, arms chest and legs very effective. It generally takes several applications over a period of a week to turn an adhesion to smooth skin.

Internally, I brush my teeth with colloidal silver solution. It has nearly eliminated all plaque besides furnishing good breath and no cavities for the past 4 years.

I drink 4 oz. a day to control lesions in my intestinal tract. I was diagnosed with polyps in my colon which needed to come out since they could turn cancerous. I drank 3 oz. of colloidal solution a day for 6 weeks. I went to a different doctor for a second opinion at that time. He couldn't find any lesions needing removal.

I had colon cancer 35 years ago. It was surgically removed. Since then, I have had the colon check procedure every 3 years. I'm 89 years old and in good health, which I give colloidal silver much credit.

A user for 18 years. I recently purchased the Micro-Particle Generator and have recommended it to several friends. They too, are having good results."

– D. Anderson, AR

"When My Leg Injury Got Ugly, I Turned to the Colloidal Silver!"

"My work and entertainment is gardening and wood-working, As a consequence, I get a lot of cuts and bruises. So I reach for the colloidal silver. Hurrah! Stops bleeding instantly and no fear of infection – even as healing starts instantly. As for a stubborn nose bleed, reach for the colloidal silver again. Works like a charm!

Want to hear about a dramatic cure? I had injured my leg. I either ignored or forgot about it until it started to get ugly. At that stage spraying with the colloidal silver did not help and since the affected areas of my leg were turning darker, I decided to really give the silver a test.

Day one, I drank a whole quart, 4 oz. at a time. Day two – I drank a whole quart divided again in four. That was it! Viola! Fait Accompli! The swelling was already down and the flesh returned to normal. I was quite happy about the results and suffered no side effects from drinking that much colloidal silver.

The colloidal silver I make is the one you recommend – the generator for 3 hours with distilled water."

– L. Violette, Miami, AZ

"No Dramatic Stories…It Just Prevents Me From Having Colds and Flu!"

"I don't have any dramatic stories about my silver, but it has prevented me from having any colds or flu."

– S. Stoeckel, MN

"Without the colloidal silver, I know I would not have her today."

"I'm 88 years old now, and retired from judging AKC shows all over the world. For years, I have made my own colloidal silver and am convinced this is why I've never had a cold or flu for many years. I just take a swallow each evening before I go to bed.

Because I live alone, I decided now was a good time to get a house companion. I know have a 4 1/2 lb. AKC registered Papillion. She was mostly grown when I got her and no problems until recently, when she developed a mouth infection.

After many trips to the vet's office, all of her teeth were pulled except 3 eye teeth. Her mouth was so sore and swollen. The vet wanted to put her on antibiotics. It's impossible to give pills to a tiny dog with such a sore mouth.

So I picked up all her water dishes and only gave her colloidal silver to drink. After a week, I gave her regular water during the day, but colloidal silver at night for another few days.

It's been a couple weeks now and she is back to normal doing fine. Since she can't chew, I cut her food into small pieces. Without the colloidal silver, I know I would not have her today."

– F. Hogan, Rockford, IL

"Sure beats the agony of sore throats and taking meds."

"We've had our colloidal silver generator for four years now and I don't know what we'd do without it.

We take an ounce every day as a preventative. If one of us begins to get a sore throat, we use a small spray bottle and spray it in the mouth, throat and nose. We try to keep it in contact with the affected area for six to ten minutes. It's hard to keep it in the throat without swallowing. Each time you swallow, spray more in the throat. Keep in there for six to ten minutes. We do it two or three times a day.

By the second day the sore throat and oncoming cold is gone. Sure beats the agony of sore throats and taking meds."

– B. Bloom, Clay Center, KS

"It Keeps My Lady Friend's Pneumonia Under Control!"

"I have a lady friend I met about three years after my wife passed away in 2007. She said her doctor gave her prescription drugs to heal pneumonia, but that she was allergic to and more would kill her. I've been giving her some of my colloidal silver to keep her infection under control. I also use it twice a day to control the pain and improve the nerve damage from the over seven years of shingles.

Thanks to the colloidal silver machine, I can afford to use the colloidal silver twice a day."

– G. Geno, Booneville, MS

"I thought I'd never be rid of all the bothersome (yeast infection) symptoms, but thanks to colloidal silver, I am."

"I used colloidal silver to fight a systemic yeast infection that had been a problem for most of my adult life. It had become more severe with age. The internist suggested some foods that could be part of the problem – sugar, sweets and alcohol. My gynecologist prescribed a medication that worked until it was gone and then the yeast was back. A book from the health food store listed many things I should do and foods that I should avoid. This was better help than anything else, but the yeast infection problem persisted.

Then I was convinced to try the colloidal silver. I took a couple of tablespoonfuls first thing in the morning before any other food or even water. I waited an hour after this before taking anything else by mouth. At first, this was a little too much colloidal silver and I cut back to one spoonful. I am now taking 2 spoonfuls again. I still stay away from the foods suggested in the book, but I am pretty much free from the annoying burning, itching rash, etc. connected with a systemic yeast infection.

I thought I would never be rid of all the bothersome symptoms, but thanks to colloidal silver, I am."

– P. Woods, Warren, MI

"Healed My Bladder Infection and Sinus Infection; Healed Mom's Ulcerous Leg"

"I had a bladder infection with the symptoms of frequency, urgency, burning, and fatigue. I drank the micro-particle colloidal silver 10ppm, 2 oz. every 2 hours while awake, for a week. All the symptoms went away and have not returned!

I had a cold which turned into a sinus infection with facial pain and purulent nasal drainage. I used a sinus rinse device four times a day, using 8 oz of warm saline solution with a tablespoon of the micro-particle silver 10ppm added to it. After a week it was gone!

My mother had an ulcer with cellulitis and edema on her lower leg. I gave her the colloidal silver 10ppm, 4 oz to drink four times a day. I also used the silver solution on gauze to clean the wound twice a day, and applied a silver sulfadene prescription cream that the doctor prescribed (that was before I knew you could make a paste with the silver solution). It took about 6 weeks to heal, and really started to heal fast after she started wearing knee-high support socks as well.

(Sorry, I don't have a photo, but you may use my name.)

– S. Eubanks, Edwardsville, KS

"No More Shingles; No More Chronic Bronchitis"

"I personally have overcome shingles that I had for 5 years, and chronic bronchitis that I had since moving to Nevada in 1991, probably nine months out of the year. It's been months since my last cold. So I am very thankful for the generator. And just to make sure I would always have one, I purchased the second one."

– Joanie C.

"Haven't Had a Cold In Over a Year!"

"This Colloidal Silver stuff really works. I've been using for what over a year haven't had a cold (I always either had a cold was getting one or just getting over one). My ex wife had psoriasis real bad all her life, big thick patches. She has been to dermatologists, used soaps and lotions you name it even wrapped herself in Saran Wrap, nothing worked. I gave her a couple bottles of the silver water and two weeks later the psoriasis is gone and so is she — she's in Jamaica getting a suntan. My youngest son went to the Dominican Republic this last spring and got a severe rash there. They tried everything, he was with a registered nurse at the time, no one knew what it was, it was leaking puss just gross. When he got back he used colloidal silver and in a week it was gone. A friend of his got a staph infection with open sores all over. I gave her a couple bottles, seen her 3 days later and it was a lot better."

– H.H., Saskatchewan, Canada

"It Keeps the Doctor Away!"

"I hope you receive this email. I wanted to share with you that I love using the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver machine– We are making at least 1 qt of colloidal silver daily right now so we have it on hand for ourselves and our friends and whoever else might need it. I work as a cashier for a family grocery store that is very busy – there are 9 of us cashiers and we each do about $8,000 to $10,000 worth of business daily – that means we see alot of people, touching alot of money, groceries and equipment! I keep a jar of colloidal silver with me all the time and when I feel a sore throat, or stomach problems coming on – I sip on it while I am working. Some days it is all that saves me from going home early! It keeps the Dr away! I don't like seeing Dr's – I am a Natural Health Care Practitioner also. I am sharing the news about your Micro-Particle machine – especially with the scare of the Swine Flu."

– Mary

"Came Down With Bad Cold; Improved Literally Hour By Hour!"

"After several days of my husband having a cold, I came down with a bad cold the day after I made the first batch with the new micro-particle generator. Usually, when I would feel a cold coming on I would take a teaspoon of colloidal silver in the morning and one teaspoon at night, and that would knock it right out. So, I wasn't sure how effective the colloidal silver I made would be since my cold had already bloomed fully. I just started taking it maybe three or four times a day, and, I don't exaggerate when I say that I improved literally hour by hour. It had started to go into my chest and started to give me a deep cough, but within a day, it was not only arrested but reversed. By the way, my husband, who was the first one with a cold, still has it. Hopefully, he's becoming convinced."

– D.S.

"Toenail Fungus Eradicated!"

"Folks, if you've never tried it, this is just amazing stuff. Both my husband and I had toenail fungus, which we found impossible to get rid of—even with tea tree oil—but the colloidal silver did the trick! You could see the changes in just a couple of weeks.

We take an ounce or so orally whenever we think about it throughout the day and spray the silver water onto the affected area first thing in the morning and last thing at night or whenever else remember to do it.

We bought our generator from, but there are other companies out there as well. We have no piece of the action at this site, but we highly recommend it because of our results."


"Cured Ear Infection in 2 Hours!"

"I purchased your colloidal silver maker, and during Christmas I came down with a mild ear infection. I then dropped a few drops of the homemade silver solution (18 ppm, was it too strong a solution?) into my ear and nose, and it took about 2 hours and the hearing came back and my nose opened up! This is great stuff!!!!

Thank you so much, Steve! It is truly a blessing to have people like you in this world. I Wish You All The Best And A Happy New Year!

– Jaana Rouhiainen, Finland

"First Time No Allergies!"

"Thanks to colloidal silver water this is the first fall in all the years I can remember that allergies have not been an affliction. Just last week another priest of this diocese remarked on how healthy I have appeared of recent."

– A.W.C., St. Thomas Episcopal Church

"Works Miracles Closing and Healing Wounds!"

"The silver water has worked miracles closing and healing any wounds, cuts and nasty abrasions I've encountered. In fact one of my doctors who wanted to do a skin graft on a nasty wound I had was amazed that I healed it myself with the silver water in such a short time. He called me 'phenomenal.' The silver water has also healed any sore throats or flu that may have been coming on."

– Dorothy M., Clay, NY

"Beat Back the Flu 3 Times This Winter!"

"I was sick to my stomach a few hours ago, I drank some micro-particle colloidal silver and now I'm just fine! Three different times this winter my body tried to come down with a nasty flu, and all three times I beat it back using the micro-particle colloidal silver, three ounces, three times a day. This stuff works almost instantaneously (well, okay, it took a day or two, but then I was feeling so much better I couldn't believe it)."

– Kathy S., Las Vegas, NV

"Works Almost Instantly on Strep Throat, Flying Pig Flu, Cough, Lung Issues, Pneumonia, Fever!"

"Whenever we use the micro-particle silver, it really works! It works waaaay better than the old fashioned silver solution! The micro-particle silver works almost instantly on strep throat, flying pig flu, cough, lung issues, near pneumonia....high fever....We've had almost universal instant problem solving with it.

My granddaughter who was with us in church tonight had the swine flu 3 weeks ago, and it was tested and verified at the Drs. She had a 103 fever, and the Dr gave her a prescription for antibiotics on Friday that they couldn't get filled until Monday when the pharmacy opened. Friday night, her temp spiked again at about 2:30am. Her RN mom was at work, and I checked her temp. It didn't seem right to wait, so I gave her a 1 oz shot glass of fresh micro-particle silver and a dose of Tylenol. Her fever was gone at 2:45m and she slept well.

When she was checked again at 6:30 am when her Mom got off work, her fever was gone, her sore throat and cough were gone, all lung congestion gone...never came back. She had only been sick since Wednesday. This is the 12 year old who traditionally went right into strep throat and pneumonia every year in flu season. She got the prescription filled Monday, but didn't take it, she was totally cured!!

My other daughter wasn't feeling well last week. She said she thought all the kids were acting like they were catching the flu. She couldn't stay home from work...not convenient! LOL! Anyway, she has been a long time silver solution user, and believer... I gave her a gallon of micro-particle silver. Her and all the kids took it for a few days, all were well, and OK...nobody got the flu. Hallelujah!!! Praise God. Without Him not anything was made that was made. God bless,"

PS, Becky, Kyle and the kids just put the micro-particle silver solution in a water bottle, and carry it around with them...nobody measures it, just pass the jug around and take a swig out of it whenever they think about it. hahahahaha.... Refill it when needed

– Kathy W., KS

"Easing Respiratory Problems By Putting Silver Water in Humidifier!"

"Just wanted to mention that I have a micro-generator and am working on gallon #30. My wife has been having some coughing lately that I believe has been caused by some respiratory problems so I bought a Vicks V4500 humidifier to run at night in our bedroom with silver water in it. She hasn't coughed near as much when we run the humidifier with the silver water in it."

– Greg

"It Has Saved Me a Lot of Down Time During Cold and Flu Season!"

"I've been using my generator from The Silver Edge for over five years, and it has been absolutely hassle-free and maintenance-free. The quality is excellent, and the colloidal silver has saved me a lot of down time during cold and flu season. It is definitely one of the best investments I've made. Best yet, the price is right, because after you've made your first quart or so, it's practically free after that. In fact, it's just the cost of water, and $20 or $30 for new silver rods every couple of years."

– V. Rodriguez, CA

"Works INSTANTLY On My Sore Throat!"

"WORKS INSTANTLY ON MY SORE THROAT! Thanks to The Silver Edge, we can use colloidal silver whenever we want to now, at a very low, almost negligible cost. We can't say enough about how pleased we are. In my experience, your colloidal silver machine has fully lived up to its advertising claims, which I have to admit has been a pleasant experience for us."

– G. Bell, KS

"Thanks...We Saved $12,480.00 By Making Our Own Colloidal Silver!"

"I finally sat down and figured out how much this machine has been saving us. We make a quart of colloidal silver a week, and by making our own we've saved $12,480.00 this year alone, compared to the cost at our local health food store. The per-bottle price at the local health food store is $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle. But we pay only about 17 cents for a quart of distilled water (we buy it for 70 cents a gallon at Wal-Mart), and we use maybe a nickel's worth of electricity and a dime's worth of silver from the silver rods for every quart batch we make. So I guess we're paying about 32 cents a quart, all told. And we've had our unit for nearly five years now. So really, the true lifetime savings of the machine is just mind-boggling. When you put pencil to paper and figure it out, it definitely takes you by surprise. You just think "No way…I must have multiplied that wrong." But it's true. The savings is well over $10,000 a year over health food store prices if you make a quart of colloidal silver a week like we do! Of course, once you start making your own, you don't really think about how much you're saving compared to health food store prices, because it just becomes a normal part of your everyday life. But the savings is nevertheless astonishing. What's really nice is being able to produce a significantly higher quality colloidal silver than what's generally available to the public through health food stores, especially at such a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost."

– Marie Wilkey, South Carolina

"We Use It for Everything!"

"You keep saying it costs about 36 cents a quart to make, but I think it's a lot cheaper than that. Probably closer to twelve or fifteen cents a quart, for us. I fill an entire kitchen cabinet shelf with quart bottles of the micro-particle silver. And then I use it for everything – disinfecting the kitchen sinks, countertops, and the cutting board, spraying the toilet bowls, and the bathroom countertops and sinks. I even put it in the laundry rinse cycle when I do my linens, towels and kitchen rags, so I don't have to wash them as frequently. It really keeps them fresh, and there's never any mold or mildew anywhere in our house. I put some in the cat's water bowl each day, and the dog's too. We use it in the bathtub for skin problems. And of course we drink it when our tummies are queasy, or when we feel a cold or flu coming on. We also gargle with it for sore throats, and sniff it up our noses when we have sinus problems. You name it, and we've probably used colloidal silver for it! My husband even sprays it on his hair in the mornings, for dandruff. And come to think of it, he hasn't had any dandruff to speak of in four or five years now! Owning a generator from The Silver Edge has given us the luxury of being able to use high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver any time we need it, and we never have to worry about the costs. The machine is very easy to use, and easy to store. And it is without a doubt the single-best money-saving appliance in my entire house!"

- K. Sullivan, NM

"Having Too Much Fun Making Silver and Giving It to My Family!"

I'm retired and having too much fun making silver and giving it to my family. And I believe that the way the world looks right now the day may soon come when that little black box may be one of the most important of my possessions. Is that radical or what?

– DeVerl

"The Best Generator Around!"

"The generator I got from The Silver Edge is the best around and I can make a whole gallon of micro-particle colloidal silver for less than $4. It depends most on the cost of steam distilled water. CS is so good the drug firms keep trying to find ways to ban its sale. Use colloidal silver with pets & family and shots are not needed. I figure they will pay off enough federal agencies someday but with my own generator I won't be shut out. Suggest you ditto me. I wrote to Obama about colloidal silver since he says he wants to reduce medical costs… but assume it was a venting exercise."

– Earl E.

"I Rave About the Generator!"

"I rave about the generator and colloidal silver and the quality it makes. Now I'm just looking for a one- or two-page report (I don't think a one-pager's going to suffice!) to give to anyone I want to gift some colloidal silver to — concise information history, what it's good for, etc."

– Darlene, OH

"Wonderful Benefits!"

"My wife and I have purchased a silver generator from your good offices. We have been using colloidal silver for years, and no one knows better than we of the wonderful benefits of colloidal silver."

– Don Butler

"White Corpuscle Count Back to Normal!"

"I have a sister who was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphnode 's system. At this time we are using the silver 3 times daily about 2 oz per each time. The past 3 weeks her white corpuscle count has increased back to normal. She has regained her strength and does not cough while laying down."

– Jim Spangler

"Delighted With the Results!"

"As always. I am delighted with the results that my family and I are getting from the micro-particle generator that I have."

– Elizabeth M.

"Loooove the Colloidal Silver!"

"I have 1 of ur kits n loooove the colloidal silver."

– Greg Gibbs

"Thank You!"

Dear Steve – I own one of your company's generators and your book and I thank you for all your contributions to the community of sound health. In addition to that I have been enjoying your blog entries.

– Ed Zandee

"Disinfects Bad Drinking Water in Mexico!"

"Thought I would clue you in to something I haven't seen on your site. We are refugees from the dictated health care system in the US. Fled south to Old Mexico some months past…with all the furor about the water supply down here, and all the hoops the rest of the Americans jump through over keeping their vegetables clean, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, we simply draw up a 3 gallon container of water every night, instill a half cup of the colloidal silver into the container, and by morning have a day's supply of potable water, ready for use."

– Jimmie Tomlinson

"Stopped Fluid Leak in Children's Ears!"

"I used drops of colloidal silver in my girls ears when they were leaking fluid (they both have tubes and ear issues), and they cleared. I also gave them both teaspoons full for no more than one day and each got well, like nothing ever happened."

– Kammy B., CA

"Love the Silver!"

"We are customers of yours...Love The Silver!!!"

– Terri Robbins

"Nail Fungus Gone!"

"A few years back I purchased one of your micro particle colloidal silver generators and have been very pleased with it. I recently used a lot of colloidal silver during the cold and flu season and was quite surprised that it also cleared up a condition that I'd had for over 20 years. I had a really severe case of nail fungus and it is now gone thanks to your product!!"

– Leonard L, Roosevelt, UT

"The Only Colloidal Silver Maker I Recommend!"

"I've recommended the Micro-particle Colloidal Silver Water maker for years to many friends who now have them, Bill Cooper being one of them. It's the only CSW maker I recommend – I've had one for a few years – the best I've ever owned! Thank you."

– John Stevens

"Psoriasis-like Condition Healed When Nothing Else Would Work!"

"I had a psoriasis-like condition on my face. None of the doctor's medicines worked. The only thing that worked was the colloidal silver made with your company's generator. Thank you!"

– J. Moses, Eugene, OR

"Cured Valley Fever!"

"We've purchased several machines from your company within the last couple of years. I bought one for my son about a year ago…About two years ago we were at Wickenburg AZ. I like prospecting for gold. I contacted "Valley Fever" at the time and I didn't know what it was. I got deathly sick and I was losing my breathing capacity.

I called my mother about it and she asked me how much silver was I taking, I told he about 1/4 glass night and morning. She told me to drink as much as I could drink, which I did. It took about 1 1/2 days and I was recovering very quickly. About 5 days later I was pretty much over it.

I had lost 32 lbs in 7 days prior to taking the larger amounts of silver.

I have since used it on tick bites. After making the ticks back out with dish soap, I applied silver directly on the bites (2 ticks) and the bumps disappeared after 2 applications of the silver.

I have cured "athletes foot problems) and several other problems with the home made silver.

You people have a fantastic product. Thank you very much!"

– Mike T., Idaho

"This Stuff is Magic – No More Colds, Sore Throats, Psoriasis Almost Gone!"

"I got a generator October 2009, expensive but worth every cent, I wish I had got it years ago when I first heard about this stuff. I drink a shot glass morning and night, swishing it around my mouth first.

I've not had a cold since, not even a hint of a sore throat. I've had psoriasis for 20 years, it's almost gone now along with the Candida symptoms. I've tried almost every alternative therapy there is for the psoriasis but this is by far the most effective.

I've had a dental problem with sore gums but that's minimal now. Whenever I cut my fingers, which is quite often as in my job I use sharp knives, mostly scalpels, I just put some colloidal silver on it with a piece of cotton wool or if it's a finger I take a mouthful of silver and put the finger in my mouth. The pain is gone almost immediately, and the wound heals incredibly fast.

My boyfriend has cured his athlete's foot for the first time in years. He also suffered from bleeding gums, also gone.

This stuff is magic and no wonder the selling of it has been banned in Europe, why? Because it WORKS! And it can be made for cents by every individual. This is NOT what the pharmaceutical industry wants. They want us sick and paying them to remain sick."

– Lucy J.

"Never Burdened With Colds in Spite of Compromised Immune System!"

"My husband wanted me to share this with you: shortly after we got married he had a double organ transplant. He has a compromised immune system because of the anti-rejection drugs he must take.

He drinks a small amount of colloidal silver every day, made with his Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge. He has had no ill effect from it, (i.e. he is not blue), most importantly, he has never been burdened with colds or sick like other organ recipients we know. He received his transplants in May 1998.

Please, let me take a moment to stress this one thing so there is no misunderstanding — the colloidal silver does NOT keep him from rejecting his transplants — his anti-rejection drugs do that. The colloidal silver DOES keep him from getting every bug that comes along. He's never even had a flu shot.

We just can't say enough good things about Colloidal Silver. We make a batch with our micro-generator every couple of days. It has been a very worthwhile investment in maintaining our own good health."

– Marie B., CA

"Healed Ulcer on Lower Gum!"

"I drink it each morning, but I hold it in my mouth for awhile before swallowing. If I have a sore throat I gargle with it and hold it in my mouth as long as I can before swallowing. Awhile back I had an ulcer in my mouth on my lower gum. I had just made a new batch of colloidal silver so I held a good mouth full in my mouth as long as I could before swallowing. I got busy on t he computer and after about 30 minutes I thought about having done that and I noticed that my gum wasn't hurting so, I rubber my tongue where it had been and I wasn't able to feel any pain at all. I never again had any more pain there. I suppose the ulcer is caused by bacteria or is a virus."

– J.H.

"Worst Sore Throat Ever – Cured in Time for Thanksgiving!"

"I have so many things I use the colloidal silver for, it's just amazing. I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with the worst sore throat I have ever had. I started taking 2 oz. ever hour for a total of 8oz. by then my throat was fairly normal and I had no other problems....I was able to cook and eat our Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

My next door neighbor was complaining about her white poodle having these huge red open sores on her body. She went to 3 different vets and went through alot of antibiotics.....nothing worked. I gave her a 6 oz. bottle and told her to spray some on the sores three times a day. Within 3 days they were incredibly the end of the week, they were completely healed.

My Mom is 85 years old...she has been losing her teeth and had very sore gums...again antibiotics never worked long term. I give her CS three times a day and tell her to swish it around her mouth and hold it in her mouth for as long as she can. It has worked miracles for her. I am so grateful for this product. I have a hundred other stories from friends and family....

Just one more.....I had a bunch of fungus gnats in my greenhouse from some organic dirt. It was so nasty.....I put 2oz. of CS in a gallon of water and watered all the plants...I did this twice and ALL the gnats were gone!!!

– Jill S.

"It Always Surpasses the Results I Was Expecting!"

I have used colloidal silver for myself and my horses, dogs and cats. It has always surpassed the results I was expecting. I was dealing with some awful wounds with the animals and colloidal silver was so incredibly effective with the healing process. I have fibromyalgia and I take silver every day. I feel so much... better. Less fatigue, less pain, more memory and no depression, my irritable bowel syndrome has been helped as well.

– Cindy S.

"No Longer Prone to Infections!"

"Colloidal silver has made a difference in my life. I have diabetes and was prone to various infections...not so after taking the colloidal silver daily. I am so much better."

– Mary R.

"Cures My Kids Tummy Bugs!"

"When my kids were school age, they occasionally came down with tummy bugs. I don't know if it was the cafeteria food, or what. But I'd give them a few ounces of our homemade colloidal silver from The Silver Edge generator, and it always did the trick. Sometimes even within a few minutes they'd be feeling better. I've used it myself for the same reason, and it always seems to work well."

– M.B., CA

"Cured Strep Throat, Pink Eye, Styes, Sinus Infection, Food Poisoning, Flu!"

"I've been using the homemade colloidal silver for over 14 years now. We now make ours with the Micro-Particle Generator. I've used it when my son had strep throat (gargled with it, 4 times a day), and again when he was sent home from school with Pink Eye (three drops in each eye, three times a day)...when my husband had a sty (two drops, three times a day)...when I had sinus infections (sprayed it up my nose three times a day while inhaling deeply)...when I had food poisoning (4 ounces of homemade colloidal silver, three times a day)...when I was coming down with the flu (four ounces in the morning, and four in the evening, of homemade colloidal silver)...when I had an infection between two of my toes...and many, many other times. I'll write more later, but suffice it to say colloidal silver is the #1 remedy in my natural health arsenal."

– Kathy B., NV

"Saved Cat From Horrible Bladder Infection!"

"We use the colloidal silver for sore throats, upset stomach, earaches, colds/flu, cuts and kids laugh at me sometimes about my use of CS, but when they feel bad they ask for the silver! My 10 yod has had earaches 3 different times that were completely gone in the morning (and didn't return) when we used the CS the night before as drops in her ear. And it has saved my cat's life! He developed a horrible bladder infection that the antibiotics from the vet didn't really clear up. Put straight CS in his water bowl and within a couple of days saw marked improvement. He had a flare up a few months later which we attacked only with CS, and he hasn't had a problem since! My dh had a bladder infection and cured it with CS. He drank a LOT of it over a period of about a week, never went to the doc. This stuff is really good!"

– J.F.

"Eliminates the Sting of Mosquito Bites!"

"I am a mosquito magnet. My husband and I go places and he gets no bites, but I get LOTS. When at the botanical gardens in Hawaii, I'd be taking pictures and see 5 or 6 mosquitoes on each hand.

I carry a little bottle of colloidal silver in my pocket and put a drop onto the bites. Most never itch again. If some continue to itch, I give it 5 or 10 minutes and put on another dab of colloidal silver water.

Sometimes one will begin to itch the next day and I simply dab on a little more CSW. I used to scratch bites until they scabbed and left marks for weeks. I never have a problem, now.

I use the little tiny bottle I saved from my eye drops. It only holds about an ounce; I also use it to drop some into drinking water, rinse off my hands when they feel sticky and there is no water near, etc., so the CSW is not in the plastic for long and it's always in the dark of my pocket.

I make our silver water. We have your machine and I take it with me everywhere we go. I never know when I can trust the water (mostly never trust it), so I pretty much always drop in some colloidal silver water. I wouldn't be without the machine. I spray it on all scratches and cuts. I have lymphedema, so a cut or scratch can become serious. Colloidal silver water one of my best friends!"

– M.H. Schnel

"Fibromyalgia Pain Gone…Pink Eye Gone!"

"I just purchased my Colloidal Silver Generator about a month ago. I have fibromyalgia and some other health issues. Since I have been taking my home made CS my pain has gone away. Months ago my son-in-law-to-be had pink eye so I told him to purchase some CS and put it in his eye, he was amazed that it was completely gone in about 3... days. He recently got Pink Eye again so I gave him some of my home brewed colloidal silver and he said in minutes the irritated feeling was gone and by the end of the second day after using it only twice per day the Pink Eye was completely gone. I have been giving it to my dog, cat's and horses as well and they drink more water now. I heard that it cures Mosaic Virus in plants, so i'll be using it on my tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers this summer. (Lost a lot of plants to the virus one year). I have also used a trace mineral spray on my plants that has kept the virus in check."

– Christina M.

"World Needs More Folks Like You!"

"I believe in what you are saying and I have been enjoying making my own Colloidal Silver using your Micro Generator. The world is in need of many more good folks like you . Thank you for everything you do and stand for . May God Bless You Always."

– Bob W.

"Eye Infections in Kittens Eliminated!"

"One of the uses that we use CS for is on our cats. We have outside cats that have never seen a vet. Before Colloidal Silver was being used their health was marginal. Kittens in the past would have these serious eye infections shortly after birth, but by using CS spray on the 2 most recent litters of kittens the infections were under control on the 1st group (they were born just before we got our generator) and the second, most recent litter, there were no infections at all. We started spraying their eyes about 2 weeks after birth. B.T.W.---the females are spayed now---no more litters----but we use CS in all of the cats food (about a tbsp. per bowl) twice a day. They are looking great!!!!!"

– Dale W.

"Best Investment I Have Made!"

"Hi Steve, I am the guy who sent you the notice of the passing of Dr. Robert Becker, who you talk about so much. He lived here in Central NY. I have both of your colloidal silver machines. Have been using colloidal silver for about 4--5 years. I have had nothing but good experiences, such as I had prostate cancer two years ago and had it removed. I needed no chemo or radiation. I take 2 oz each day. Only God knows. I have used it for burns, cuts, sinus infection and many more. I have both of your books and it is the best investment I have made (except for the machines) I bought extra silver wire so 20 ft should last till 2525. I won't know, but glad I have it. Thanks for letting me share my experience. More will follow later."

– Larry P.

"Clears Up Toenail Fungus Fast!"

"We have two of your 'Micro' machines and love them – as do our clients in our clinic. We make up our own foot bath electrolytes to treat Peripheral Neuropathy – and CS makes up a healthy amount of said electrolytes. It really clears up toenail fungus fast!"


"Instantly Cured Sore Throat!"

"I've have been receiving your mailings for a long time. All the information has been appreciated. The most dramatic use of Collidal Silver for me was when I developed a sore throat. I sprayed it and it instantly cleared up. Amazing."

– Charles H.

"Paid for Itself the First Day!"

"I purchased the generator and a great counter top distiller. Made enough colloidal silver the first day to pay for both, and have been giving it to everyone. thank you."

– Brenda M.

"Shocked At How Well It Worked on Chronic Osteomyelitis!"

"I was completely shocked at how well it works. Had chronic osteomyelitis of the femur, and on antibiotics for months. Six weeks of colloidal silver and no signs of infection!"

– Keith S.

"No More Aches from Fibromyalgia and Hep C!"

"Hello, we have been a fan of CS for about a year. I have Hep C and Fibromyalgia and the achys that go with them I have found that if I take a few oz's a day I don't ache anymore. Now we make it for ourselves Good stuff."

– Terri R.

"It's the Best Investment!"

"Hi very glad to see you're on Facebook. I've been making colloidal silver for years now with your unit and LOVE it. It's the best investment."

– Mary K.

"Relieves Fibromyalgia Pain So I Can Continue to Work

"Thanks Steve. I always start spraying with cs as soon as I think I might be getting a sore throat and it stops it from getting any worse and "poof" it disappears! I also use it in my eyes, ears and nose as needed. I take appx 1/4 cup per day and always swish it in my mouth before swallowing to help with my candida. I also have fibromyalgia and can see a big difference when I forget to use my cs...all the pain comes back big time. I have had FM for about 15 years and have felt so much better and have been able to continue to work...all thanks to cs. I have made an extra quart when a neighbor was sick and she used it and got well in a very short time....she said she could almost feel it working! Up til then she had been sick for days and not getting any better.....AMAZING STUFF!"

– Mary K.

"Cured Chicken Pox in 2 Days…Cured Infected Eye Overnight!"

"I have 5 children, and started using CS about a year ago now. IT cured my daughters chicken pox in less then two days (they appeared as spots but never blistered and broke like chicken pox always do) My kids have not been on antibiotics in over a year, and trust me, with five kids, it always seemed like one of them was getting something.. now we are just healthy people.. My infant daughter had never had a diaper rash since birth and I use CS in a spray bottle at each diaper change instead of diaper wipes. My step son flew out for a visit in the summer, and when he got off the plane his eye was so infected that he couldn't open it.. I immediately put silver drops into his eye, and by morning it was fine.. So many cuts and scrapes have been completely healed with CS, I have never even had a tube of polysporin in my house in over a year.. I've never experienced that in my parenting career :) lol.. I have helped out numerous friends when their kids have been sick, and it makes me feel so good knowing that I have a gift now that can truely provide help to those I love. I don't fear sickness anymore.. I know that we can handle anything that comes our way.. BTW.. even though everyone around us was dropping like flies from h1n1 Not one member of our 7 person household got sick... :) OH i forgot to add, that I give it to all the kids, even the baby, as well as my husband and I... ages: 38, 33, 14, 13, 10, 6 & 1 year old."

– Jenn F.

"Colds and Flu GONE TOTALLY GONE!"

"I have been using colloidal silver for about a year now, and to be honest it is amazing. I have not suffered any type of cold/flu since i started it. I was always prone to the flu/colds etc. Now at the first sign of a sniffle BAM colloidal silver mist straight into my sinuses, And within an hour GONE, TOTALLY GONE. My friends are starting to take notice of it and I point them straight to Steve's website. I also use it to disinfect all my food prep areas, I mix it with antibacterial soaps for our hands, I have got rid of my dandruff with CS And finally using it on burns is nothing short of astonishing. The relief is practically instant. I cannot promote it enough. Thx Steve for all your dedication and hard work. It is very much appreciated."

– Peter Angel

"I'm Going to Make Sure My Grandkids Know How to Use Your Machine!"

"I would like to share a little of my experence with CS. Back in the late 70's my shop cought fire and in the process of saving what I could my right arm was burned 2nd degree. Our fanily Dr. asked me if it was OK to wash the burned area with this CS stuff. I did not know wha...t it was at the time but Dr.said it would help keep things from getting infected. about 2 months later 100% healed, no infections, very little scaring. He also applied Aloe Vera Juice stright from the leaf. Between the two remedies I was healed with no side effects. I and my family have been a user of CS ever since. NO major colds, flus, or bad sickness since the late 70's. I am sure the machine I used was crude but it worked. now I have the new silver edge micro gen. I am going to make sure my grandkids know how to use it."

– Jerry K.

"I Tell Everyone I Know About It!"

"Thank you for your work, Steve. My good friends bought one of your machines and now the whole family and friends take CS every day. I tell everyone I know about it."

– Timothy B.

"Your Machine Works Best!"

"I have the micro particle silver generator, too. After trying a couple of others, I found that this one works best."

– Gary C.K.

"I'm An Herbalist and Know This Works First Hand!"

"I own your micro particle silver generator and use it every day! I'm also an herbalist and know this works first hand! Thanks Steve for your updates & all your doing!"

– Kim S.

"I'm a Supporter!"

"Hey, my friend Tim told me about The Silver Edge last year. Been a supporter since."

– Scott B.

"Went Through Cold and Flu Season Without a Hitch!"

"I use CS almost every day and went through the cold and flu season without a 'hitch'."

– Tim B.

"Have Not Had a Bug or Been Sick in 5 Years!"

"We own both of your colloidal silver machines. Have 12gauge & 14gauge silver wire. Use colloidal silver daily 2 oz am & pm. I have not had a bug or been sick in 5 years. There are so many good things, it makes me mad the drug companies want to ban this. They better look at their own products before condemning colloidal silver."

– Larry P.

"My Family Now Sees Its Value!"

"It took some time for my family to see its value. My daughter cut her finger badly. I sprayed it with CS and she knew it was not just water. Then her son got very sick, she did what I suggested and he was up and running and well. I bought your book and tag it with certain ailments and lend it out."

– O.G.O.

"Healing Split Skin in My Thumb!"

"A few days ago I sprayed colloidal silver on a bandaid and got it soaked, then put it on my thumb because of splits in the skin. I changed the bandage every day and on day 3 my cuts are healing. One more for us smart consumers."

– Larry P.

"Healed Very Sick Cat!"

"My mom and dad were going away for the weekend and noticed on their way out that the outdoor cat was in bad shape, very lethargic and very sick. They figured she would be dead when they returned. However, they filled up the water bowl with colloidal silver and went on their way. When they returned the water bowl was completely empty and the cat was her old healthy self again. They were amazed, as I had just told them about the recommendation to use it on pets a short time before that. We have used colloidal silver on our cat for severe bladder infection and on our German Shepherd for sores on the tips of his ears. Both uses were successful!"

– Julie F.

"Eliminated Muscle Pain and Fatigue from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!"

"I was bit by a tick about 5 years ago and developed Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever. I have the relapsing type that causes severe muscle pain, fatigue, and flu like symptoms and relapses when my body is stressed. I started using CS just before Christmas from a friend at church who makes his own and within a week noticed I didn't have the chronic muscle pain. Within a couple of weeks I noticed that I didn't have the degree of fatigue that I experience daily also. About 2 weeks ago I developed one of my relapses but without the muscle pain and fatigue. I still have some of my other symptoms but the muscle pain and fatigue used to put me in my recliner with my pillow and blanket for a couple of days. I, along with my family, are completely amazed. We have purchased the Colloidal Silver Manual, which came yesterday, and the micro particle generator, which is supposed to be delivered today. I can't wait to see how it will help the rest of my family!"

– Barbara N.

"Giving Colloidal Silver Away to Friends and Family By the Quart!"

"Now that I have my own Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator I have been giving colloidal silver away to friends and family by the quart.

Eventually, I hope to incur a small charge to cover replacement of my silver wire and shipping costs.

I recently gave a quart to a friend whose daughter was given a young calf who had an umbilical abscess. They are lancing the infection and washing out the pocket with silver. It is draining well, and hopefully will heal from the inside out."

– T.S. , Nebraska

"Sister With Asthma Starting to See Improvement!"

"We finally decided to get our own generator. Our newest use for the silver has been to ship some to my sister in Washington State. She has recently developed asthma. I read that there could be a microbial element to asthma. I sent her 4 pints of our silver, and within a couple of weeks, she is starting to see some improvement. She has been able to stretch the time between nebulizer treatments, and she has shortened their duration as well. I will send her the link on how to use it in a nebulizer. She tried it, but had some problems. She wondered if it could cause harm. She's been pumping the standard asthma medications into her system 5 times a day, and she's worried about the silver hurting something!"

– R.A., CA

"Cured My Nail Fungus, Athlete's Foot and Swimmer's Ear!"

"Hi, I've used CS for about a year. It's cured my nail fungus, athletes foot, swimmers ear. I've used it for sinus with success and many other problems. I have a generator and wouldn't be without it now. The nail fungus was only on my big toe to one side. I trimmed that portion off, exposing the nail bed. I soaked my feet in a baking dish full of colloidal silver. The athlete's foot problem was on the other foot, so it took care of both problems at the same time. I could feel the CS working on the fungus toe almost immediately and continued this for about a week and half. It took a while for my nail to grow, now I can wear sandals again."

– Susan A.

"Make and Share Colloidal Silver With Family and Friends Almost Daily!"

"I learned about CS when I met and married my second husband. He's a health nut and reads about anything that will help to stay healthly. We make CS and share it with family and friends almost daily. I recently had the flu and sprayed the house all week to keep him well. He never caught it. It took a while to get over it but I did--with no visit to the dr. I will begin using it on my vegies and meats/fruit. A friend just shared with us about putting it in our milk and other dairy products. We gargle it after brushing and have no plaque on our teeth."

– Glenda T.

"Just Started Making Our Own Colloidal Silver!"

"We just started making our own Colloidal Silver in November. I had a really stubborn cold and was in bed for about 2 weeks, just trying not to give it to anyone else when someone reminded us about colloidal silver. We bought a micro particle generator and love it. I used to make it with a couple of nine volt batteries but this is so much easier and a much better product. I enjoy all the articles of new ways to use CS. Thanks so much."

– Deanna R.

"Please Do Not Tell My Wife Or I Will Catch Hell!"

"I have used colloidal silver for two years and am pleased with my new colloidal silver generator. I have a sprayer in my two cars and one in every room in my house. I spray my socks and have no problems any more. I spray my veggies with colloidal silver and have no fear of contamination. I do my meat the same and vacuum pack it. No losses since. I experimented with the colloidal silver on my tee shirts in the problem area. As a trial, I wore a shirt for three weeks and no scent problems. Please do not tell my wife or I will catch hell. When I open milk I spray it in to the carton before replacing it in the frig. It will last much longer. Same with cottage cheese. I bring fruit home and wash it and spray it [does not fail]

– R.C.

"Thank You for Educating Me!"

"I am an elementary school secretary and right now strep throat is rampant there. Several days ago, I knew I was coming down with it, red sore throat with blisters, swollen glands. Had some 30ppm CS from the health food store, put two dropper fulls in a bit of water, swished, gargled and swallowed it. The next day, my throat... was almost completely better! I'm still doing CS 3x a day for a week to be sure the virus is gone. But the biggest surprise of taking CS? All my joint pain – ALL of it – gone!! For 2 years I have had hip joint pain so bad that I can't sleep on my side because the hip pain wakes me up. I have tried everything there is for arthritis, and I find the remedy when I'm working on another problem :) I will be ordering a Micro-Particle generator next week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Steve for educating me! I am pain free for the first time in 2 years."

– Dianne M.

"Getting Rid of Dark Fungus on Feet and Legs!"

"Steve, thank you very much for all the information on CS. We bought our Micro-Particle generator back in November 2009 and have been using the product which has been helping to rid my feet and legs of a dark fungus. I take two shot glasses three to four times a day. I have made over 25 gallons since ...we got our unit. All of the CS is given away to our friends and family. Sometimes they provide the jars and distilled water. Thank you again for all you are doing."

– David S.

"We Use It When Getting Colds!"

"My husband has been making colloidal silver for years. We use it when getting colds and soak our dogs feet in it to cure where he has been bitiing his toes. My great granddaughter uses it for a throat infection. Would not be without it."

– W.F.H.

"Our Dog Could Barely Walk…Now He's Like a New Dog!"

"We have a golden retriever that could barely walk a year ago, limping and could not climb stairs to get back in the house, terrible odor in his ears. I suspected it might be a fungus so I started putting about four ounces of homemade colloidal silver in his water dish, in about a week or so he was like a new dog. He is about nine and other than being overweight he is in good shape. Also anytime we start to show signs of getting a cold we take a shot of colloidal silver and no cold."

– Jeff S.

"Cured Infected In-Grown Toenail in 3 Days!"

"I have used colloidal silver on an infected in-grown toe nail. I had tried to cure it for over 2 months with drawing salve and soaking it in Epson salts but to no avail. With in three days of using the colloidal silver, it was well on its way to being cured."

– Pat S.

"Cured Unusual Stomach Ailment, Restored Lost Appetite!"

"My intro to colloidal silver happened about 4 years ago when I suddenly could not eat. It went on for about a month. I had all kinds of tests done (endoscopy, CT scans, blood work, ultrasound) and nothing showed up. A friend brought over some colloidal silver she had made and suggested I take 1 ounce. Within hours I felt like eating. I gradually improved and kept taking 1 or 2 ounces per day of colloidal silver. I went though some type of detoxing event also. My estimation of what happened is that I had acquired some type of bacterial infection and the colloidal silver cleared it up. No doctor ever had any explanation. This sold me on colloidal silver as it was quite odd for me not to eat. All I had for almost two months was toast. No food looked appealing. The colloidal silver gave me back by normal appetite."

– Doryan J.

"Stopped Shingles Outbreak Cold!"

"My husband and I have been using the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver generator for five years. The same generator. We love it. I had shingles and put it on the spots and drank about 2oz every four hours. I never, never took the medicine they prescribed for me. I believe catching it as fast as I did ( I had a doctor's appointment and one spot was on my forehead), probably helped matters. I think the secret for us, since we have never had the flu nor the shot is taking it like you would your medicine. Keeping it in your system every four hours has been what worked for us."

– Linda F.

"Best Gift Ever!"

"My parents gave us one of your CS generators a couple of Christmases ago. Best gift ever!"

– J.F.

"So Far No Sicknesses!"

"I'm new to CS--about 2 months now. Bought the generator after much research on the Silver Edge site and other sites. I'm a teacher too and so far have not gotten any of the sicknesses roaming around."

– Kathy S.

"Could Write a Book On the Things I've Cured!"

"My list of uses for colloidal silver are long. I started reading about colloidal silver when my horse acquired moon blindness. The vet said there was no cure and she would probably eventually lose both eyes. I couldn't accept it so I went looking for a cure. I suspected the mare had some auto immune issues and I read the people had used colloidal silver for this. I first purchased colloidal silver from an individual that made it. The eye went from being blue and nasty (she couldn't see out of it) to eventually becoming clear. We used colloidal silver off and on for about a year and a half. We haven't given her any for over a year and a half and you would never know that she ever had had issues with moon blindness. I spent $400 at the vet before discovering colloidal silver. I now have my own generator and use it on the horses all the time. My husband and I take it when we are starting to come down with viruses. I am a teacher and in spite of the fact that I am with kids all day I haven't been sick for years. I could write a book on the things I have cured with it!"

– Sheila S.

"I Use Colloidal Silver in My Water Pik!"

" I've been using Water-Pik for years! I think it's easier on your teeth than flossing and it can get in places you can't get with floss. I regularly add a little colloidal silver to the reservoir. I also put a little vinegar in sometimes to for its plaque-fighting value. If you've never used one before, you'll probably want to start on the low setting and work your way up to the higher ones"

– Angela K.

"It Has Helped People Defeat Numerous Forms of Cancer!"

"Steve; As you know several of my friends and I use the best colloidal silver water maker (the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver water maker that you designed) and have been pleased with it for years. I've used colloidal silver water in conjunction with other protocols to help people defeat their kidney cancer, brain cancer, tongue cancer, throat cancer and many other diseases and illnesses. It's always part of my protocols. I've used it successfully to cure cancer in my domestic felines too, but I've also cured many of their scratches and wounds with it, also. It's truly a miracle in a bottle. I've been using CSW for over 10 years. There are so many uses – as described in your 2 reference books – which would be a valuable reference for anyone using colloidal silver water. I substitute teach now, and always take a bottle to school with me in case any of the kids are ill (not to give it to them... illegal), but to strengthen my own immunity in a room with some 'sick' kids."

– J.E. Stevens

"I Have Seen It Work, and Know It Works!"

"I have been making and using the C. silver, for years and have given several units to family and close friends. I look at this as a product than can prevent serious infection, or even death. I have seen it work, and know it works."

– E. Cunningham, D.D.S.

"Changed My Life and the Life of My Family!"

"Thank You for the most wonderful information, It has changed my life and the life of my family ,which includes 7 plus animals. I started this all through learning the art of Thai Yoga. I have a Down Syndrome son now 17 years Christopher and doctors, doctors, doctors — GOODBYE!!!!!!!. He was always sick, he does not feel pain like we do so by the time he got an ear infection, the eardrum would blow puss and an odor that was really scary. Now I just use the silver in his ears and magic, no side effects and it clears up in a couple of days. My Husband is in late stages of emphysema and I put the silver in his inhaler and (he's doing better) To put it simply, I bathe, drink, spray my whole house, and we do not get sick any more. And if we feel under I just have my family do shots of silver and away we go... Freedom, and I used to live in hospitals, it truly is freedom!!! and thank you."

– Rosemary F.

"My Parents Haven't Had Colds or Flu in 5 Years!"

"We have been using colloidal silver for about 2and a half years now. We have very good luck with it.If we feel a sore throat coming we just take a few extra doses and if we feel like the flu we do the same and get relief. My parents have been on it for probably five yrs or so and haven't had colds or the flu. We take it religiously and I am so thankful my parents started us on it. I wouldn't go or be without it."

– Ruth Ann

"Healed Brown Recluse Bite, Was Able to Cancel Surgery!"

"Shortly before thanksgiving I got bit by a spider. It really looked angry with a little brown spot in it. Well, I washed it out with peroxide then rinsed that off and put some AAA antibiotic cream on it. The next day it looked worse so about 9:30 pm i went to the emergency room.

Believe it or not the doctor would not commit to what he thought it was. Money wasted, he said "Whatever you do don't use peroxide on it, and here is a rx for some cream to put on it. If not better in a couple of days go see you primary doctor."

After the E.R. experience I started spraying it with my colloid silver. It still looked angry and was concaved and red a couple day later. So I said well, I need to go to my primary doctor. My primary doctor took one look and said you have been bit by a recluse spider and that will require surgery. So he made an appt with a surgeon. Due to the 14 inches of snow that was on the ground I had to cancel the first appt. However I was spraying the spider bite 4-5- times a day with my silver.

It was about 10 days before I finally got to see the surgeon. He looked at it real close and asked "What have you been doing to this?" I said have you ever heard of colloidal silver? He said "Yes." I said well, I've had people praying for me as to not have surgery and I've been using the colloidal silver 4-5 times a day.

He said "Well, whatever you're doing, keep it up. You don't need surgery. It will heal from the inside out. It may leave a scar. If you can't live with that come see me again."

It healed completely, with only a small scar. Considering I have COPD, rheumatoid arthritis and a few other problems the scar is just fine. The surgery would probably kill me.

My granddaughter got a rash from detergent and sprayed colloidal silver on it and the rash stopped itching and was gone the next morning.

I had a very sore throat and gargled with it three times that day. The sore throat was gone. I have sprayed it on skin tags (older people will know what they are) and they leave. This makes me think the tags are caused by a virus.

I bought your generator about eighteen months ago, never regretted spending the money. I even use it in my nebulizer treatments from time to time.

Thank you!"

– Rose K.

"Healed Nasty Case of Strep Throat!"

"One of our earliest experiences with colloidal silver was when our then-16 year old son Ron came home from school with a red, inflamed throat that had huge white pus pockets. His doctor took a throat culture and diagnosed it as strep throat. He gave us a prescription of some kind of penicillin derivative. But we took Ron home and had him drink 6 ounces of our homemade colloidal silver and gargle with an ounce every hour. By the next day the pus pockets were nearly gone, and the inflammation was in retreat. Three days later he was fine. We never did have to give him the antibiotics."

– S.B., CA

"Banished Flu-Like Symptoms in Half an Hour!"

"After waking up one morning this winter with flu-like symptoms, I made a batch of CS, which completely banished them all within half an hour. I then gave a tablespoon of it to my son, who is 18 months old. I tryst CS more than I trust what they sell in drugstores."

– L.M.G

"No More Fibromyalgia Pain, Colds, Sore Throats or Sinus Problems!"

"We make our own colloidal silver now. We bought the Micro-generator. It makes the 10 ppm. I have many health issues but I use it for Fibromyalgia aches...also for Colds etc. etc. I take a shot glass full a few times a day. My immune system is very bad..One day I woke up and realized that I wasn't achy anymore!!!! Also colds and sore throats, sinus problems, spider bites...It takes care of all that. My Mom had several spider bites on her legs last summer..My sis-in-law soaked cotton balls in the *silver*, taped it to her legs where the bites was...Within 3 days she was all healed up!!! To buy it made up is very we bought the machine and the sliver...In the long run, it is cheaper to make it yourself..You need a good water..which we get at a health food store It is Distilled BUT what we get is STEAMED DISTILLATION which is the finest water we can get..Works GREAT. The Brand name is POLAND SPRING...This silver is MAGIC to us. We now have several people we make it for. You have a very severe cold...take it every 2 hrs or so and within 2-3 days all is well...My sis-in-law got us to try it and we are true believers now...Also we use dark, brown bottles you can purchase at the Health food stores Or I have even went to flea markets and bought old Syrup bottles...Also wine bottles...Ours are green. We don't drink but have collected lots of the green or brown bottles for storing the colloidal silver in..If you purchase Steve's book or just read info about this great stuff, you will know how to clean bottles etc. etc. I do NOT know Steve but I sure appreciate him now!!! Thanks, Steve!!!! Will be ordering more Silver rods soon."

– Terri R.

"Cured Sore, Red Skin Near Hang Nail!"

"Steve, I forgot to tell you what else I use colloidal silver for: hang nails. For some reason when I cut my hang nails my skin is so fragile and very easy to get sore and red. I spray the colloidal silver on them a couple of times and they heal up.

Also, I had some kind of a bump on the top of my head in my hair. I'd scratch it and it would come back. This went on for three or four months. Finally, I got tired of it and started spraying my silver on it several times a day. It's been over a month and it has not returned so I quit spraying the silver on it."

– Rose K.

"I Love It!"

"I love our micro-particle colloidal silver generator."

– Katie S.

"Cured Bad Gum Infection That Had Stumped Dentist!"

"My husband had a VERY bad gum infection. The dentist was stumped to say the least. They even put him on drugs for yeast infection — still did nothing. We tried the colloidal silver and after just 2 days the pain started to subside, and after 4 days, no more infection. He was swishing and spitting every hour to start the 1st day, then every 2-3 hrs the 2nd day, every 4 hrs the fourth and 5th day. We have used it for SO much since then that I don't think our lives will ever be the same. :)"

– C. Simpson

"Badly Burned Wrist Healed in 10 Days!"

"I must share my Burn story :) Last summer, I was cooking rice and when lifting the lid I got a major steam burn on my wrist. The pain was unbearable, and my husband drove me to the hospital immediately because of the color my skin was, and so melted. He knew it was going to be a third degree. So we got seen by a Dr. after waiting in the waiting room, and all they did was dress it with a bandage and put some cream on it that he said would help with the pain and healing.. He also mentioned that I needed to fill a prescription for said cream(Silvadene). My husband sneaked a peek at the ingrediants and saw that silver was right at the top of ingredients.. We just nodded and said yes we would.. We came home that night and I soaked pads and bandages in colloidal silver three times a day so that the burn stayed moist. It was completely HEALED within 10 days to the point of not being able to tell I had a major burn just days before...I was amazed at how beautiful it healed, as well as everyone around me."

– Jenn F.

"Keeps My Veggies Fresh Longer!"

"Hi Steve; It's me again. The perpetual RN reporting in. Just wanted to tell you what I use the colloidal silver for, these days. You may remember I am living down here in Old Mexico. We have no water purification system in these tiny villages. Most people buy their drinking water from the trucks who haul the huge five gallon carafes around. Not me. I simply fill my little three gallon kitchen dispenser every night with water from the local tap. Add about a half cup of my colloidal silver made with the generator I bought from you, and I am set for the next 24 hours. And you can buy all sorts of antimicrobials from the local stores for vegetable washes. Not me. Once a week, I make up a gallon of the local tap water, and add about half a cup of my silver to it, and wash all my veggies and produce for the week in that water. Anything which comes from the local vendors goes directly into that wash. I just soak for about ten minutes, drain and bag the produce. And true enough, though I hadn't thought about it, I do get a lot longer keeping value out of my produce these days. Appreciate all the info I get from the articles you send out on the email. Keep up the good work."

– Jimmie

"Terrible Sinus Ache/Sore Throat Cured in 10 Minutes!"

"Another colloidal silver success story...last week the temperature dropped at night and I awakened with a terrible sinus ache...and sore throat..I went downstairs and took a half of an eyedropper of colloidal silver up each nostril and down my throat...within 10 minutes the pain was gone and I went soundly back to sleep...IT WORKS!!"

– Gary B., CA

"Thanks for the Freedom You've Given Me Over My Health!"

"I want to thank you not only for the absolutely WONDERFUL work that you're doing, but even waaaay more so for the freedom that you have given me over my health life via "the machine"!!! Your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator makes a HIGH quality product for less than pennies on the dollar, just as you claim!!

... I have been using it successfully for 5-6 years now and have nothing but ultimate praise for it!...still on the first rods(wires) and I've made hundreds of quarts...use it daily in a nasal mister for my son and I during flu/cold season..

I have quite a health and healing story to share at another time but I will say this; due to SEVERE mercury (amalgam) poisoning I was not able to use home generated "colloidal silver" as it made me intensely sick. After years of people telling me to try it, and 5-6 horrible reactions from trying the home brews, I finally I broke down and paid $40 for a 4 oz Sovereign Silver bottle. To my amazement it was extremely effective for my condition.

Before the bottle ran out I received a offer in the mail for the "world's first true Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator." I felt like I was gambling when I paid for your (Mine!) machine, Steve, but it has become a cornerstone to my personal healing program.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you and from the top O' me spirit I bless you for you have truly blessed me (and many of my family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, animals, etc.. :)))!!!"

– Richard B.

"I Use the Silver Every Day!"

"Hi Steve, my name is James and I've been getting your news letter for around a year or so. I have one of the new micro-particle generators and use the silver every day. But this is not the reason I'm writing you. After all that you've been telling us about how the medical bureaucrats are trying to get rid of colloidal silver I think it is hilarious that I just got out of the hospital from a total knee replacement. I know that always before the dressings you were sent home with had to be changed regularly. But this time they told me not to change the dressing until I take it completely off after 10 days, because as of a month ago they started using dressings that had silver in them and it was such a good antibiotic I no longer had to change the dressing!!!! I laughed when they told me that, because of all negative things that are being said about silver, and yet here is a hospital using it because it is so good."

– Jim

"Helped Cure Hodgkin's Lymphoma!"

"On February 2009 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. My oncologist had gave me a 60% chance that I was going t o be cured with chemo and radiation, about half way of chemo treatments I learned about colloidal silver and ordered the Micro-Particle unit, started taking the colloidal silver one oz a day for the first week and increased to 2 oz the second week, I believed it kept my blood count high enough to keep me from getting sick. Anyway to make the story short when I had a CAT scan done 2 months before finishing the treatments, the Dr told me that one of the tumors (the biggest one) had not decreased in size and if it didn't get small enough for radiation treatments by the time I finished the chemo treatments, I was going to have to go to one of those cancer hospital to take heavy chemo and that I was going to be there from 2 to 3 months. When I heard this I felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat on my stomach. So I started taking 4oz of colloidal silver in the morning and 4oz at night. Some days I took more than that, well two months later when I had the last scan and went to see the Dr he told me "I have good news" and I thought good I don't have to go to the hospital. He said "it is gone you don't even have to take radiation". So you can imagine my big smile. Six months later I am cancer free, I believe colloidal silver had to do with the final result. My family and I are taking about one oz of colloidal silver a day each, and I recommended colloidal silver to all my friends and family."

– G. Villarreal

"Thanks So Much for the Dedication, Education and Wisdom You Share!"

"Steve, I wanted to share how very excited I am that we have colloidal silver in our lives and how much of improvement we've seen with a crush injury to my husband's finger thanks to our Micro-Particle generator. After some stiches and a very good possibilty he'll lose his nail, we immediately started soaking directly in silver solution as soon as we got home from urgent care today. Besides using it in our everyday lives to prevent colds and flus, I'm so confident this will save his nail. God bless you and your family and again, thanks so much for the dedication, education and wisdom of colloidal silver you share!"


"I Bought My Colloidal Silver Generator Through The Silver Edge, and I LOVE IT!"

14) Why does the FDA want to ban the use of colloidal silver as an antibiotic?

a) It turns people blue b) It isn't as safe as prescription antibiotics c) It isn't proven to kill harmful bacteria while not affecting the human body e) They are afraid it would become too popular

ANSWER: e) They are afraid it would become too popular

The banking cabal has been battling silver for hundreds of years. Silver is the people's money and represent the best alternative to their fiat monetary system. Silver can also save lives and that is also something that the cabal wants to see...less people to use up scarce resources.

Colloidal silver has been used as an antibiotic for hundreds of years. Before refrigeration was around people would put a silver dollar in their milk bottle so it would stay fresh and last longer. The term "Born with a silver spoon in his mouth" actually refers to the belief that children that were fed with silver spoons were less susceptible to viruses because of silver's antibiotic properties.

If you go out and buy some colloidal silver DON'T buy those little bottles for $10-$50 a pop. Do yourself a favor and purchase a colloidal silver generator and you can make gallons of the stuff for pennies per gallon. I bought mine through this company and I LOVE IT!

– Bix Weir (from the Road to Roota web site at

'I've Been Able to Enjoy Being Outside Again
Without My Allergies Sending Me Into a State of Panic!"

"I just recently purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and the manual. I have known about its health benefits for a long time but never pursued my options for it until now. One of my co-workers has been using it for a couple of years and we started talking about it, how it had helped him. He gave me the website of and the rest is history. After taking Colloidal Silver for a couple of months and using it as a nasal spray, I have been able to enjoy being outside again without my allergies sending me into a state of panic. I have Graves disease and have learned to use a lot of alternative therapies for the past 15 years. I'm so excited to find this colloidal silver group on Facebook and the information. Thanks so much."

– A. Walls

"My Colloidal Silver and DMSO Solution Relieves Stuffy Sinuses, Prevents Colds!"

I make a 5% DMSO solution with my micro-particle colloidal silver and put it in a nasal squirt bottle and squirt it up my nose when I fly or any other time when I have a stuffy sinus. I have not gotten sick from others on the plane, and colds are so far a thing of the past. I recommend this silver to everyone . It is so nice to have the protection from flu ,colds and sinus.

– John M, Waynesburg, PA

"This is a product that I have been using for about a year. Colloidal Silver is quite amazing and has been used for about 80 years to fight disease and infections both externally and internally. It is one of the very few things that has been proven effective against even Anthrax, and can be made at home for less than a dollar a quart!"

– Wayne J. Behrle,  

"My Swollen, Bleeding Gums Were Healed in 2 Days!"

"I said that I would write back and let you know how things have been going with my new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. I have to say, things are great and I know it's working. I'm still trying it on different things but it has worked very well on some issues.

For one, a week or so before I made my first batch, my gums were getting very swollen and they would bleed easily and it would hurt to eat food sometimes. I've always had gum issues but not like this! Well after using the micro-particle colloidal silver for like 2 days, swishing the stuff around in my mouth before swallowing it, it was completely gone and I could brush my teeth without it bleeding. And there was no pain — I could even apply firm pressure while brushing, and it was fine!

I also used it on my feet, since I've had athlete's foot and I'm walking in my shoes all day long six days a week, as I am a postal carrier. Again, problem was solved. No more itching. And my feet were getting very nasty during that time!

Also had an issue with dandruff for as long as I could remember. So I tried spraying it in my hair and it has actually worked some. Not perfect in that regard but it's a lot better than what it used to be!

It's great to have more confidence going into the flu season by having this weapon on board!"

– Curt S.  

"Colloidal Silver and Pepto Bismol Cured Daughter's Ulcers!"

"Steve I guess I was game enough to suggest Colloidal Silver and Pepto Bismol when my daughter was suffering with Ulcers. I suggested that she try the combination three times a day for seven days. Since she tried it she has had no further problems. She used one ounce of Colloidal Silver and two teaspoons of Pepto Bismol three times a day for one week. She is twenty seven and home schools four children. It worked for her."

– T. Keith

"Got Rid of Awful Cat Odor, and Stopped Cats From Marking Territory!"

"The cats in my neighborhood every year have used my front door for target practice, spraying, marking their territory. I've tried everything, the smell would not leave, tried the colloidal silver in a sprayer and 15 minutes later, fresh as a daisy. Two weeks later they have NOT re-marked their territory. Totally astounding!

I just love my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. Thanks for all you do!"

– Doug G.

"No Immune System, Yet I Never Get Sick!"

"I have no immune system due to my transplant drugs. Yet I don't get colds or even sniffles, because I have a shot glass full of microparticle colloidal silver every day. Da!!!! Maybe it works."

– F. Barnes, CA

"Cured My Daughter's Pink Eye With Colloidal Silver"

"My daughter works at a pre-school where she is exposed to many, many sicknesses. One of the kids came to school with pink eye. My daughter got it. Her eye was pink and gooey. So I had her put the silver on a cotton ball and wipe her eye.

After doing this in the morning, after work, and again in the evening before bed, her eye was visibly better the next morning. She continued this routine for several days to ensure it was all gone. She did not have to take time off for the doctor or get a prescription filled to deal with this very contagious disease.

The silver she used was given to us by my mom, who made it using one of your machines.

Anytime we get sick, the first thing we do is take extra silver. We also have a silver cartridge in the hot tub and do not use chlorine in it. The water stays clean and clear."

– R.D.S.

"Good Friend Has Conquered Interstitial Cystitis With Colloidal Silver!"

"Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop a testimonial about a good friend who's been battling Interstitial Cystitis for many years and it was winning.

One day this month she called me early in the morning in a panic because the IC was acting up and she noticed a small amount of bleeding. She had attempted to make an urgent care appointment but it was too early.

I remembered that a few days prior I had given her a 12-ounce bottle of micro-particle colloidal silver to spray on her hand for a burn she sustained from her oven. (She bought some brand at a ridiculous price per ounce that was also brown in color; but noticed a remarkable difference in healing when using the micro-particle silver I gave her.)

I suggested she drink 2 tablespoons of the micro-particle silver right away. About 30 minutes later she called and reported that the silver had stopped the irritation that fast — no more bleeding — and calmed her stomach. She found no need to go for a doctor visit.

I told her to continue taking an ounce in the morning and before she goes to bed daily until the symptoms subside. Tried 1 tablespoon to conserve it, but 2 works the best (so I gave her a quart).

To my friend the micro-particle colloidal silver is a miracle that is daily giving her back the life she once knew before IC.

She takes a daily dose and now has a completely restful sleep – ecstatically turning the tables on the condition. She's tried numerous treatments to no avail and has more recently been under the care of a homeopathic physician for the IC and a couple issues; however the IC remained stubborn.

During a recent checkup, (I told her not to mention the silver until after the evaluation) the physician said she no longer needed a supplement for the IC condition! Even more confirmed evidence.

Your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is some fabulous machine which I am ever blessed to have. Thank you for making it so affordable to obtain.

Also, I spray my polypropylene cutting board with the silver and it eliminates onion odor!

And I spray my woolen items and toss them into a Dryel bag into the dryer (sometimes adding essential oil) instead of drycleaning. How wonderful is that. Take care, Steve!"

– Tonya W.

"Since Using Colloidal Silver I've Had No More Flu, Bronchitis or Tonsillitis; and My Root Canal Pain is Gone, Too!"

"I am an accountant and very conservative by nature. I have been using colloidal silver for a few years (two ounces a day) and have seen benefits to my family as we have had few bad colds, no flus, no bronchitis, no tonsillitis and other such infections that we had been suffering from. My wife and daughter use it less often, usually only when symptoms develop. When I read about the effects on teeth I was skeptical.

I have thirty year old silver fillings in most teeth and since the fillings are not designed to last forever, can expect major problems. My parents both had dentures and I expected to have them as well.

In April, I was diagnosed with a tooth requiring a root canal. I tried to treat it with colloidal silver but the symptoms did not abate. The dentist attempted a root canal, but the tooth shattered as soon as the drill touched it. An extraction was required. Why did colloidal silver not help? Maybe because the tooth developed a crack, and since the nerve was dead, colloidal silver could not repair the crack. Maybe I did not use enough. Maybe, since it was the end of tax season, there was too much pressure, adding to the symptoms.

In August, another tooth developed the same symptoms with pain shooting to other top and bottom teeth. The dentist identified one particular molar as dead and sent me to a specialist. They were sure that only one tooth was a problem and the spreading pain was normal. I booked the root canal for a week later. Meanwhile, I started using colloidal silver more actively. I soaked a cheese cloth in colloidal silver and placed it between the teeth that were in the most pain. I left it in place for 20-30 minutes at a time, four or five times a day for three to four days, spitting out when finished.

I became discouraged with the lack of results and switched to swishing colloidal silver in my mouth several times a day and swallowing the colloidal silver. This was more convenient since I was doing this at work and was often interrupted. After a few days, the pain reduced, then went away almost entirely. I reported this to friends and was advised to keep the appointment for the root canal, rather than relying on an unproven treatment.

When I went to the specialist, he decided to check my tooth again before doing the root canal. He did not accept that colloidal silver could reach the infected area in the tooth. His testing, however, determined that my dead tooth was not causing any significant pain when he tapped on it. The tooth was still dead as I did not react to cold or electric shock.

He found that overall, my pain had drastically reduced, was greatly impressed with the progress, and he decided we should postpone the root canal. He did not believe that there would be any problem resulting from leaving the dead tooth in place, just a risk that infection could return. That was fine with me. I have more colloidal silver."

– Steve C.

"Colloidal Silver Cured the Pain from Herpetic Neuropathy (i.e., Shingles Pain)!"

"One lady I know personally recently had a bad case of shingles, which triggered some very nasty pain deep inside the muscle and nerve tissue under her left arm (i.e., herpetic neuropathy). The pain was so bad at some points she was in tears. She tried everything the doctor's gave her, including powerful antiviral medications, to no avail.

Finally she broke down and started drinking 8 oz. of micro-particle colloidal silver, taking 4 oz. in the morning and 4 oz. in the evening. Within two days the severity of the nerve and muscle pain was reduced by about half and within four days it was reduced by 80-90%. After a week she was able to quit taking the large doses of colloidal silver altogether, and at present has only minimal internal nerve and muscular pain.

She also used a topical colloidal silver cream called SilverPure on the external outbreaks of the shingles on her back and side, which completely relived the horrific itching from the shingles outbreaks."

– S. Jones, CA

"You Seem To Tell the Truth As It Is!"

"This is the main reason why I chose to buy your colloidal silver generator as you seem to tell the truth as it is…I had been looking around for a few years before deciding on your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. What finally convinced me was you had included an internal bubbler to stir the liquid. I was going to try and make a unit using the old Bob Beck design and adding a fish tank bubbler. But I was not convinced that the electrical circuit based on the Beck design was entirely suitable as no one was able to give me a distribution profile of the Ag particles produced. Your unit saved me the effort."

– John from Down Under

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